Press releases

Damascus, 31 January 2018
The European Union contributes €7 million to support UNICEF’s life-saving work and protection services for vulnerable children and families in Syria

Dominica, 21 January 2018
The European Union helps UNICEF with € 500,000 to support 1,500 school children in Dominica after the 2017 hurricanes

Kathmandu - 14 December 2017
Government of Nepal launches Multisector Nutrition Plan II (2018-2022)

Brussels - 20 November 2017
European Parliament marks World Children’s Day by launching dialogue with children

Brussels - 13 November 2017
Destructive impact of conflict on education highlighted in four-country African youth survey

Tunis - 27 octobre 2017
Le Ministère de l’Education, l’Ambassade d’Italie, l’Agence Italienne pour la Coopération au Développement, la Délégation de l ’Union Européenne, le PAM et l’UNICEF : Un partenariat pour garantir une éducation équitable et de qualité pour chaque enfant, fille et garçon, en Tunisie

Khartoum - 23 October 2017
EU contributes €1 million to support UNICEF’s Education in Emergencies (EiE) programme in Sudan

Athens - 19 October 2017
Launch of an assessment of mental health care for unaccompanied refugee children in Greece

Brussels - 28 September 2017
European Commission, UN agencies and governments to call for increased social protection for millions of people displaced by protracted crises

New York - 19 September 2017
EU strengthens its Syria crisis response through additional funding to UNICEF

Dili - 11 August 2017
“Healthy Family Happy Family”:  EU-UNICEF supported Integrated Nutrition Project launched comprehensive communication materials

Dakar/Brussels - 18 July 2017
Radio programs help keep children learning in Lake Chad crisis

Kyiv/Brussels - 17 July 2017
EU increases education and protection support for children affected by conflict in eastern Ukraine

Dili - 7 July 2017
EU-UNICEF handed over Equipment and motorbikes to Ministry of Health to strengthen Nutrition programme in 10 municipalities

Brussels/Bishkek - 6 July 2017
UNICEF and the European Union strengthen the resilience of 700,000 children to cope with natural disasters in Central Asia and the South Caucus

Brussels/Mogadishu - 27 June 2017
European Union and UNICEF fighting cholera together in Somalia

Kampala - 21 June 2017
ECHO contributes 2 million Euros to UNICEF’s emergency response to the South Sudanese refugee crisis in Uganda

Amman/Brussels/New York - 20 June 2017
EU Trust Fund contribution to UNICEF’s Syria crisis response reaches nearly €200 million

Nairobi - 20 June 2017
EU humanitarian aid of €800,000 for education and protection of refugee children in Kenya

Ankara - 8 June 2017
More than 230,000 refugee children in Turkey to benefit from the conditional cash transfer for education programme

Brussels - 8 June 2017
Partner coalition mobilises for ending violence against children at the EDD’s 2017

Lusaka/Copperbelt - 5 - 6 June 2017
MDGi hands over four refurbished Health Centres to the Ministry of Health in Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces

Tehran - 31 May 2017
The European Union commits €1,050,000 to support UNICEF’s work for Afghan Refugee Children in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Brussels - 29 May 2017
UNICEF welcomes creation of EU Group of Friends of Children

Brussels - 19 May 2017
EU and UNICEF join hands to support Greece in protecting refugee and migrant children

Vientiane - 15 May 2017
European Union and UNICEF support the fight against malnutrition in Lao PDR

Addis Ababa - 3 May 2017
New EU funding will provide essential nutrition treatment for 130,000 children under the age of five in Ethiopia

Dakar - 27 avril 2017
L'UE et l'UNICEF veulent réduire les risques de violences dans les écoles du Lac Tchad  

Quetta/Islamabad - 26 April 2017 
Governor Inaugurates Balochistan Basic Education Programme 

Brussels - 5 April 2017
Children Matter! UNICEF urges world leaders to continue supporting Syria’s children amidst new reports of atrocities

