Primary Healthcare Costing Report

In response to the need to have detailed costed PHC plans, the MoH in Eswatini requested UNICEF and the CHAI health financing team to conduct an initial costing exercise to estimate costs for services provided at level 1 (RHMs) and level 2 (clinics).

Patients queuing for services in a health facility.


The report of the “Primary Healthcare Costing in Eswatini” presents a detailed analysis of the services provided at the primary healthcare (PHC) level in the country, as well as the associated costs. It seeks to provide important evidence that the Ministry of Health (MoH) can use to make critical decisions to improve resource mobilization and strengthen primary healthcare delivery. The report includes a comprehensive review of a variety of sources, including MoH’s annual reports, National Health Sector Strategies II, National Essential Health Care Package (EHCP), Standard Treatment Guidelines, and Disease-specific treatment guidelines. The collected data is aimed at tackling four primary areas: what services are provided at different levels of clinics, what inputs are required to provide these services, how much do these inputs cost, and how many individuals utilize these services. The costing exercise provides valuable information that MOH can use to enhance resource mobilization and strengthen primary healthcare delivery, as well as the current government expenditure on PHC and funding gaps.

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Ministry of Health Eswatini, UNICEF & CHAI
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