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Youth in action


Youth in action

South Sudan, 31 October 2017: Second chances with secondary education

Lesotho, 27 September 2017: Agents of change: Children bring improved sanitation from classrooms to communities

Somalia, 25 May 2017: Hundreds of youth graduate with new skills from a Japan-supported peace building programme

South Africa, 21 February 2017: Having a vision to overcome

Burundi, 22 November 2016: Youth are key actors for peace

22 April 2016: UNICEF Youth Advocate on climate tells UN General Assembly: “We expect more than words on paper and promises”

20 April 2016: Teen radio reporter from Tanzania to speak at Paris Climate Agreement signing ceremony

Somalia, 3 September 2015: Somali youth use video to tell the authorities about community problems

Zimbabwe, August 2015: Changing the face of social mobilization through SMS

Malawi, 18 May 2015: UNICEF and partners launch an innovation hub in Blantyre

Uganda, 7 May 2015: Students create innovative water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to local problems in Acholi sub-region

Madagascar, 19 February 2015: Young people in the service of community and environment

Somalia, 16 February 2015: Children snap thousands of extraordinary photos of their lives with UNICEF support

Zimbabwe, 16 February 2015: Research awards honour young scientists

Ethiopia, 27 January 2015: UNICEF Advocates joined hands to support HIV/AIDS prevention interventions both in Ethiopia and Chad

Uganda, 22 January 2015: Computer whiz shares how he fosters community

South Sudan, 16 December 2014: Give peace a chance. Run with youth.

Somalia, 28 November 2014: A teenager pursues her dreams with the help of her school

Malawi, 21 November 2014: Young innovators reimagine the future at TEDxLilongwe

Tanzania, 20 October 2014: Empowering girls, fighting HIV

South Africa, 16 October 2014: Australian netball players share skills with rising stars

Uganda, 15 October 2014: Youth mentors from faith-based organizations gain business skills

New York, 10 October 2014: Nearly one in four adolescent girls experience physical violence

Uganda, 12 September 2014: Youth kiss bye to poverty thanks to Building Young Futures

Uganda, 15 July 2014: “I call it a Wonder Machine” – MobiStation attracts youth in Kampala

Tanzania, 26 July 2014: Launch of the Shuga Radio Program in Southern Highlands

Uganda, 9 June 2014: Building young futures: providing new hope for vulnerable young people

Zambia, 20 May 2014: Youth: using U-Report to take charge of their futures

South Africa, 12 May 2014: Children becoming the change they want to see in the world

Zimbabwe, May 2014: Youth talk boldly about HIV/AIDS

Tanzania, 27 March 2014: Promoting Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision among adolescents and youth to reduce the risk of HIV

Tanzania, 4 March 2013: Children’s Voices Reaching Audiences all over Tanzania

South Africa, February 2014: Children’s voices making "air" waves on community radio

Zimbabwe, February 2014: World Radio Day 2014: UNICEF amplifying youth voices in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, February 2014: UNICEF Director for Innovations urges young innovators to use technology to change the world

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Young people with a difference assist vulnerable households in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Adolescents living with HIV: A generation to protect and support

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Child President End of Year Statement

Uganda, 12 December 2013: 250,000th U-reporter registered in Uganda

Zimbabwe, November 2013: Children present priority issues for the 2014 National Budget

Uganda/New York, 23 October 2013: UNICEF Draws on IBM Analytics to Give a Voice to Youth in Africa

Uganda, 22 October 2013: Young Ugandan Leila Nassanga is a university student, a youth leader - and a U-Reporter

London, 9 October 2013: Malawi youth champion plays starring role in Queens Baton Relay ceremony

South Africa, 2 October 2013: In South Africa, helping children to help end violence

Kenya, 30 September 2013: Kenya study looks at the growing community of young Internet users

Zimbabwe, 24 September 2013: Junior Parliamentarians receive phones to boost communication with their constituencies