Amman - 23 March 2017
UNICEF partners young people in Jordan in generating evidence and youth-led action in communities

Athens - 23 March 2017
A celebration becomes a lesson against racial discrimination

Brussels - 3 March 2017
Joint press release: New European Union returns policies put children at risk

Brussels - 28 February 2017
A deadly journey for children: The migration route from North Africa to Europe

Tbilisi - 23 February 2017
See Every Colour - Georgia kicks off the two-year anti-stigma campaign

Kyiv/Bakhmut - 20 February 2017
EU supports access to school, psychological wellbeing of children in conflict-affected eastern Ukraine

Amman - 16 Feb 2017
EU grants 4.4 million Euros to support the most urgent needs of vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Jordan through UNICEF

Kenema - 5 February 2017
EUR 4.4 million boost to health infrastructure with completion of construction project covering nearly 50 sites

Brussels/Athens - 25 January 2017
Joint EU-UNICEF project to help more than 6 000 refugee and migrant children in Greece

Dili  - 20 January 2017
EU-UNICEF-WFP expand support to Integrated Nutrition Project for children and women in Timor-Leste

Baghdad - 27 December 2016
The European Union commits additional €7,000,000 to meet emergency needs of conflict-affected children in Iraq

Khartoum - 27 December 2016
With €600 000 in new funding, EU support for UNICEF nutrition interventions reaches € 4.1 million

Brussels - 20 November 2016
Universal Children’s Day: UNICEF calls for global action on child rights violations

Damascus/Brussels - 27 October 2016
UNICEF-EU partnership supports back to learning for every Syrian child

Cairo - 24 October 2016
European Union supports Egypt in collaboration with UNICEF to expand educational opportunities and enforce child protection systems

Bangui - 13 October 2016
UNICEF condemns attacks on teachers in Kaga-Bandoro, Central African Republic

Cairo - 10 October 2016
More Education, rapid care for vulnerable refugee and host community children

Brussels - 7 October 2016
UNICEF urges more investment in meeting the basic needs of Afghanistan’s children

Amman/Brussels/New York - 19 September 2016
EU-UNICEF partnership helps address learning and protection needs of children and youth affected by the Syria crisis

Ankara - 15 August 2016
European Union and UNICEF scale up child protection and winter support for refugee children in Turkey

Tunis - 9 August 2016
EU and UNICEF support youth social inclusion in Libya

Geneva/Brussels - 4 August 2016
EU and UNICEF widen partnership to better protect child rights in South-East Europe

London/Erbil - 2 August 2016
UNICEF Ambassador Ewan McGregor visits refugee and displaced children on Iraq frontline

Baghdad/Iraq - 31 July 2016
Continued partnership between EU and UNICEF helps newly displaced families in Iraq

Brussels - 15 June 2016
Violence against children can be ended, say child rights organisations at the European Development Days

Nouakchott, le 14 Juin 2016 
Le service de la Commission européenne à l’aide humanitaire et à la protection civile (ECHO) a accordé 800,000 euros à l’UNICEF pour le renforcement de la résilience et la réduction des risques de protection des enfants du camp de réfugiés de M’berra et des communautés hôtes

Almaty/ Geneva/ Brussels - 31 May 2016
EU and UNICEF renews partnership to protect children from disasters in Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus

Juba - 31 May 2016
European Commission donates €8.5 million to support South Sudan's most vulnerable

Brussels/New York - 16 May 2016
‘#EmergencyLessons’ campaign highlights importance of education for children in conflict and disaster zones

Brussels - 4 May 2016
UNICEF: Give children better protection under revised EU asylum procedures

Brussels - 30 March 2016
EU –UNICEF Partnership promoting nutrition and long-term health of children in Africa and Asia is the focus of Brussels photo exhibition

Bangkok - 28 March 2016
Children in South East Asia face a ‘double burden’ of obesity and undernutrition, new report finds

Addis Ababa - 21 March 2016
EU gives €3 million to improve the nutritional status of children in Ethiopia

