28 July 2021

Our Voice Our Future: A Call to Action from half a million young people across Africa and Europe

Dear African and European leaders, We, a team of 7 UNICEF U-Report Youth Ambassadors, are writing to you on behalf of half a million young people from across Africa and Europe, who recently took part in the Your Voice Your Future polls (digital survey).  The polls provided an opportunity for young people to share their opinions on key topics and…, Key Recommendations from the Your Voice Your Future Report, 1. Education, skills and jobs, Increase allocation for education budgets for the children and youth in the poorest regions. Increase training and learning opportunities for young people, particularly those from disadvantaged communities. Digitalize the education sector; introducing digital learning opportunities and revising school curricula to improve quality., 2. Digital transformation and social infrastructure, Ensure that all young people have access to electricity and internet; improving internet connectivity, infrastructure and the availability of affordable internet - particularly for the most disadvantaged youth. Invest in online safety campaigns, for children and parents, including the prevention of online bullying and harassment. Increase…, 3. Governance, peace and security, Ensure that all children and youth living in conflict zones have access to quality education, including increasing teacher training and access to online learning. Ensure that political leaders and decision makers listen to the voices of young people - and include them in policy and budget allocations, for example by increasing youth political…, 4. Climate change and the green transition, Increase investment in renewable energy, reducing fossil fuel emissions and protecting the health of young people. Ensure that climate change is included in national curricula and practical environmental protection training is available to youth everywhere. Increase environmental job opportunities for young people in both the public and private…
20 January 2021

Report #YourVoiceYourFuture - Turning challenges into solutions

Voices of young people are key to define the future direction of the partnership between Africa and Europe. One efficient way to ensure youth participation is through U-Report, a mobile engagement platform designed to gather young people’s voices and address issues concerning them. U-Report has two primary assets:  it is a powerful real-time data collection platform and  it is a powerful communication tool. U-Report is run in collaboration with both government and civil society partners    Today, the U-Report is active 76 countries worldwide, with 12.8 million U-Reporters all over the world, and works with Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and Whatsapp.  THE PARTNERSHIP  In 2020, UNICEF, the European Union and the African Union have joined forces to empower young people, so their voices are heard as the partnership between Africa and Europe is redefined. Through four digital polls launched on U-Report, young people aged between 14 and 35 years old on both continents had the opportunity to share their opinion on key issues concerning them and raise their voice. The chosen topics were:  green transition, including climate change and protection of the environment;  digital transformation;  sustainable economic growth, including investments, business climate, trade, job creation, education and skills;  governance, peace and security. Over 450,000 young voices from Europe, Africa and diaspora, provided policy makers with key insights to shape their future and that of their communities, contributing to define the future partnership priorities between the EU and Africa. #YourVoiceYourFuture CAMPAIGN & REPORT In order to better connect youth in Europe and Africa, as well as raise awareness and engagement around the joint U-Report initiative, a social/digital media campaign was launched between July and September 2020, which resulted in the solid participation of over 450,000 young people across the two continents. The campaign consisted of multiple activations on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.), launching the U-Report polls and asking young audiences to join. The full results of the report are now published as a digital report "#YourVoiceYourFuture - Turning challenges into solutions".  Find out more about what young people aspire to in the report: 
24 October 2019


The challenge, All children deserve the chance to be happy and healthy, explore their world safely, and reach their full potential. Yet the rights of millions of children are blocked by deprivation and discrimination based on factors beyond their control – their gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, place of birth or whether they live with a disability, for…, Resources, The solution, For UNICEF, equity means that all children have an opportunity to survive, develop and reach their full potential without discrimination, bias or favouritism. This interpretation is consistent with the  Convention on the Rights of the Child , which guarantees the fundamental rights of every child regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs,…, Child Participation, Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) states that children and adolescents have the right to participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives. The active engagement of children and young people is essential for promoting policy change, implementation and monitoring of issues impacting them. When given the…, Gender, Girls and boys see gender inequality in their homes and communities every day – in textbooks, in the media and among the men and women who provide their care and support. Unequal responsibility for work in the home socializes children into thinking that these duties are women’s only roles, thereby curtailing generational change and narrowing girls…, Public finance for children , The decisions governments make about how to fund social policies and services are critical to children and to equitable development overall. If allocations are insufficient, concentrated on better-off groups, or used poorly, all children, and especially the most disadvantaged, risk losing access to services and programmes that enable them to…, Social Protection, Social protection is a powerful macroeconomic and social stabilizer upon which states can rely to prevent and reduce poverty, contribute to inclusive, people-driven and sustainable economic growth, promote human development, increase productivity and employability. UNICEF’s mandate is rooted in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which…, Protecting the rights of children with disabilities , Children with disabilities face tremendous day-to-day challenges. The EU and UNICEF joint programme ‘Protecting children from violence, and promoting social inclusion of children with disabilities’ was launched to protect children from violence and promote the inclusion of children with disabilities. The programme was carried out in Albania,…