Brussels - 11 December 2017
€700 million to support refugees in Turkey through flagship humanitarian aid programmes

Brussels - 10 October 2017
EU announces humanitarian funding of €1 million to the Global Education Cluster

Brussels - 20 June 2017
EU Syria Trust Fund: new assistance package to support Syrian refugees and host communities crosses €1 billion mark

Brussels - 8 June 2017
EU's largest ever education in emergencies programme in Turkey reaches first refugee families

Brussels - 22 January 2017
Statement by Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides on his visit to Belgrade, Serbia

Brussels - 23 May 2016
European Union commits to action at the World Humanitarian Summit

Brussels - 16 March 2016
EU steps up humanitarian assistance for Ukraine by €20 million

Brussels - 2 December 2015
Syrian refugee crisis: EU Trust Fund launches single biggest EU response package ever for €350 million, helping up to 1.5 million refugees and their host communities in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq

Brussels - 28 September 2015
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – What has the EU achieved?

Brussels - 9 September 2015
EU Trust Fund kicks off its actions to address educational and food security needs of Syrian refugees in Turkey

Brussels - 7 September 2015
EU Children of Peace initiative: €1 million to assist children affected by Ebola

Brussels - 2 September 2015
European Commission adopts its position ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit 2016

Brussels - 1 July 2015
EU gives €15 million to Ukraine for humanitarian assistance

Brussels - 4 June 2015
EU to support regional programmes in Southern, Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean with more than €1.3 billion

Brussels - 29 May 2015
Syrian refugee crisis: EU Trust Fund launches first response programmes for €40 million, helping up to 400,000 people in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq

Brussels - 22 May 2015
Statement by Commissioner Christos Stylianides on the designation of the UN high-level panel on humanitarian financing

Brussels - 22 May 2015
EU boosts assistance for the Sahel to increase resilience

Brussels - 4 May 2015
Nepal: EU increases its financial support in the aftermath of the earthquake

Brussels - 4 May 2015
Nepal earthquake: the EU's emergency response

Brussels - 3 March 2015
From emergency to recovery: EU mobilises efforts to end Ebola and alleviate its impact

Brussels - 26 February 2015
UNICEF statement on plight of illegal child migrants in the Mediterranean

Brussels - 29 January 2015
EU steps up humanitarian assistance to Syria crisis

Brussels - 26 January 2015
EU-airlift to Ukraine: Europe increases its humanitarian aid

New York/Geneva/Kyiv - 19 December 2014
Conflict in Ukraine leaves almost 150 schools closed: UNICEF

Brussels - 11 December 2014
UNICEF welcomes new Intergroup on children's rights at the European Parliament

Brussels - 8 December 2014
The European Union's response to Ebola emergency

Brussels - 4 December 2014
EU-Syria: €180 million to deal with crisis and spill-over in Lebanon and Jordan

Rome - 21 November 2014
Invitation - Sakharov Lecture: The future for children's rights and the role of law

Brussels - 20 November 2014
Joint Statement on the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day and the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Brussels - 6 November 2014
Ebola response: EU scales up aid with planes, material aid and research support

Brussels - 6 November 2014
Painting outside the lines: refugee children in Northern Iraq

Brussels - 16 October 2014
World Food Day: Joint statement by Commissioners Andris Piebalgs (Development aid) and Kristalina Georgieva (Humanitarian aid)

Brussels - 15 October 2014
The EU's response to help fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Brussels - 7 October 2014
Ebola Crisis: EU organizes airlift operation to West Africa    

Brussels - 21 September 2014
International Day of Peace 2014: Thousands join the EU Children of Peace Initiative    

Gaza - 20 March 2014
The EU and UNICEF launch the construction of a major seawater desalination plant to provide 75,000 Palestinians with safe drinking water in Gaza

Brussels - 4 April 2014
EU, World Food Programme and UNICEF address issue of malnutrition in Niger during EU-Africa Summit side event

Kinshasa – 12 February 2014
Des soins de santé améliorés pour 481 000 femmes et 473 000 enfants de moins de 5 ans

Brussels - 12 February 2014
Eurochild and UNICEF launch publication urging the EU to move forward realising children's rights for every child

Brussels - 12 February 2014
Realising the rights of every child – moving forward with the EU

NEW YORK - 6 February 2014
The future of aid: UNICEF Executive Board addresses funding and partnerships

BAKU/GENEVA- 29 November 2013
HIV: New hope for adolescents

BRUSSELS - 20 November 2013
UNICEF and the European Union celebrate the one year anniversary of its “EU Children of Peace” [PDF]

STRASBOURG – 20 November 2013
On Universal Children's Day, young activist receives EU's top human rights award

LILONGWE – 9 October 2013
EU and UNICEF Malawi to achieve Millennium Development Goals in Malawi

BRUSSELS, 7 October 2013
European Union officials take to social media, spread message to #ENDviolence against children
On the International Day of Non-Violence, 2 October, European Union representatives showed their sustained commitment for the initiative to end violence against children.

