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Mozambique, 18 June 2014: UNICEF launches a Facts For Life inspired musical album

Música é Vida
© UNICEF Mozambique/2014/Martin Lund

Maputo, 18 June 2014 – More than thirty leading Mozambican artists responded to the UNICEF call to join the UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador Stewart Sukuma in recording a musical album inspired by Facts for Life themes and messaging. The 17- track album entitled “Música é Vida” (Music is Life) was launched with a live performance on June 14 at the UNICEF annual child rights concert in Maputo.

“Music is Life” − produced in collaboration with the Ministry of Health − covers themes including malaria, pneumonia, HIV prevention, girls’ education, early pregnancy, water treatment, child protection and climate change.

“It is not enough to provide services. We believe that through the powerful voice of these influential artists, prevailing social and cultural norms will be challenged to adopt best child care and protection practices by families and communities,” said UNICEF Representative Dr. Koenraad Vanormelingen.

Over several months, dozens of artists voluntarily embraced the challenging task of composing entertaining music, addressing health, education and child protection issues in their own musical styles and genres. The UNICEF Regional Goodwill Ambassador, the Zimbabwean singer Oliver Mtukudzi, widely known and popular in the country, also joined in, recording a song with Stewart Sukuma. The resulting UNICEF flagship album is a mix of African rhythms, hip-pop, afro-jazz, traditional Mozambican marrabenta, making “Music is Life” appealing across generations and to a variety of tastes.

A tribute to children, the concert was held during the national“Quinzena da Criança”, a children’s fortnight taking place every year across the country between 1 and 16 June, bookending the International Day of the Child and the Day of the African Child, respectively. More than 600 attended the concert, including adults, youth and children, transforming the venue into a joyous dance floor, singing along to the positive messages with their idols. The concert was recorded by the national television TVM, and will be broadcast in the coming weeks to millions countrywide.

“I was pleased to be on stage singing about the importance of respecting people’s differences. We all have equal rights, whether we have a disability or not,” said Argentina Luis, a young artist who was featured on the album. “During my childhood I suffered stigma, and thought of myself as abnormal because of my albinism. Performing was like telling the story of my life. Mozambican children deserve this tribute”.

“Music is Life” is already being heard on national radios, and will be receiving airplay by more than 50 community radios and multimedia mobile units in all provinces. The tracks will also be used as the soundtrack for the UNICEF-supported radio novella, currently in production for the national radio.

The songs are available for downloading at the dedicated site and artist testimonials can be viewed on YouTube at


Photos from the concert (UNICEF Mozambique/2014/Martin Lund)

UNICEF Representative Dr. Koenraad Vanormelingen launches the Annual Report 2013

UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador Stewart Sukuma performs "Guardians of the Light"

Yolanda Kakana performs "Rapariga"

Sizaquel performs "Nutrição da Criança"

Katy Lefas and Muzila Xavier perform "Vacinação"

Dj Ardiles performs "Pneumonia"

G2 and Mi-Mae perform "Os primeiros três anos de vida"

Valdemiro José performs "Quem garante a saúde do bebe"

Roberto Isaías and Bob Lee perform "Saúde e Vida"

Neyma performs "Vem mama, amamenta o teu filho"

Herminio and Baba Harris perform "Malária"

Sslowli and Julia Duarte perform "Vamos protege-las meu bem"

Kuka performs "Protecção da criança"

Isabel Novella performs "Água para beber"

Argentina Luis and Stewart Sukuma perform "Ser diferente é normal"

More than 600 attended the concert

For more information: 

Patricia Nakell, UNICEF Mozambique,

Gabriel Pereira,
 UNICEF Mozambique,




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