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24 October: Responding to the nutrition crisis from the international to the community level

9 August: Angola turns the tide against polio

19 July: Country strengthens services to prevent paediatric HIV infections

19 June: Saving children from malnutrition in drought-affected Angola

10 May: A second chance for children in conflict with the law

25 April: Slow but steady results in Angola’s fight against malaria

13 March: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attends Angola’s first polio eradication campaign of the year

28 October: Taking the fight against malaria to the community

31 March: Angola moves ahead in its efforts to kick polio out of the country

21 March: A new door-to-door strategy to eliminate polio

28 December: UNICEF supports efforts to keep young Angolans off the streets

3 December: Child-friendly schools improve the learning environment for Angolan youth

25 November: UNICEF supports wider distribution of mosquito nets in Cunene Province

17 November: UNICEF supports revitalized health service in post-conflict Angola

9 November: Country battles polio outbreak with massive immunization drive

22 October: Safe water saves lives

21 October: UNICEF-supported programmes spread HIV awareness through sports

5 October: Angolan organization targets most vulnerable in agriculture, HIV and other key areas

10 August: With free birth registration, Angola promotes a child's right to legal identity

2 August: UNICEF-supported programmes help families living with HIV

22 June: Brick by brick and doctor by doctor, Angola rebuilds its health care system


5 April: Parliament discusses the "unfinished" child rights and development agenda for children

31 March: Teen centres provide a refuge for adolescents living with HIV


13 March: Guaranteeing children's rights to protection and play

6 December: Preventing the mother-to-child transmission of HIV

5 December: International Volunteer day

19 September: Open-air theatre and audience participation raise malaria awareness

26 July: With help from UNICEF and community volunteers, families start over

26 October: Mobilizing local communities to eradicate severe acute malnutrition


3 May: UNICEF responds to the flood emergency


30 April: UNICEF Deputy Executive Director visits Eritrea

24 November: Complementary education programme puts children back to school

30 June: Measles protection for life


11 December: Placing institutions and adoption practices under scrutiny - and reuniting children with their families

29 November: Children speak out on key issues at the third Pan African Forum on Children, held in Addis Ababa

30 October: A community takes measures to protect girls from harmful practices including child marriage

6 August: More HIV-positive mothers deliver babies free of the virus

25 July: In Ethiopia's refugee camps, life-saving assistance for Somali arrivals

25 July: UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson visits programmes for adolescents, micro-enterprise

5 July: Health services protecting drought-affected children from malnutrition

16 June: The expansion of rural health services is key to reducing child mortality

10 May: UNICEF and ECHO support community-based nutrition services for children

29 March: Mobile health teams bring medical care to pastoralists in remote regions

6 March 2012: In areas once affected by famine, Ethiopia builds capacity to wipe out malnutrition

29 December: Bringing child pneumonia deaths down to zero

21 September: Field diary – A safety net for families at risk in drought-prone Tigray.

5 September: Children help younger friends and neighbours prepare for primary school

29 August: UNICEF-supported mass vaccination campaign in Ethiopian refugee camp continues

25 August: UNICEF-supported outpatient therapeutic feeding programmes provide life-saving services

12 August: Mothers struggle to feed their children amidst drought crisis

12 August: Government of Japan supports therapeutic feeding to treat malnutrition

5 August: Community Based Nutrition programme holds off hunger in drought-prone Ethiopia

26 July: UNICEF-supported programme fights malnutrition amidst severe drought

4 July: UNICEF helps meet water supply challenges in drought-hit Raya Azebo district

6 June: UNICEF and European Union respond as climate change alters lives in Kenya and Ethiopia

21 April: Health workers and community members work together to prevent child malnutrition

21 April: African adolescents gather to review progress on youth development

21 April: Student-run WASH club promotes proper sanitation and hygiene practices

1 April: UNICEF Executive Director sees equity strategy accelerating education

20 January: Two districts in northern Ethiopia declare an end to female genital cutting

12 November: National campaign provides life-saving vaccinations

3 November: African Development Forum builds consensus on climate change and sustainable growth

16 September: In the parched regions, a water and sanitation programme reaches out

24 August : With UNICEF and European Union support, young women lead the fight against FGM

6 August: Health extension workers bring care to new mothers in rural areas


