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Real Lives - Human Interest stories focusing on how UNICEF interventions impact upon children and women in Ethiopia

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Real Lives - Human Interest stories focusing on how UNICEF interventions impact upon children and women in Ethiopia

Street Child Turned Entrepreneur Inspires UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson During visit to Ethiopia

Bishoftu, 18 July 2012 -  UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson visited the UNICEF-supported Bishoftu Youth Center and a Micro-enterprise run by young people formerly living on the streets, on Monday, at the end of his visit to Ethiopia where he had come to attend the African Union Heads of State Summit.  More...

In Ethiopia, the Expansion of Rural Health Service is the Key to Reducing Child Mortality

Romey Kebele, 13 June 2012 - Eight-week-old Moges Teshome is asleep, wrapped up in a blanket on his parent's bed, next to the fire where dinner is being prepared. But he sleep is distrubed by coughing and heavy breating. He has pneumonia.  More ...

Mass Vaccination Campagn in Ethiopia Refugee Camp

Dollo ado, Ethiopia, 18 August - Forty-year-old Taakow sits under the stingy shade of a shurb with her two-year-old, taking a rest from the sun and tumultuous morning where her toddler was one of hundreds of children to receive a jab in the arm, two drops to the tongue, and a purple ink print to the thumb during a mass measles and polio vaccination campaign that started today in one of the Dollo Ado refugee camps on the Somalian border.  More...

Saving Children in Ethiopia as Cattle Die of  Drought

Moyale District, Borena, 17 August 2011 - Berida Janteni appears worried and gaunt and much older than her 40-years. Sitting next to her in drought-ravaged Borena near kenya border she rues the impact of failed rains that is threatening to destroy the pastorialist way of life. More...

Ethiopian Mothers Struggle to Feed their Children Amid Horn of Africa Drought

Odoleka, Ethiopia, 5 August 2011 - Montegbosh is still nursing her 18-month old son who clings to her chest even if she is busy sweeping the dusty ground by their hut in this small farming community an hour outside the capital of Addis Ababa. Like many young mothers in this drought inflicted country, she is opting to nurse longer. She has nothing else to feed her todder. More...

Japanese Donation of 7.4 Milion Saves Lives in Drought Affected Areas of Ethiopia

Fedis District, 3 August 2011 - Zara Ahmed is worried. the youngest of her seven children, ten -month old Nayle Kelifa, has not been eating well and has lost a lot weight. Drought in eastern Ethiopia has delayed the harvest of corn, peanuts, cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables which Zara relies on to feed her children. the family is surviving on what they can buy at the market, but this has not been adequate as the cost of food keeps going up. A visit to her local health post has confirmed that Nayle is severely malnourished.  More...

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