Child protection

Child Protection


Child Protection

A Saudi returnee holds tight to the documents he just received as he prepares to embark on a trip back to his home area.

Ethiopia’s children make up 55% of the population, whilst young people (ages 15-29) are about 30% of Ethiopia’s population of 82 million.
About 84% of the country’s children are engaged in activities that may be regarded as child labour. Behind every statistic is a human being who deserves a better life. We, at UNICEF Ethiopia, are working to do just that. 

The child protection programme focuses on building and strengthening an integrated child-focused social welfare and protection system to support interventions that will ensure that the justice system better serves and protects children, whether victims, witnesses or alleged offenders. It will strengthen youth empowerment and reduce HIV incidence among the adolescents most at risk. 

The total budget for this programme component 2012 – 2015 is US$65 million and it will contribute to the following national and regional results:
An effective child-friendly justice system realized in all regions;
(ii)    The national child-focused social welfare system is strengthened and social welfare services are available in all regions;
(iii)   The national social protection plan is operationalized;
(iv)   A functional birth registration system is in place;
(v)    Violence against women and children is prevented and mitigated;
(vi)   Access to HIV prevention services has increased for marginalized children and adolescents;
(vii)  The National Youth Development Package is fully implemented;
(viii) The Government, communities and civil society support disaster risk reduction and respond to emergencies in Ethiopia, with a particular focus on issues affecting women and children in the most vulnerable regions/districts.

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