National Evaluation Capacity Readiness Assessment



The NECRA has been conducted by Key Aid Consulting as the Ten- Year Development Plan (TYDP) (2020-2030) was being finalized. This TYPD includes commitments Government of Ethiopia to establish a result-based monitoring and evaluation system which focuses on planned result and roll out process.  The NECRA, as a result, discusses the capacity of 16 governmental bodies and focuses on evaluation, but also addresses monitoring. The quality of monitoring data is approached as a constituent of evaluation capacity. Capacity is not only about the skillset of individuals but also the overall ability of the organizations and/or directorates to be effective in undertaking evaluations, as well as utilizing findings and recommendations. Strengthening the evaluation capacity, however, is not an end in itself, but rather an element that contributes to substantiated and evidence-based development programmes. As a result, NECRA looks at the incentive, demands, and supply for evaluations products and systems through the mapping of the existing governmental structures and assessing progress toward development plan objectives, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the capacity to evaluate within the 16 government bodies. Thus the purpose of this assessment is to examine the capacities of 16 federal government public bodies ranked as Ministries to effectively implement and use evaluations to assess progress towards the TYDP and the SDGs. It maps, develops, assesses, and facilitates the development of a National Evaluation Capacity Development plan and evaluation system, function, framework, and capacity of MoPD and other ministers to evaluate progress towards achieving the TYDP and the SDGs.

Ministry of Planning and Development, UNICEF
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