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Somalia, 16 February 2015: Children snap thousands of extraordinary photos of their lives with UNICEF support

16 February 2015 – Over the past two years UNICEF has provided Somali children and youth with a unique opportunity to provide a fascinating insight into their lives. Training sessions were held in Hargeisa, Garowe and Mogadishu with a professional photographer and cameras provided. And once the children started taking photos, there was no stopping them.

UNICEF Photoclub in North East Somalia inspires youth

A UNICEF project has given nearly 1000 Somali children the chance to take photographs to document their lives. The children took thousands of images on subjects including water, family and friends, food and play. In Puntland, in North East Somalia, professional photographer Kate Holt spent two days in 2014 training a group of ten teachers on the basics of photography. The teachers used the school clubs, known as child to child clubs to disseminate the information to some 400 children and collected the photos with the help of the Puntland Students’ Consultancy Agency (PSCA).


Somali children’s photoclubs

Somali children who took part in a UNICEF supported photo project in December 2014 produced thousands of unique images of their homes, communities and lives. A trainer taught teachers how to run the photoclubs and the resulting photos are an extraordinary insight into the world of Somali children and youth. Here are some of the pictures from Mogadishu.


Life through the eyes of a Somali child

In 2013 UNICEF Somalia organized for 400 Somali primary school children to be trained in photography and provided the cameras. In a short space of time they had taken more than 10,000 photos on various themes providing a unique insight into their world.



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