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Evaluation report

2019 EO: Early Childhood Development Kit Humanitarian Evaluation

Executive summary

Evaluation Purpose:

The purpose of the evaluation was twofold: 1) to evaluate the effectiveness of the UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) kit interventions on children’s psychosocial well-being, early learning and development in a humanitarian context; and 2) to evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of different approaches for improving caregiver interactions with children and the use of the ECD kits for early learning and development. Specifically, the evaluation examined the interventions being supported by the UNICEF Uganda Country Office and its partners on behalf of the South Sudanese refugees and their host communities in the Bidibidi refugee settlement in the Yumbe district of northern Uganda.

Overview of the Evaluation Object:

The ECD kit is a box of toys and other learning materials that was developed in 2009 by UNICEF to strengthen the humanitarian response for young children aged six and under in emergency contexts, such as conflict or natural disasters. The ECD kit toys and learning materials are an enrichment resource that can be integrated into existing early childhood programs or emergency response strategies to enhance early learning and development opportunities for young children by strengthening the linkage with play. Therefore, the evaluation tried to isolate how well and to what the ECD kit interventions leveraged the toys and learning materials for playbased teaching and learning, and what factors contributed to their effective integration and use by caregivers into the ECD settings within the Bidibidi refugee settlement.

Two distinct training approaches for using the ECD kits were implemented in Uganda in response to the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan and were compared in this evaluation – the foundational and the enhanced ECD kit interventions. The foundational ECD kit intervention involved the provision of the ECD Kit along with the Activity Guide on how to use the toys and learning materials that is included within the kit.

The evaluation results are intended to inform decision-making on UNICEF’s future programming for the ECD kit by providing recommendations to support and leverage play-based innovations in early childhood in humanitarian contexts. The evaluation also provides rich information on play-based early learning interventions for UNICEF ECD Programme Managers to advocate with government ministries for the provision of stimulating environments for children, where caregivers use play as a foundation for child learning and development.

Please find the attachments labelled as follows:

  • Evaluation Report - Report
  • Evaluation Management Response - Part 2
  • Evaluation Synthesis - Part 3
  • Policy Brief - Part 4

Full report in PDF

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Report information

Year: 2019

Office/Country: Evaluation Office

Region: Headquarters

Type: Evaluation

Theme: Early Childhood Development

Language: English

Sequence #: Evaluation Office/65/2018/16032

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