Kiev/ Brussels - 17 March 2016
Learning to Live Together - EU supports education in emergencies for conflict-affected children and youth in Ukraine

BRUSSELS - 4 March 2016
EU announces first projects under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey: €95 million to be provided for immediate educational and humanitarian assistance

BAGHDAD - 23 February 2016
Successful and timely efforts against killer disease are sustained in 2016

AMMAN - 2 February 2016
USD$1.4 billion needed to get every Syrian child back in school, say aid agencies

KIEV - 22 January 2016
EU supports vaccination campaign to combat polio in Ukraine

FREETOWN - 22 December 2015
UNICEF/EU strengthen health sector recovery with launch of construction projects worth $7.2m

ŞANLIURFA - 14 December 2015
A new safe space for Syrian and Turkish girls

DAMASCUS/BRUSSELS - 10 December 2015
EU supports Syrian children with water in war-torn Aleppo

DUSHANBE - 3 December 2015
The European Union and UNICEF announce Winter Handicraft Fair & International Day of Persons with Disabilities

BRUSSELS/KYIV - 18 November 2015
Children of Peace initiative: EU provides € 800,000 to support education for children in eastern Ukraine

AMMAN - 12 November 2015
European Union’s humanitarian office grants additional €6 million to UNICEF for emergency cash assistance to the most vulnerable Syrian refugee children in Jordan

EU grants €2 million to UNICEF to meet urgent needs of child refugees and migrants on the move in the Western Balkans

NAIROBI - 26 October 2015
EU helps boost UNICEF’s humanitarian work in Kenya

N´DJAMENA - 23 October 2015
EU donates additional € 1.5 million to UNICEF to combat child malnutrition in Chad

ISLAMABAD/BRUSSELS - 19 October 2015
EU Provides Additional €4 million to UNICEF for Combating Malnutrition in Pakistan

DILI - 7 October 2015
Water Sanitation project has reached 20,000 people in 10 sub-districts of Timor-Leste

NEW YORK/GENEVA/BRUSSELS - 23 September 2015
UNICEF response to EU summit on refugee and migrant crisis

NAIROBI - 18 September 2015
Visit of European Commissioner Neven Mimica to Samburu -
Samburu County launches EU funded Maternal and Child Nutrition programme

NAIROBI - 17 September 2015
UNICEF and the EU work to end Somali child recruitment

KHARTOUM - 10 September 2015
The first ever out of school report on children in Sudan jointly launched by Ministry of Education and UNICEF

NEW YORK - 10 September 2015
Child refugee crisis in Europe will only grow if humanitarian needs in Syria and the region are not met, warns UNICEF

JUBA - 7 September 2015
EU contributes €5.5 million to support the children of South Sudan

NEW YORK - 3 September 2015
Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on the child migrant and refugee crisis in Europe

ADDIS ABABA - 12 August 2015
Support from the EU successfully contributes to closure of polio outbreak in Ethiopia

KYIV - 7 July 2015
UNICEF and EU scale up humanitarian response to improve access to water for children and families in eastern Ukraine

PORT-AU-PRINCE - 17 June 2015
The European Union donates € 2.6 million to UNICEF in the fight against cholera

ERBIL - 16 June 2015
With Iraq on the verge of a massive funding shortfall, European Commission steps in to provide vital, frontline support

KINSHASA - 15 June 2015
ECHO and UNICEF renew their partnership to provide assistance to displaced persons in DRC

BANGUI - 12 June 2015
UNICEF and the European Union to launch major programmes for the restoration of basic education and healthcare services for children in the Central African Republic

BRUSSELS - 4 June 2015
Iraq on the brink of humanitarian disaster due to surging conflict and massive funding shortfall warns UN

BRUSSELS - 3 June 2015
Child victims of violence rarely have access to justice, UNICEF says

BRUSSELS - 27 May 2015
UNICEF welcomes European Union’s renewed commitment to help end child marriage

