08 June 2020

National water policy

The Kingdom of Eswatini has about 4,500 million cubic meters of available fresh water resources of which the country harnesses and stores only 744 million cubic meters or 17 per cent. Of the amount harvested, 666.4 million cubic meters is stored in large dams while small private dams take up the remaining 73.6 million cubic meters. Most of our water resources are shared with our Riparian States and this calls for effective collaboration in the development and management of our water resources. Over the years, the country has observed a serious decline in the amount of water available within our river systems. This situation has been further compounded by the noted changes in our climatic conditions which calls for improved strategies for efficient water resources development and management. The provision of potable water especially to our rural areas remains a challenge and the country has made great efforts to ensure the achievement of 100 per cent potable water coverage by the year 2022. The Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini is pleased to present the National Water Policy to guide national water resources development and management. It has been developed in line with the provisions of Regional and International Policies as well as other related instruments and presents Statements of Good Intent for effective development and management of the country’s water resources. It is centred on the premise that water sustains life and is the engine and catalyst for socio-economic development.