30 December: The classroom offers a 13-year-old Somali refugee sanctuary from the rigours of life in Dadaab camp

30 December: Aid in the form of cash payments helps young Kenyans break the cycle of poverty

24 December: A well offers hope for the future in rural Kenya

4 December: For villages in Turkana, a new initiative that brings clean water to the community is life-changing

6 November: Reaching the hard-to-reach with disease-preventing vaccines

15 October: Minors find essential care in a refugee camp supported by UNICEF

16 June: Maternal shelters are part of a broad package of care designed to reduce child mortality

15 March: Children living in Nairobi's informal settlements lack access to basic services and opportunities

22 December: School offers meals, shelter, education and hope

15 December: Access to education builds resilience amid drought in the Kenyan north-western region

5 December: International Volunteer day

18 October: Saving lives in the Horn of Africa, one child at a time

5 October: Horn of Africa, Rethinking the humanitarian response to drought, conflict and famine

3 October: ‘Water is our life’ – Pastoralists adapt to village life in drought-stricken north-eastern Kenya

30 September: Ali’s story: In drought-ravaged Kenya, education is the key to a brighter future

19 September: In Kenyan camps, vaccine protects Somali refugee children from killer pneumonia

16 September: At a camp for Somali refugees in Dadaab, a three-year-old boy recovers from malnutrition

31 August: In a Kenyan district hard-hit by drought, children survive on one meal a day

25 August: Families struggle to cope with loss amidst drought

22 August: Refugee camps hygiene promotion aims to prevent disease by changing behaviour

22 August: New pipeline brings hope to drought-affected communities

16 August: One mother’s hopes and fears in drought-stricken Kenya

16 August: UNICEF provides life-saving emergency nutrition intervention to drought-affected communities

12 August: Mobile schools aim to ensure education

5 August: Immunization reduces threat of disease outbreaks around refugee camps

5 August: Field diary: At a refugee camp in Kenya, a father's devotion helps his young son survive

2 August: Immunization campaign reaches vulnerable children at Kenya-Somalia border

26 July: Field diary: the road to Dadaab

18 July: Amidst regional drought, malnutrition imperils thousands of refugee children in Dadaab

13 July: Amidst the region's worst drought in decades, Somali refugees crowd camps in Kenya

13 July: UNICEF responds to Horn of Africa food crisis that has left 2 million children malnourished

13 July: Field diary: Somali refugee, 14, waits for her life to begin again in Dadaab, Kenya

6 June: UNICEF and European Union respond as climate change alters lives in Kenya and Ethiopia

16 February: Pneumococcal vaccine formally introduced to Kenya's routine immunization programme for children

2 December: Religious leaders aim health messages at 27 million Kenyans

21 September: Women take the lead in water provision and management

12 April: Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa makes field visit to Kenya


29 November: Food crisis aggravates the already massive social challenges the country faces

18 July: Colour-coded Mother-Baby Packs save lives

4 June: Reaching all pregnant women with health services to eliminate paediatric HIV infections

18 January: With EU and UNICEF support, Lesotho puts in place a social protection programme for the most vulnerable

31 August: Exclusive breastfeeding ensures a healthy life for Lesotho’s children

17 June: Prime Minister launches UNICEF-supported free and compulsory education campaign

22 March: Innovative programme aims to halt the spread of HIV


26 June: Social mobilization campaigns help reduce child mortality

16 May: Urban children highlight their needs through video

26 September: Plumpy’doz distribution fights malnutrition in the south

13 June: UNICEF and GAVI work to protect health gains for young children

20 April: UNICEF launches new campaign to stop the spread of pneumonic plague

8 November: UNICEF supports Mother and Child Health Week amidst crisis

2 September: On International Youth Day, film screening gives young people a forum


15 October: Compulsory universal birth registration protects children from abuses and opens access to social services

20 September: Outreach programme brings healthcare closer to communities

25 July: UNICEF and partner awarded for Programme Mwana, programme using SMS messages to deliver HIV test results

12 June: Health Surveillance Assistants provide a life-saving link between communities and the health care system

29 March: Malawi launches issuance of birth registration reports

26 March: UNICEF committed to working with local suppliers

21 March: Children swap floors for desks at Malawi school with MSNBC-US Fund for UNICEF support

28 October: Protection for the most vulnerable households through cash transfers

26 October: Changing sanitation habits through a “Walk of Shame”

4 October: Early childhood education centres make strides

22 September: Young people play a role in achieving Millennium Development Goal on HIV/AIDS

7 September: Cash transfer programme helps the poorest families survive

