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Mozambique, 15 October 2013: With UNICEF support, Government launches campaign on rights of children with disabilities

© UNICEF Mozambique/2013/Marie-Consolee Mukangendo

“Society and families must accept and facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities”

Maputo, 15 October 2013 - Without a change in attitudes, little improvement will occur in the lives of Mozambican children with disabilities. Ignorance about the nature and causes of disability, denial of the existence of children with disabilities, the negative attitude that underestimates their potential and their capabilities, and other barriers to equal opportunity and treatment conspire to silence and marginalize children with disabilities.

Including disability in social and political discourse can help sensitize policymakers and service providers, and underline the fact that disability is part of the human condition. Society as a whole benefits when we focus on the capabilities and potential of children with disabilities.

The inclusion in the education system of children with different types of physical, hearing, visual, mental or other abilities, whether moderate or severe, through the active role and support of teachers and school directors, is essential to ensure the healthy development of all children, in an environment free of stigma and discrimination.

The Government of Mozambique has, under the leadership of the Ministry of Women and Social Action, launched the first phase of a campaign on the rights of children with disabilities in families, schools, and society, with the aim to promote respect for the rights of children with disabilities. This initiative includes the participation of the Ministry of Education, in partnership with civil society organizations and the United Nations, through UNICEF.

The campaign coincides with the week of social protection 14-19 October.

The campaign includes three public service announcements for television and radio in Portuguese, as well as in Shangaana, Sena and Makua for radio. The campaign targets the entire population, especially caregivers.

Video: Children with Disability - Family Environment

Video: Children with Disability - Stigma and Discrimination 

Video: Children with Disability - Inclusive Education


For further information, please contact:

Patricia Nakell, UNICEF Mozambique, Tel: +258 82 312 1820; Email:

Gabriel Pereira, UNICEF Mozambique, Tel. +258 21 481 100; Email:



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