BRUSSELS, 5 September 2013
European Parliament's President gives helping hand to #ENDviolence [PDF]

BRUSSELS, 27 August 2013
European Union top officials back #ENDviolence initiative
Within a week of the launch of UNICEF’s initiative on violence against children, all of the top officials of the European Union (EU) had endorsed the campaign and joined the growing global movement to #ENDviolence.

ADIS ABBABA, August 2013
From the Ethiopian Herald: Remarkable progress made in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Ethiopia through EU-UNICEF supported projects

BRUSSELS, 19 August 2013
World Humanitarian Day: Europe's support to humanitarian work
A symbolic moment to reflect on a worldwide issue of how humanitarians commit themselves to helping the most vulnerable.
Read EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva Statement | View Video

Partnership for Improved Nutrition in Nepal
12 July 2013 –  This documentary highlights the efforts that the Government of Nepal with support of UNICEF-EU partnership to improve the undernutrition situation among young children in Nepal.

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In the Philippines, immunization equipment turnover to Haiyan/Yolanda-affected areas

ECHO representatives visit the Tanauan Health Center in the Philippines for an immunization campaign

EU and UNICEF Angola sign a 17 million € contribution agreement

Community-based management of acute malnutrition in Angola, January 2014

Princess Basma distributes UNICEF school bags to Jordanians, September 2013


European Union donates portion of Nobel Peace Prize money to UNICEF's work educating children in conflict-affected Pakistan
NEW YORK, United States of America, 18 December 2012  – The decision by the European Union (EU) to give a portion of the Nobel Prize award to UNICEF means that more children in Pakistan will have better chance at education and learning.

UNICEF and the European Union take action to tackle undernutriton in Asia and Africa
BRUSSELS, Belgium, 6 December 2012 – The European Union (EU) and UNICEF have joined forces to protect more than 30 million children’s lives by improving nutrition security in five Asian and four African countries.

Nepal, a focus of the High Level Panel on Resilience: The Nutrition Dimension at the European Development Days
KATHMANDU, 16 October 2012 – This year’s European Development Days, held today in Brussels, Belgium put a spotlight on nutrition and showcased Nepal’s successes through a High Level Panel (HLP) live stream discussion on “RESILIENCE: THE NUTRITION DIMENSION.”

Central African Republic: Commission mobilised additional funding of €1.9 million to help 42,500 displaced people with life-saving assistance
10/22/2012 - There are more than 65,000 internally displaced people in the Central African Republic (CAR) in urgent need of life-saving assistance, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Ecuador – Strengthening educational actors’ capacity in Disaster Risk Reduction
10/11/2012 – In Ecuador, UNICEF and other DIPECHO partners are working to strengthen the role of the education community in preparedness and response to ensure children’s right to education in emergencies and to strengthen the resilience and preparedness of schools.

Youth affected by juvenile justice share their voices through videos
GENEVA, Switzerland and BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan, 21 September 2012 – Two years ago, Aramais, from Yerevan, Armenia, was accused of rape. He pleaded innocent. But the investigation took more than six months, during which time the pressure on the then-15-year-old boy mounted and became almost unbearable.

EU Commissioner addresses UNICEF Executive Board
12 September 2012 – Vows fight against hunger among children under 5 becomes priority.

Anthony Lake and Kristalina Georgieva, media stakeout
11 September 2012 – Informal comments to the media by Mr. Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, and Ms. Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response.

Hedy IP, nutrition specialist at UNICEF in Burundi
19 July 2012 – UNICEF and ECHO collaborate on nutrition in Burundi.

DR Congo – Nutritional programme saves young Gerome’s life
05 March 2012 – In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), conflict has slowed down the production of food. Children under five years old are constantly under threat and targeted interventions are necessary to save lives. Here is the story of a child who has just recovered from a case of severe malnutrition with medical complications.

An EU-UNICEF Joint Action

An EU-UNICEF Joint Action

Public-Private Partnerships Could Play a Critical Role in Tackling Malnutrition
Philippe Cori, Director of UNICEF Brussels at a recent conference in Brussels on Combating Malnutrition through Sustainable Interventions.

High-level delegation from the EU Parliament visits UNICEF-supported programmes in Nepal
Members of the European Parliament in Brussels witness UNICEF Nepal’s programme to improve nutrition under the EU-funded MYCSNIA programme, and visit an Islamic madrassa school that was mainstreamed in the government’s education system.International Day of Peace 2014: Thousands join the EU Children of Peace InitiativeInternational Day of Peace 2014: Thousands join the EU Children of Peace Initiative