1 October 2008: Education offers hope to a young man in the working world of Malawi


27 January: Two major storms strike Mozambique in quick succession, causing widespread damage

21 July: Communities lead the way to safe sanitation

13 June: Efforts to educate about HIV testing help pregnant mothers and children

15 June: Support centres protect children from violence and abuse


4 December: Teen club helps children living with HIV transition into adolescence

23 October: Community workers take healthcare to the hardest-to-reach villages

10 July: Launch of agenda with special emphasis on children living with disabilities

27 April: Cross-border immunization programme protects Namibians and Angolans

20 June: Young parliamentarians stress need for investment in technology

20 April: UNICEF and partners respond as heavy rains displace tens of thousands

31 March: A national campaign aims to increase men's involvement in HIV health programmes

23 November: Fostering alternatives for orphaned or neglected children

5 November: At regional workshop, African parliamentarians vow to do more for children


11 December: Through its early childhood development programme, UNICEF helps build a strong foundation for refugee children at Kigeme camp

31 July: Ambitious move to close down children’s institutions and improve childcare system

12 June: With pneumonia and diarrhoea vaccines, country makes gains in child survival

17 April: Helping babies grow up HIV-free

24 January: Community-based nutrition programmes are empowering communities to treat and prevent malnutrition

17 January: Improving schools for children with disabilities

5 December: International Volunteer day

5 October: UNICEF welcomes First Lady’s campaign to end violence against children

15 July: Providing comprehensive care to young people living with HIV

3 June: Sylvain's story: A former child soldiers on the road to a new life

21 March: Eco latrines improve quality of life in earthquake-affected communities

15 February: One stop centre provides a refuge for victims of domestic violence

20 January: Japan funds ongoing support for children and families affected by 2008 earthquake

26 October: Rays of hope emerge after a deadly earthquake

27 September: Pneumonia vaccine fights top killer of children

23 June 2010: Student films premier during FIFA World Cup 2010


13 December: UNICEF leads Child Health Days to stem the tide of preventable childhood diseases

29 November: Somali teenager attends the Pan African Forum on Children to highlight the problems of children in her country

22 November: UNICEF supports efforts to push back against a tide of violence against women and girls

15 November: Months after famine conditions have ended, health centres across southern Somalia help children suffering from malnutrition

4 October: Scholarships help Somali girls cross barriers to education

6 August: Aid trickles into Somalia's drought hit Baidoa region as militant group Al-Shabaab moves out

27 July: Field Diary: Recovering from a brush with death

26 July: Fuel-efficient stoves prevent sexual violence and generate income for vulnerable families

25 July: Field Diary: A mourning mother in Mogadishu

20 July: Daily hardship remains a way of life for many children

19 July: One year after Somalia's famine, a story of recovery

19 July: One year after the declaration of famine, Somalia sees signs of progress

22 March: Safe water remains scarce, contributing to disease and malnutrition

15 December: UNICEF and SAACID promote exclusive breastfeeding in Somalia's drought-affected communities

5 September: UNICEF combats measles in overcrowded displacement camps

31 August: School is a safe haven for children displaced by famine and conflict

25 August: UNICEF mounts urgent response to contain the spread of cholera

22 August: Schooling continues for IDPs and incoming children amidst drought crises

10 August: Feeding centres treat malnourished children amidst famine in southern Somalia

13 June: UNICEF constructs classrooms and trains teachers for children displaced by conflict

21 April: Field diary: UNICEF helps provide water to drought-hit regions

11 April: Child Protection Advocates provide a safety net for vulnerable children

31 March: Gender equality classes help teenage girls stay in school

9 February: Youth centres provide young adults with crucial life skills

13 January: UNICEF and Japan support improved education and health for vulnerable Somali children

28 December: Community mobilizers help to fight childhood malnutrition

29 September: Despite challenges, partners of UNICEF strive to reach women and children in Mogadishu

1 September: Field diary: More efforts needed to help Somali families survive and thrive

29 July: A Public-Private Partnership provides safe water to thousands

17 June: Field diary: In Boroma district, Child Health Days campaign is making strides

9 June: In remote communities, Child Health Days bring life-saving services to women and children

26 May: Lifeskills-based education: giving confidence to young women in Somalia

13 May: Visiting Somalia, UNICEF Regional Director notes progress made on safe water

18 December 2009: UNICEF Radio youth reporter interviews 16-year-old Hassan Abdi Elmi about life in a Somali refugee camp

