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Fiscal space analysis

UNICEF country offices in Eastern and Southern Africa carry out fiscal space analyses to understand how governments can increase spending on priority sectors for children.

These exercises build on country-specific, macro-fiscal models that test the feasibility of different scenarios over the medium term.

Although the scope varies according to country context, the studies broadly look at: (i) increasing revenue; (ii) redirecting spending from other sectors; (iii) getting more out of available resources (e.g. through improved budget execution); (iv) increasing official development assistance; and (v) borrowing.


Fiscal Space Analysis in Burundi [2017, PDF]

Fiscal Space Analysis in Kenya [2017, PDF]

Fiscal Space Analysis in Lesotho [2017, PDF]

Fiscal Space Analysis in South Africa [2017, PDF]

Fiscal Space Analysis in Tanzania [2017, PDF]

Fiscal Space Analysis in Uganda [2018, PDF]

Uganda Social Policy Outlook [2018, PDF]

Political Economy and Fiscal Space Analysis in Zambia [2016, PDF]



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