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Evaluation database

Evaluations 2018

Evaluations and other documents completed in 2018

  1. Plan for global evaluations, 2018-2021Plan for global evaluations presentation, 2018-2021;
  2. Road map to the revision of the evaluation policy of UNICEF;
  3. Evaluation report and management responses: Towards improved emergency responses: synthesis of UNICEF evaluations of humanitarian action 2010-2016: Report, Presentation, Executive Summary, Management Response, and updated EMR as of Jan.2019
  4. Annual report for 2017 on the evaluation function in UNICEF, Management Response and PPT
  5. Reducing Stunting in Children Under 5 Years of Age: A comprehensive evaluation of UNICEF's strategies and programme performance - Global synthesis report* [Global Synthesis Report], [Executive Summary], [Case Studies]. [Management Response], [PPT] and [EMR PPT]
    *NOTE: The Executive Summary and Management Response listed above are titled “Evaluation of UNICEF strategies and programmes to reduce stunting in children under 5 years of age”, in accordance with the title used in the plan for global evaluations, 2018–2021, which was approved by the Executive Board at the 2018 first regular session.
  6. Revised Evaluation Policy of UNICEF and PPT
  7. Executive Summary to the Evaluation of the UNICEF Level 3 response to the cholera epidemic in Yemen: crisis within a crisis (E/ICEF/2018/21) [Full evaluation report] [PPT
  8. Management Response to the UNICEF Evaluation Report – Evaluation of the UNICEF Level 3 response to the cholera epidemic in Yemen: crisis within a crisis (E/ICEF/2018/22

Background documents for 2018

The revised evaluation policy of UNICEF (2018) is available here.

Executive Board Decision: Evaluation reports, and management perspective and response is available here.

Reports of Global Thematic Evaluations are available for here.

UNICEF’S Strategic Plan 2018-2021 



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