Integrating child rights in development cooperation

The Toolkit

The 'EU-UNICEF Child Rights Toolkit: Integrating child rights in development cooperation' explores how we can realise child rights across all development sectors and aid modalities. It looks at all sectors of development cooperation - beyond traditional child focused sectors - such as nutrition, health, and education.

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The Toolkit is complemented by an e-Learning programme that aims to further strengthen the capacity of key targeted stakeholders to mainstream child rights in development cooperation. This programme provides an easily accessible, interactive experience of the Toolkit's contents and tools.

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Making development work for children in the post-2015 era

How does a country’s energy strategy, tax policies, or urban planning change the way children grow up and develop in society? How does your work impact upon their lives and rights?

Children are the greatest driver for social and economic change, and whether intended or not, every policy and development programme in a country positively or negatively affects their lives and with it, the future of society.

Without considering children in all areas of development cooperation, we are likely to fail in our objectives of sustainable and inclusive growth, prosperity and peace.

Beyond the moral imperative of considering children in all development sectors, there is a pure financial argument to make: children make up more than half of the population in most developing countries. If your investments are to pay off in the long term, it makes good sense to consider how they affect the lives and the futures of the most susceptible target group.

The EU-UNICEF Child Rights Toolkit provides practical tools and guidance to realise children’s rights across all sectors of development cooperation in the post-2015 era.  

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In 2014 and 2015, the Child Rights Toolkit was launched in over 40 countries jointly by UNICEF and the EU.

Are you interested in organizing a high-level launch event or a workshop? Get in contact with UNICEF ( 

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Recent events

June 15: High level launch in Bangladesh (see photos)

May 15: High level launch in Honduras (watch video)

May 15: High level launch & joint workshop in Belarus (watch video)

Nov 14: High level launch in Jamaica (watch video)

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