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On 8 May, girls stand in the village of Fermissedou, in the Kissidougou area of the south-eastern Guinea Forestière Region.

UNICEF and the European Union strive to ensure that all children enjoy their right to education, adequate nutrition, safe water, sanitation and health, and that they are protected from discrimination, exploitation, violence and abuse.

In 2009 the European Union adopted the Treaty of Lisbon, which puts human rights, including children’s rights, at the heart of the European humanitarian agenda. As 2015 draws closer, UNICEF and the European Union will strengthen their partnership, working with governments, civil societies, national parliaments and others to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The partnership will have a particular focus on equity, and it will strive to reach the most vulnerable children.

UNICEF and the European Union will continue to support the work of national governments in promoting human and children's rights and will communicate widely on how the partnership is contributing to the wellbeing, development and protection of children, including adolescents. Achieving greater results for children will be the overriding goal of the partnership in the years to come.

Key partnerships

Nutrition Security is more than just food security. It is the outcome of good health, a healthy environment, and good caring practices. Food security is necessary, but it is just one part of nutrition security.

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