AKTAU - 27 May 2015
Photography workshop for children held in Aktau city

TEGUCIGALPA - 12 May 2015
UNICEF y la Unión Europea lanzan Manual para la integración de los derechos del niño en la cooperación para el desarrollo y renuevan sus compromisos con la niñez y la adolescencia hondureña

Put migrant children’s rights on EU agenda, urges UNICEF

KINSHASA - 11 May 2015
UNICEF and EU confirm joint effort to fight malnutrition among children in DRC

FREETOWN - 8 May 2015
28 health workers trained on early infant diagnosis and pediatric HIV treatment

KYIV - 7 May 2015
EU and UNICEF assist 46,000 conflict-affected children in eastern Ukraine

#NepalEarthquake: UNICEF-EU partnership provides Emergency supplies to Nepal

AMMAN - 22 April 2015
European Union’s humanitarian office grants €1.1 million to UNICEF for emergency cash assistance to the most vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Jordan

KAHRAMANMARAŞ - 22 April 2015
New education centre for Syrian children in Kahramanmaraş

ZARZIS - 21 April 2015
Together For Children - UNICEF’s National Campaign in Libya

GENEVA - 20 April 2015
UNICEF: Close the immunization gap for all children by including the most vulnerable

KAMPALA - 13 April 2015
ECHO provides additional 1 million Euros for UNICEF’s South Sudanese refugee emergency response in Uganda

BAGHDAD - 5 April 2015
Children Advocate for Importance Water Usage Law to Iraqi Parliament

DILI - 10 March 2015
Ministry of Health receives equipment and supplies to support Nutrition Programme in Timor-Leste

BRUSSELS - 3 March 2015
UN and EU meet to take stock of the Ebola situation and identify ways forward

DAMASCUS - 25 February 2015
European Union provides additional €500,000 to keep children warm in Syria

NOUAKCHOTT - 25 February 2015
UNICEF et l’Association Mauritanienne pour la Santé de la Mère et de l’Enfant (AMSME) lancent un projet de prévention et de réponse aux violences basées sur le genre (VBG) financé par l’Union Européenne

GAZA - 24 February 2015
EU and UNICEF mark completion of first component of EUR 10 million seawater desalination plant in Gaza

YAOUNDE - 23 February 2015
Vulnerable children access quality education thanks to the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department

NAIROBI - 16 February 2015
Government of Kenya, European Union and UNICEF launch multi-million Euro programme to help prevent child and maternal malnutrition at a National Nutrition Symposium

BRUSSELS/NEW YORK - 12 February 2015
Joint Press Statement by EU High Representative Federica Mogherini and UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict Leila Zerrougui on the occasion of the International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers 

LUANDA - 10 February 2015
EU and UNICEF support Water Sector senior management training in Angola

BEIRUT - 30 January 2015
Top EU Humanitarian official visits public school in Lebanon funded by EU and supported by UNICEF

BAGHDAD - 19 January 2015
UNICEF and European Union fund water conservation project in Iraq     

Building Child Resilience at the heart of new UNICEF and ECHO Agreement

KHARTOUM - 12 January 2015
ECHO extends its humanitarian support to address emergency levels of malnutrition in Sudan

GAMBELLA - 15 December 2014
One year on - South Sudan refugee children still in need of life saving support

BEIRUT - 9 December 2014
The European Union, UNICEF, and ABAAD unite to advocate against child marriage in Lebanon

BANGUI - 8 December 2014
Safe drinking water restored to 390,000 people in CAR

CARACAS - 8 December 2014
UNICEF y la Unión Europea lanzan un toolkit sobre los derechos de las niñas, niños y adolescentes y renuevan sus compromisos con la niñez y la adolescencia venezolana

BRUSSELS - 3 December 2014
European Parliament supports “Children, Not Soldiers” Campaign

STRASBOURG - 27 November 2014
European Parliament celebrates CRC@25 and renews EU commitments for children

