Eswatini launches Primero child protection information management system (CPIMS)

Primero is a Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS) that helps social services, humanitarian and development workers manage protection-related data

Kingsley Gwebu
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03 June 2022
The Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) HE Themba Masuku officially launched Primero on the 3rd June 2022. Primero is a Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS) that helps social services, humanitarian and development workers manage protection-related data, with tools that facilitate case management and incident monitoring among other functions. The system which was supported by UNICEF in collaboration with Bantwana Initiative and other partners will assist in documenting case management processes, from identification and registration, to assessment, case planning, referrals and transfers and case closure.

Speaking during the launch of the system, the DPM appreciated the support from UNICEF, Bantwana Initiative and all state and non-state actors who have been instrumental in the development of the CPIMS.

“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our development partners, UNICEF and the entire UN family for helping us start on the journey to improve our data management and reporting”, remarked the DPM.

 “I have been informed that…child protection data from all four regions can now be collected, aggregated and accessed at the department of social welfare headquarters in real time.”, he added.

Amanda Ngwenya, a social worker based in Manzini with the department of social welfare in the DPM’s office says she is excited about the introduction of the CPIMS. She highlighted how the transition from the paper-based system will improve the quality of service delivery for social workers.

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Amanda Ngwenya is a social worker with the DPM's office in Manzini.

“The first challenge with the paper-based system is the high risk of data loss…for instance sometime last year there was a fire incident in our office and some data was burnt,” explained Amanda.

She further explained that the paper-based system is very time consuming because they have to use exercise books to capture data in the field. This data needs to be captured in the paper-based system in the office, something which leads to delays in service provision for walk-in clients.

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UNICEF Deputy Representative Afshin Parsi making remarks during the launch of the Primero CPIMS.

“With the paper-based system, we also have limited control over who can access data. There is a high risk of unauthorized people accessing confidential information. But with the CPIMS, we each have a unique username and password, and that ensures the protection of clients’ confidential data” she added.

Amanda further highlighted that the Primero CPIMS will ensure that case management is standardized because the same forms and procedures will be used. She also explained that the system will promote accountability because they will know that once a case is assigned, one social worker will be responsible for it until case closure.

The Primero system is a configurable Progressive Web Application with on and offline capabilities and administrators can install, configure, and customize the implementation and configure access and permissions in the system. This is one of the features Amanda finds very innovative in Primero.

“It’s going to be simpler to work because we can now work anywhere, the system works online and off-line”, she explained.

Speaking during the launch of the CPIMS, UNICEF Deputy Representative Afshin Parsi also highlighted that the system will reinforce monitoring and accountability in the child protection response.

“The system also reinforces the element of monitoring and accountability to child beneficiaries of protection services, allowing for a live update of every child protection case, including visibility of actions taken or not taken by designated service providers,” remarked Afshin during the launch.

He further stated that through the CPIMS, timely and accurate data on child protection will be collected, analysed, and efficiently managed.