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Botswana, 1 March 2016: BCMB aims to increase programming for children

1 March 2016 – Broadcasters should proactively take up the challenge of creating content for children in Botswana, according to Bonnie Dintwa, Programme Manager for Yarona FM, a radio station in the country.

Speaking at the launch of the Botswana Children’s Month of Broadcasting (BCMB), Dintwa laid out a challenge for his fellow broadcasters to produce content for children. “The gist of my message is a challenge,” he said. “We need more programming for children across the country. Lets make an effort to care about what an eight or nine year old goes through. Its important that we take children seriously. I hope this is something we can do throughout the year, not just in the month of broadcasting.”

UNICEF in Botswana is partnering with seven broadcast partners (eBotswana, BTV, Radio Botswana 1 and 2, Gabs FM, Duma FM, and Yarona FM) and seven media partners (Sunday Standard, Mmegi, Botswana Guardian, The Botswana Gazette, The Patriot, Weekend Post, and Daily News) and extending the globally-celebrated international day of broadcasting to the full month of March. Dubbed “Tune in to Kids”, the campaign aims at increasing content production for and about children as the country gears up to celebrate 50 years of independence.

“Thank you for taking time to listen to children,” said Julianna Lindsey, UNICEF Representative in Botswana. “It does not mean that you need to accept all of their opinions, but it is important that they are at least asked. It is important that they act on their responsibilities, not just their rights.”

“At the Ministry of Local Government, we want to see children being heard,” commented Ms. Ruth Radibe, Director of Social Services with the Ministry of Local Government. “Child participation facilitates this, we want children to be active participation about the decisions made on their behalf. Often times we think children don’t understand, but it is important to have them as part of the decision making process. Children need assistance for them to express themselves. Its important as adults to bring something out of them.”



About Botswana Children’s Month of Broadcasting (BCMB)
The Botswana Children’s Month of Broadcasting (BCMB) is an initiative of UNICEF Botswana to encourage broadcasters to open airwaves to youth throughout the year through a series of overarching initiative to involve more young people in the media process. This year, UNICEF has extended the commemoration to the entire month of March in light of Botswana’s 50th anniversary and UNICEF’s 70th anniversary.



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