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Rwanda, 16 June 2015: On the Day of the African Child, accelerated effort in Early Childhood Development

16 June 2015, KIGALI, Rwanda – Today, Rwanda is commemorating the Day of the African Child under the theme “Accelerating our common efforts for Early Childhood Development in Rwanda”. The commemorative event led by MIGEPROF will bring together stakeholders from the Government, civil society organizations, international NGOs, bilateral and multilateral organizations, who were called upon to renew their commitment to the Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme.

“The early years of a child’s life quite literally present the opportunity of a lifetime. What happens, or does not happen to a child through its early childhood can influence the entire course of that child’s life, for better or for worse” said Noala Skinner, Representative of UNICEF Rwanda.

In April 2012, the Government of Rwanda organised a national Stakeholders meeting on Early Childhood Development under the leadership of Her Excellency Jeannette Kagame, First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda. The meeting offered a platform for advocacy on the need for ECD services and constructive engagement with stakeholders on their respective obligations to support ECD interventions.

Early Childhood Development has become a national priority of the Government of Rwanda, marked as a foundational issue in the EDPRS II. The government has now updated the National ECD policy to cater for emerging needs of children from conception to 6 years whilst emphasizing on positive parenting as a cornerstone to sustainable ECD.

“The Government of Rwanda recognizes that ECD is a vital foundation for addressing all children’s needs which call for special attention because their rights are the bedrock for a good future. We need to link with other Ministries in order to ensure ECD is included in government plans,” said Honourable Oda Gasinzigwa, Minister for Gender and Family Promotion.

Bringing people together, leaders, community representatives, parents, civil society organisations, private sector, faith based organisations and other stakeholders, both national and international on this Day of the African Child offers an excellent opportunity to demonstrate ECD as a priority, and rationalise investments into the program. The event will provide an opportunity for leaders at all levels and parents themselves to rally around the renewed momentum and commitment to Early Childhood Development for the best interests and development of Rwanda’s future – its children.

For further information, please contact:

Darla Rudakubana, Communication and Information Adviser, MIGEPROF, Tel: 0783104196; E-mail:

Siddhartha Shrestha, Chief of Communication, Advocacy & Partnerships, UNICEF Rwanda Tel: 0788301419; E-mail:



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