Sheno Town

Urban WASH Inauguration

Sheno Town - Urban WASH Inauguration
UNICEF Ethiopia/2020


Sheno Town is found in North Shoa-Kinbibit Woreda of Oromia region, 80km away from center of Addis Ababa. The town has an average elevation of 2850 meters ASL. It is the principal town in Kimbibit woreda of Oromia region. The town is located along the Addis Ababa-Debrebirhan road. The town and its surrounding are known by dairy production, especially the test of Sheno town butter is famous. But, the water supply scarcity is one of the critical challenges that Sheno town and its surrounding villages had been facing. Study reports on water served population indicated that all of the town residents were used to get less than 20 litres per capita per day, which is very much below the standard of both MDG and SDG now 40liters. Absence of proper solid and liquid waste management is another critical challenge in the face of the fast-grown town population.

Sheno town is one of the three Urban WaSH programme towns in Oromia region that is funded by UK Aid and managing by UNICEF/government. The DFID fund have been substantially addressed Sheno town by constructing a sustainable water supply and sanitation systems.

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UNICEF Ethiopia
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