AMMAN - 25 November 2014
ECHO provides additional €4 million to keep Syrian children healthy

ANKARA - 5 November 2014
First step for financial support of Syrian teachers in Turkey

BANGUI - 31 October 2014
UNICEF reaching “forgotten children” in Central African Republic

BRUSSELS/GENEVA - 30 October 2014
UNICEF-EU partnership helps to improve coordination of life-saving nutrition interventions in large-scale emergencies around the world

BRUSSELS/ZARAGOZA - 29 October 2014
#EbolaResponse: Emergency health equipment flown to Guinea under UNICEF - EU partnership

BRUSSELS/MONROVIA - 28 October 2014
UNICEF Ebola Response: Emergency airlift of health and nutrition supplies to reach children in Monrovia, Liberia

JUBA - 14 October 2014
Give South Sudan’s Children a Healthy Start

BRUSSELS/FREETOWN - 10 October 2014
Frontline health workers and families in Sierra Leone to receive vital supplies through UNICEF-EU partnership

ROME - 2 October 2014
8 Million Europeans lend their voices in support of children in emergencies together with the EU and UNICEF

BRUSSELS - 24 September 2014
Syria crisis: an extra €112 million to prevent a lost generation of children

BRUSSELS/DAKAR - 27 August 2014
EU donates € 11.5 million to UNICEF to treat malnourished children in the Sahel

KAMPALA - 27 August 2014
ECHO Provides 1.9 Million Euro in Emergency Funds to UNICEF in Response to South Sudanese Refugee Influx in Uganda

KHARTOUM - 26 August 2014
Stepping up the fight against child malnutrition in Sudan - UNICEF receives new grant from the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection department (ECHO)

BANGUI - 22 August 2014
ECHO and UNICEF join forces for families affected by violence in Central African Republic

JUBA - 18 August 2014
UNICEF: Responding to dire emergency in South Sudan, the European Commission adds €5 million toward scale up for children

NAIROBI - 31 July 2014
ECHO funds help contain polio outbreak in Horn of Africa

LUANDA - 24 July 2014
Angola focus on sanitation enhancement to reduce child mortality

KINSHASA - 14 July 2014
ECHO and UNICEF Renew their Alliance for Emergency Response in the DRC

SANA'A/BRUSSELS - 10 July 2014
ECHO supports UNICEF to reach 70,000 severely malnourished children in Yemen

EU support reduces child mortality in Somalia

NIAMEY - 7 July 2014
ECHO funding saved lives of thousands children threatened by malaria in Niger

BANGUI - 1 July 2014
UNICEF and EU improve access to safe water for 800,000 people in Bangui

BRUSSELS - 26 June 2014
Action and investment needed to universalize education: UNICEF

UNICEF receives €1.3 million from the European Union to enhance response to child malnutrition in Chad's Sahel belt

ASTANA - 10 June 2014
European Union and UNICEF launch joint programme for enhancing Justice for Children in Kazakhstan

PHNOM PENH - 22 May 2014
European Union and UNICEF: building community resilience against floods in Cambodia

BRUSSELS - 15 May 2014
The European Union and UNICEF launch ‘Voices of Children in Emergencies’ campaign

OUAGADOUGOU - 8 May 2014
The Government of Burkina Faso marks its commitment for stunting  reduction among children under five years old through a multi-sectorial approach

JUBA - 7 May 2014
The European Commission contributes €4.5 million to support South Sudanese Children PR from South Sudan

BAMAKO - 23 April 2014
ECHO and UNICEF join forces to address the food crisis in Mali

ADDIS ABABA - 16 April 2014
EU donates €40 million to improve maternal and new-born health in Ethiopia 

PORT-AU-PRINCE -  10 April 2014
The European Union allocates € 1.5 million to UNICEF to fight cholera (press release in French)

MANILA - 20 March 2014
Vaccines and immunization equipment to benefit children affected by Typhoon Yolanda