South Africa

19 July: UNICEF Ambassador Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United player Ben Amos call for end to abuse of vulnerable children

4 June: Child Support Grants prove critical to reducing child poverty

8 May: 'Believe in Zero' campaign aims to end violence against children

3 April: In a major policy shift, mothers in South Africa are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed instead of using formula

10 January: Going beyond the ABCs

9 November: ‘Techno Girl’ programme tackles skills shortage

25 October: Survey on social networking and safety for children and youth

30 September: UNICEF-supported Sports for Development programme scores a goal with South African students

15 July: A neonatal care initiative builds health and saves lives

13 June: Child-friendly schools inspire a brighter future for young people

2 June 2011: UNICEF and partners launch report on preventing HIV among young people

18 June: Protecting South Africa's children during the FIFA World Cup 2010 and beyond

10 June: As FIFA World Cup 2010 festivities begin in South Africa, Angélique Kidjo visits Soweto

8 June: Young people photograph their communities

South Sudan

1 November: A role model for girls against child marriage in Lakes State

11 September: A new nation has the opportunity to rebuild with new ideas

25 August: No more open defecation as village embraces Community Led Total Sanitation

9 August: Women take the lead in local peace building

20 June: Children urge greater protection for children living with disabilities

16 June: Living with disability in South Sudan

7 June: Increasing demand for vaccination services

14 May: Hunger a daily reality for children

27 April: Sanitation and hygiene education helps fight disease

17 April: Human interest story: Land mine victim determined to achieve his dream despite losing a leg

13 April: Country faces challenges providing maternal and child health care

15 March: UN and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) sign historic agreement to stop child recruitment and release all children from the national army

5 March 2012: UNICEF and partners support victims of inter-communal conflict

13 January: Mission Diary: Jonglei violence

5 January 2012: Field diary: UNICEF prepares to help victims of conflict

01 December: UNICEF and partners use radio to call for an end to violence against children

22 November: Climate change exacerbates child vulnerability

27 October: A primary school becomes a model for increasing girls’ enrolment through a child-to-child approach

15 July: 'Independence' baby signals the birth of a new nation

8 July: On the eve of independence, the Government and UNICEF inaugurate a new ward at the country’s only children’s hospital

8 July: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on the independence of the Republic of South Sudan

8 July: As South Sudan looks to nationhood, education is pivotal

8 July: Challenges ahead to strengthen children’s rights as nation prepares for independence


29 July: FC Barcelona funds new early infant diagnosis laboratory

Tanzania, United Republic of

11 December: As leaders gather to discuss vaccines at the GAVI Forum, the United Republic of Tanzania introduces new vaccines for pneumonia and diarrhoea

4 September: Mothers' support group tackles mother-to-child transmission of HIV

13 July: Locally sourced teaching aids are engaging students and improving education

28 June: Religious leaders address child poverty at the Global Network of Religions for Children Forum

28 June: Singer and UNICEF Regional Ambassador Oliver Mtukudzi visits Tanzania to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and violence against children

22 December: Religious leaders fight violence against children on the World Day

12 August: Survey shows need for action on violence against children

5 July: UNICEF joins other agencies in signing the first UN Development Assistance Plan

17 June: Strengthening child protection systems to reduce violence against children

3 June: Young reporters' network empowers youth to be heard

5 August: South African filmmaker wins UNICEF Child Rights Award at Zanzibar festival


18 July: UNICEF public service announcement urges focus on HIV prevention

16 June: Denis, an inspiration to children living with disabilities in Uganda

14 May: Reflections on the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children, ten years on

10 April: UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake addresses malnutrition at the 126th Inter-Parliamentary Union

