Education Sector Strategic Plan 2022–2034

The Education Sector Strategic Plan 2022-2034 presents the long-term strategic priorities for the national education system, in line with the country’s national priorities.

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Together with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), UNICEF supported the Eswatini Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) in developing the National Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) for 2022–2034. The publication of the ESSP represents an update and continuation of the 2010–2022 Education Sector Strategic Plan's unresolved business. It is primarily informed by the Education Sector Analysis (2021) and other important human capital development priorities outlined in the National Development Strategy, the National Development Plan, and other pertinent documents. With the intention of enhancing the caliber of education in the nation. The Plan outlines the specific objectives, strategies, and actions required to achieve this objective. It has prioritized seven important strategic areas aimed at enhancing the industry, including: (i) improving educational quality and student learning at all levels; (ii) retaining students in school until graduation; (iii) strengthening entry and exit points of the education system; (iv) enhancing teacher development and management; (v) ensuring adequate and equitable education financing and spending; (vi) further enhancing access; and (vii) strengthening system resilience and preparing for future crisis prevention.

Education Sector Strategic Plan
Ministry of Education & Training- Kingdom of Eswatini
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