BRUSSELS - 14 March 2014
EU to provide more funding to fight polio in Syria

BANGUI - 5 March 2014
Central African Republic: Drinking water restored to over 183,000 people ahead of the rainy season

BRUSSELS - 4 March 2014
Commissioner Andris Piebalgs announces new EU support for the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda

STRASBOURG - 12 March 2014
European parliamentarians mark third year of Syrian conflict and mobilize for children of Syria

NEW YORK - 24 February 2014
Public urged to voice their outrage and demand action to prevent a lost generation in Syria

AMMAN - 6 February 2014
Support to the Security Sector in Applying the Rule of Law (UNICEF Middle East and North Africa)

NEW YORK - 4 February 2014
EU and UNICEF boost their partnership to improve child and maternal health and to save more children

BRUSSELS - 28 January 2014
EU Parliamentarians agree to prevent a lost generation of Syrian children

KHARTOUM/ BRUSSELS - 22 January 2014
European Commission’s Humanitarian Office supports fight against child malnutrition in Sudan with grant of €2 million for UNICEF

DAR ES SALAAM - 22 January 2014
UNICEF, EU, Save the Children and Plan International Join Forces with Tanzania to End Violence against Children

BAMAKO/BRUSSELS - 15 January 2014
ECHO and UNICEF join forces for crisis affected children to go back to school

BAMAKO/BRUSSELS - 9 January 2014
ECHO and UNICEF join forces for crisis affected children to go back to school

NEW YORK - 7 January 2014
Global champions and $1 billion investment needed to prevent a lost generation of Syrian children

BRUSSELS - 19 December 2013
UNICEF to receive €18 million from EU for Syrian crisis

BRUSSELS - 9 December 2013
EU donates additional € 10 million to UNICEF for education of children in Syria

BRUSSELS - 20 November 2013
EU Children of Peace: a lasting legacy of the Nobel Peace Prize supporting thousands of children worldwide

NEW YORK, 24 September 2013
Additional US$45 million contribution to Syria’s children, as EU becomes largest donor to UNICEF appeal

New donation brings EU humanitarian aid for Syrian child refugees through UNICEF to nearly €16 million

KINSHASA, 22 August, 2013
UNICEF and partners bring medical supplies, assistance to displaced Congolese

BRUSSELS, 18 August 2013
World Humanitarian Day: Europe's support to humanitarian work

NAIROBI, 8 July 2013
The European Commission gives 4.5 million Euros to reduce Somali child deaths from malnutrition

BAMAKO/BRUSSELS, 09 July, 2013
The European Commission provides UNICEF €3 Million to Help Combat Malnutrition in Mali

BAGHDAD, 8 July 2013
Iraq adopts standards to improve children’s learning environments

BRUSSELS, 27 June 2013
EU and UNICEF: Fewer children behind bars, greater reforms needed

UNICEF receives €3 Million Funds from the European Commission to Combat Malnutrition in Pakistan

European Commission grants additional €5 million to UNICEF’s Syria crisis response

ADDIS ABABA, 19 June 2013
ECHO gives €2.5 million to improve nutrition outcomes for children in Ethiopia

ECHO funds UNICEF to Continue Revitalization of Essential Health Services in North of Mali

DAKAR, 29 May 2013
The European Commission and UNICEF aim to prevent mass child death in the Sahel

HARARE, 21 May, 2013
European Union announces a €13.5 million grant to improve education and nutrition for Zimbabwe’s children

LUSAKA, 10 May, 2013
The European Union grants EURO 44 million to the Government of the Republic of Zambia to support the acceleration of progress towards maternal neonatal and child morbidity and mortality reduction in Zambia

EU Children of Peace initiative: EU Provides Nobel Peace Prize funds to UNICEF for Education in Northwestern Pakistan

NIAMEY (NIGER), 6 May 2013
European Union and UNICEF support the fight against chronic malnutrition in Niger

