Red Cross volunteers conduct door to door campaign for COVID-19 awareness

The Ministry of Health with support from UNICEF, WHO and other partners commissioned Red Cross volunteers to conduct a door to door campaign for COVID-19 awareness

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UNICEF Eswatini/2020


The door-to-door campaign which was commissioned by the Ministry of Health and supported by WHO and UNICEF has reached over 15000 people with COVID-19 messages through Red Cross volunteers and will continue intensifying the education component of the EFTTIT approach, a six-point strategy which was adopted by the Ministry of Health and entails Finding, Educating, Testing, Treating, Isolating cases and Tracing contacts. This exercise is also a crucial component of the recently launched Umgcini Wesive campaign which challenges everyone to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 through adopting the three key prevention behaviors which are wearing of masks; washing of hands with soap and running water; and watching physical distance.

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