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Abel Chane, 6, is happy to show his writing skills to the class. Abel will be in grade 1 next year acquiring critical educational and social skills which will help him succeed further.  Despite the proven and lifelong benefits, more than 175 million children – nearly half of all pre-primary-age children globally – are not enrolled in pre-primary education. In low-income countries, the picture is bleaker, with only 1 in 5 young children enrolled.


In this country kit, you can read more about the situation of children in Ethiopia, learn about UNICEF-supported programmes, and discover how people on the ground have been making a difference against tremendous odds. The kit also highlights the need to strengthen the legal and policy environment to ensure child rights are protected.

Importantly, we need to ensure that the best interests of the child are recognised and respected in all policies concerning children. We also need to continue to support national entities to monitor the implementation of national and international child rights and gender equality commitments.

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