15 March: U-report application revolutionizes social mobilization, empowering Ugandan youth

8 March: Reaching the vulnerable Ik community of Uganda’s Karamoja region

5 December: International Volunteer day

5 September: Bio-gas pilot project meets energy and safety needs for rural families

5 July: UNICEF and the European Union combat malnutrition in drought-stricken Karamoja

14 December: Uganda modernizes birth registration process

14 December: UNICEF supports Uganda's commitment to fight violence against women and children

3 December: UNICEF supports efforts to help mothers keep children HIV-free

22 November: Uganda conference addresses cutting-edge issues of technology for development

17 November: Ugandans call for action at UNICEF-sponsored 'Future Search' conference in Karamoja

14 October: Counsellor for child soldiers, featured in documentary film 'Children of War', discusses her work

23 July: African Youth Forum delegates set to deliver their call to action to AU Summit leaders

12 March: ‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies


15 August: 'RapidSMS' and mobile apps create waves of change in the fight against HIV and AIDS

25 July: UNICEF and partner awarded for Programme Mwana, programme using SMS messages to deliver HIV test results

3 July: Zambian youth chosen to be torchbearer in the 2012 London Olympic Games

21 June: A Zambian youth helps shape World Youth Congress in Rio

14 June: Climate ambassador sets table for Rio+20

3 November: HRH Chief Macha decorated by President for work on sanitation

2 August: Cash transfers provide social protection to Zambia's most vulnerable families

18 May: HIV testing and treatment programme protects children's lives

3 February: Mother-Baby Pack launched to help prevent HIV transmission

3 December: 'Unite for Climate' youth ambassadors raise environmental awareness

27 August: Media initiative brings youth to the front-line of climate crisis

26 July: Vaccination campaign conducted in response to resurgence of measles


December 31: The disability that prevents Munashe from using his hands proves no barrier to his education

30 August: Improved water, sanitation and hygiene for rural households

6 August: Country's education system on the road to recovery

30 July: Critical new vaccine against pneumonia launched

13 July: The Education Transition Fund is rewriting Zimbabwe’s education system

29 July: 'Young People We Care' volunteers assist vulnerable households

5 July: Braille textbooks provide more children with equal access to learning

21 April: Government of Japan gives new life to Zimbabwe immunization programme

8 December: Rights advocate Graça Machel pledges support for Zimbabwean children at risk

2 December: Country commemorates Global Day of Prayer

20 October: Reviving health services could close gaps

30 September: Zimbabwe welcomes youth voices in constitutional review

14 September: UNICEF and partners bring textbooks to students across the country

30 July: Calling for accelerated action, UN and Zimbabwe Government launch nutrition survey results

15 June: Young Zimbabwean featured in 'Music by Prudence' champions disability rights



30 September: Ali’s story: In drought-ravaged Kenya, education is the key to a brighter future

5 September: UNICEF combats measles in overcrowded displacement camps

2 September: Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow issues urgent appeal after visiting Somali refugees

31 August: At African Union pledge event, Ghanaian boy calls for urgent action on Horn of Africa crisis

10 August: Feeding centres treat malnourished children amidst famine in southern Somalia

5 August: A greater humanitarian response is needed as crisis deepens

9 July: UNICEF and partners race against time as crisis worsens

26 July: UNICEF delivers crucial supplies as the situation in the Horn of Africa deteriorates

10 million in need of urgent aid amidst drought, conflict and high food prices

21 June: Oliver Mtukudzi – New UNICEF Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Eastern and Southern Africa


12 October: Global Handwashing Day to be celebrated across the Eastern and Southern Africa region



U.S.A., 29 November: Starting with children is key to achieving an AIDS-free generation

Belgium, 15 November: The Nobel Peace Prize money will benefit children affected by war and conflicts

New York, 13 September: UNICEF report points to rapid progress made in reducing child deaths worldwide

27 July: ‘Shuga: Love, Sex, Money' screened at global AIDS conference

Italy, 26 June: Research watch: Post 2015: What Next?


22 August: On World Humanitarian Day, the UN celebrates the extraordinary efforts of aid workers

2 June: UNICEF and partners launch report on preventing HIV among young people

24 May: Young people launch 'Children’s Charter' for staying safe in disasters


3 December: Young people call for post-primary education opportunities

8 November: 2010 International Children's Day of Broadcasting Awards celebrate child rights





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