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The Sanitation and Hygiene Learning Series was designed to improve knowledge of best practice and lessons learnt in sanitation and hygiene programming across the Eastern and Southern Africa Region. The series has been funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in support of improved knowledge management in the sanitation sector.

The documents in this series cover the following topics:

  • CLTS in fragile contexts
  • CLTS at-scale
  • Small towns sanitation
  • Mobile-enabled sanitation and hygiene programming
  • Regional supply chains for sanitation
  • Sanitation marketing
  • Handwashing with soap


Using Social Norms Theory to Strengthen CLTS in Southern Madagascar (Nov 2015) [PDF]

Sustainability of ODF Practicies in Kenya (Nov 2015) [PDF]

First Steps Towards Sanitation Marketing in Ethiopia Using a Human Centred Design Approach (Nov 2015) [PDF]

Mobile Phone-Based Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion in Somalia (Nov 2015) [PDF]

Real-Time Monitoring of Rural Sanitation at Scale in Zambia Using Mobile-to-Web Technologies (Apr 2015) [PDF]

Sanitation in Small Towns: Experience from Mozambique (Apr 2015) [PDF]

Going Beyond ODF: Combining Sanitation Marketing with Participatory Approaches to Sustain ODF Communities in Malawi (March 2015) [PDF]

Micro-Planning for CLTS: Experience from Kenya (Feb 2015) [PDF]

Evaluation of the SOPO School Handwashing Promotion Programme: Nyanza and Rift Valley Provinces, Kenya (Feb 2015) [PDF]

Triggering Handwashing with Soap in CLTS: Insights on What Works from Malawi (Jan 2015) [PDF]

CLTS in Fragile and Insecure Contexts: Experience from Somalia and South Sudan (Dec 2014) [PDF]

Key Findings of a Sanitation Supply Chains Study in Eastern and Southern Africa (Dec 2014) [PDF]





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