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Somalia, 19 February 2016: Once in a lifetime training opportunity for female teachers

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Zamzam Abshir Samriye speaks at the graduation ceremony for the participants at the Female Teachers Training at the Garowe Teachers’ Education College. This is the first training that Zamzam, who had been a teacher for five years, has received.

Garowe February 2016 – Zamzam Abshir Samriye was delighted when she was chosen as one of 60 students taking part in the Female Teachers Training at the Garowe Teachers’ Education College – a four-part training course spread over one and a half years giving teachers the chance to obtain a diploma in Teaching Methodology.

The modules covered topics such as Multi-grade Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Teaching and Technology, Special Needs and Inclusive Education, Child Friendly and Girl Friendly Spaces. Each module included mentoring and monitoring sessions after each training sessions in order to ensure that teachers were applying the skills back in their classrooms.

Zamzam, a keen basketball player, who has been teaching for five years left secondary school with a leaving certificate.

She teaches in Halaboqad Primary School, mainly for children who are displaced on the outskirts of Galkayo in Central Somalia. At the end of the training, she told UNICEF how she felt.

“I am very happy that I was selected to be one of the lucky teachers who got this valuable opportunity,” she said.

“The benefits of this training gets passed on to other teachers who cannot attend. From the first phase of the training, I was asked to pass the knowledge to other colleagues I work with and after every training phase and so I did on the job training with them.

“This training changed my teaching ability in a positive manner.

“I learned how to deal with children with special needs. I teach 11 year-old Bashir Abdullahi in Grade 3. He is epileptic and whenever he gets angry or has a problem with other children he has a fit. The children call him names.

“After returning from the training I started giving him special care such as encouraging him to sit in the front row and keeping eye on him so that he feels protected and interested. He concentrates much better now. As the other children do not tease him much, he doesn’t have so many fits.

“Bashir’s mother is very happy that her child is learning and motivated. She says I have brought back hope to her son.

“I also learnt about child-centred teaching methodologies. I used to teach the traditional way where I presented and the children memorized but this training taught me that the participatory method is more successful.

“I am thankful to UNICEF for their mobilization and financial support in creating this once in a life-time opportunity for me and for other female teachers attending this course.”

This Female Teacher Training was funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), managed by UNICEF.



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