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Somalia, 30 May 2018: UNICEF support reaches families affected by Cyclone Sagar

© UNICEF Somalia/2018/Mohmoud Abdi Ahmed
School destroyed by Cyclone Sagar.

By Jamal Abdi Sarman

HARGEISA, Somaliland, 30 May 2018 – UNICEF teams up together with partners from Somaliland Ministries of Health and Water to distribute essential supplies to thousands of families in Somaliland who are affected by Tropical Cyclone Sagar.

On 19 May 2018, Tropical Cyclone Sagar made landfall along the coast of north-western Somaliland and Djibouti leaving havoc and death in its wake. A week later, according to Somaliland authorities following a rapid assessment of the affected area, the death toll is estimated at 50 persons with more than 10 still missing and 80 per cent of livestock swept away. Most of the water systems, health facilities and schools have been affected in Awdal region with the majority of farms destroyed.

Abdurahman Ahmed Ali, Governor of Awdal Region in a letter dated May 27th described the aftermath of the Cyclone as having “changed the landscape forever by creating new large valleys were there were hills and created hills were there were valleys”.

The President of Somaliland issued a brief of the situation following his tour of the affected areas and stated “The cyclone hit five regions, Sanaag, Sahil, Maroodi Jeh,Awdal and Selaal. All these regions were impacted. International agencies are also mobilising and responding. I was there and saw that UNICEF has already arrived.”

UNICEF commodities including WASH and emergency medical supplies have already arrived in the cyclone-hit areas and distributed to the affected families. Observing the distribution of the supplies, both Governor of Awdal region, Abdurahamn Ahmed Ali and Lughaya Mayor Abdillahi Ahmed Ali thanked UNICEF for the quick response, the life-saving supplies they availed to the impacted families and also for coordinating the overall emergency intervention undertaken in the region.

© UNICEF Somalia/2018/Mohmoud Abdi Ahmed
Families affected by Tropical Cyclone Sagar receiving much needed UNICEF Supplies - Lughaya.

“I will like to thank UNICEF for being the first to intervene and provide much needed support. The affected communities are grateful and will remember this gesture for years to come,” Abdillahi Ahmed Ali, Mayor of Lughaya.

“UNICEF supported the establishment of hubs in the region’s districts namely Baki, Lughaya and Zeila. The agency also assisted with much needed coordination of humanitarian actors and its partners and strengthened the districts’ efforts in the response including provision of clean water and medical supplies,” remarked Mr. Abdurahamn Ahmed Ali, Governor, Awdal Region.

According to Mohamoud Abdi Ahmed, Education officer, who was leading the UNICEF emergency team in Lughaya, Zeila and Baki districts, the agency has been working with government ministries and partners to reach and support thousands of affected families including those living in the remotest parts of the districts.

“UNICEF deployed staff who are currently stationed in Gargaara and Baki supporting and supervising our response to the emergency and supporting the Government on overall coordination of the response.”

UNICEF dispatched 2,500 hygiene kits and Information/educational materials for the prevention of Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) to Lughaya, Zeila and Baki districts. Also, supplies including 20 emergency health kits and 10 tarpaulin sheets, 4 tents, 10 recreational kits, aqua-tabs, water buckets and mosquito nets were distributed.

UNICEF was an integral part of the teams that undertook inter agency multi-sectoral rapid assessment in the cyclone affected areas, and has staff in place in these districts to coordinate and implement a robust response action.



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