Malawi, 2 September 2013: A new lease of life through football

Zimbabwe, August 2013: The Youth-Zone on Zi-FM

South Sudan, 12 August 2013: Youth Migration: Moving South Sudan Forward

Uganda, 12 August 2013: Judith Ineku - The Young Real Estate Guru

New York, 12 August 2013: Podcast #80: On International Youth Day, young activists share their views on the role of education in building peace

New York, 6 August 2013: The young people at the vanguard of global change

New York, 12 July 2013: They thought a bullet would silence us, but they failed, Malala Yousafzai tells United Nations Youth Assembly

New York, 11 July 2013: Malala Day inspires youth around the world to demand their right to education

Uganda, 28 June 2013: Youth Digital Content Portal Wins Innovation Award

South Sudan, July 2013: On the eve of South Sudan’s second birthday, “Innovation” is the buzz word among young people

New York, 1 July 2013: Podcast 78: Africa's young innovators at the center of sustainable development

Mozambique, 24 June 2013: A healthy generation grows in Mozambique

South Africa, 17 June 2013: Young reporters honoured on National Youth Day at South Africa’s first ever Youth Radio Awards

New York, 5 June 2013: Voices of Youth website revamp increases opportunities for engagement

Uganda, 24 May 2013: UN Secretary General and World Bank President Meet Uganda’s U-reporters

Zimbabwe, April 2013: HIV positive adolescents want to be accepted as they are

Somalia, 29 November 2012: Somali teenager attends the Pan African Forum on Children to highlight the problems of children in her country

Ethiopia, 29 November 2012: Children speak out on key issues at the third Pan African Forum on Children, held in Addis Ababa

Zambia, 15 August 2012: The power of youth - celebrating International Youth Day

Zambia, 3 July 2012: Zambian youth chosen to be torchbearer in the 2012 London Olympic Games

Zambia, 21 June 2012: A Zambian youth helps shape World Youth Congress in Rio

Zambia, 14 June 2012: Climate ambassador sets table for Rio+20

Uganda, 14 May 2012: Reflections on the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children, ten years on

Rwanda, 11 January 2012: Voices of the most vulnerable children heard at Rwanda’s annual National Children’s Summit

Zimbabwe, 13 December 2011: UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador Prudence Mabhena

Lesotho, 31 August 2011: Peer leaders take the initiative on HIV prevention among young people

Zimbabwe, 29 July 2011: 'Young People We Care' volunteers assist vulnerable households

Rwanda, 15 July 2011: Providing comprehensive care to young people living with HIV

Namibia, 20 June 2011: Young parliamentarians stress need for investment in technology

Tanzania, 3 June 2011: Young reporters' network empowers youth to be heard

Geneva, 24 May 2011: Young people launch 'Children’s Charter' for staying safe in disasters

Ethiopia, 21 April 2011: African adolescents gather to review progress on youth development

Ethiopia, 21 April 2011: Student-run WASH club promotes proper sanitation and hygiene practices

Zambia, 3 December 2010: 'Unite for Climate' youth ambassadors raise environmental awareness

New York, 3 December 2010: Young people call for post-primary education opportunities

Japan, 9 November 2010: Ethiopian short film wins UNICEF Prize at international contest

Angola, 21 October 2010: UNICEF-supported programmes spread HIV awareness through sports

Zimbabwe, 30 September 2010: Youth voices welcomed in constitutional review

New York, 22 September 2010: Young people play a role in achieving Millennium Development Goal on HIV/AIDS

Madagascar, 2 September 2010: On International Youth Day, film screening gives young people a forum

Uganda, 23 July 2010: African Youth Forum delegates set to deliver their call to action to AU Summit leaders

Rwanda, 23 June 2010: Student films premier during FIFA World Cup 2010

Zimbabwe, 15 June 2010: Young Zimbabwean featured in 'Music by Prudence' champions disability rights

South Africa, 8 June 2010: Young people photograph their communities

Uganda, 12 March 2010: ‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies

Somalia, 18 December 2009: UNICEF Radio youth reporter interviews 16-year-old Hassan Abdi Elmi about life in a Somali refugee camp

Malawi, 1 October 2008: Education offers hope to a young man in the working world of Malawi



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