ECHO allocates 1.25 million Euros to UNICEF to reduce diarrheal diseases and cholera in IDP camps

ANKARA, 27 March 2013
The European Union and UNICEF Turkey have launched the project “Increasing Resilience of Syrian Children in Turkey” to assist vulnerable school-aged Syrian children and youth (ages 4-18) living in camps in Turkey

A new contribution to help UNICEF reach families affected by displacement in Eastern DR Congo brings the total allocation by ECHO to €10.7 million (US$14 million)

LUANDA, 8 March 2013
EU helps fight malnutrition

TRIPOLI, March 2013
The European Union and UNICEF support Libya's education programmes

ISTANBUL, 1 March 2013
Children need greater involvement in disaster risk reduction

BRUSSELS, 6 February 2013
Joint Statement on the International Day against Female Genital Mutilation

BANGUI, 28 January 2013
UNICEF scales up operations in Central African Republic to reach children in need of assistance because of conflict

BRUSSELS/New York, 18 December 2012
EU Nobel Peace Prize award to help build foundation of peace for children.  UNICEF among five agencies to benefit.

SANA’A/BRUSSELS, 19 November 2012
ECHO provides €7 million to help UNICEF combat child malnutrition in Yemen

ASHGABAT, 1 November 2012
Turkmenistan education and civil defense specialists continue the dialogue in disaster risk reduction in education

ADDIS ABABA, 30 October 2012
Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security: Partners join forces against acute malnutrition and stunting

AMMAN, 7 October, 2012
EU contributes € 10 million to UNICEF education programmes for children of Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan

BANGUI, 2 October 2012
ECHO gives €1.9 million to UNICEF to respond to sudden emergencies

KATHMANDU, 20 September 2012:
A Milestone Plan Launched to Improve Maternal and Child Nutrition in Nepal

SARAJEVO, 18 September 2012
Improving responses to violence against children by turning evidence into policy and results

ECHO provides €600,000 to fight cholera outbreak in Niger

NEW YORK / BRUSSELS, 11 September 2012
UNICEF and European Commission put children first in emergencies

BRUSSELS, 22 June 2012
UNICEF combats malnutrition in Pakistan with EU support

BRUSSELS, 18 June 2012
UNICEF joins EU talks to scale up aid for the Sahel and increase people’s resilience

BRUSSELS / DAKAR, 02 May 2012
European Commission donates additional 16.5 million Euros to UNICEF’s Sahel appeal as dry season begins.

BRUSSELS, 05 October 2011
UNICEF and the European Union announce new support to help improve nutrition for millions in Africa

BAGHDAD, 17 March 2011
UNICEF, European Union and Government of Iraq start €17M programme to improve primary education in Iraq

BANGKOK, 06 January 2011
UNICEF and the European Union collaborate to tackle desperately neglected problem of nutrition security in Asia
PORT-AU-PRINCE -  10 April 2014
The European Union allocates € 1.5 million to UNICEF to fight cholera (press release in French)

BRUSSELS/DAKAR - 27 August 2014
EU donates € 11.5 million to UNICEF to treat malnourished children in the Sahel
KAMPALA - 27 August 2014
ECHO Provides 1.9 Million Euro in Emergency Funds to UNICEF in Response to South Sudanese Refugee Influx in Uganda BRUSSELS/DAKAR - 27 August 2014
EU donates € 11.5 million to UNICEF to treat malnourished children in the Sahel

KAMPALA - 27 August 2014
ECHO Provides 1.9 Million Euro in Emergency Funds to UNICEF in Response to South Sudanese Refugee Influx in Uganda BRUSSELS/DAKAR - 27 August 2014
EU donates € 11.5 million to UNICEF to treat malnourished children in the Sahel

KAMPALA - 27 August 2014
ECHO Provides 1.9 Million Euro in Emergency Funds to UNICEF in Response to South Sudanese Refugee Influx in Uganda BANGUI - 8 December 2014
Safe drinking water restored to 390,000 people in CAR