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Education Think Pieces


Education Think Pieces


UNICEF has commissioned 10 Think Pieces by leading researchers and practitioners to stimulate debate around significant educational challenges facing the Eastern and Southern Africa region; a region where most children attend school, but many are not learning the basics.

While the pieces are rooted in evidence, they are not research papers or evidence briefs, nor do they represent UNICEF policy.

Rather, they are engaging pieces that aim to inspire fresh thinking to improve learning for all.

The Education Think Pieces are available below with the summary blog and authors’ presentation.

1. Girls’ education

Girls’ education is improving, but not for all girls – how can we accelerate change? [PDF, 2018]

Presentation on the Girls’ Education Think Piece by Dr Sharon Tao [YouTube, 2018]

2. Pre-primary education

Quality and equitable access grounded in local knowledge: Bringing pre-primary education to scale [PDF, 2018]

Presentation on the Pre-Primary Education Think Piece by Elizabeth Spier, Paul Oburu and Hirokazu Yoshikawa [YouTube, 2018]

3. Parents and caregivers

Leveraging the enthusiasm of parents and caregivers for lifewide learning [PDF, 2018]

Presentation on the Parents and Caregivers Think Piece by Amy Jo Dowd, Lauren Pisani, Caroline Dusabe and Holly-Jane Howell [YouTube, 2018]

4. Teacher performance

Putting the spotlight on teacher performance [PDF, 2018]

Presentation on the Teacher Performance Think Piece by John Martin [YouTube, 2018]

5. Curriculum reform

Busy going nowhere: Curriculum reform in Eastern and Southern Africa [PDF, 2018]

Presentation on the Curriculum Reform Think Piece by Roger Cunningham [YouTube, 2018]

6. Accountability and the delivery approach

The delivery approach: A panacea for accountability and system reform? [PDF, 2018]

Presentation on the Accountability Think Piece by Robin Todd [YouTube, 2018]



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