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Mozambique, 15 March 2018: The importance of birth registration for a mother in Zambezia

The times have changed and a person without a birth registration can do nothing.

© Save the Children/2018

Morrumbala, Zambezia, 15 March 2018 – There are many cases of unregistered families. In Mozambique, especially in rural areas, there are people who have no idea about what birth registration means, making it difficult to register their children and others in their custody.

Ludia Ramia, the mother of four unregistered children, is one such example, she doesn't know her age but is estimated to be between 24 and 28 years old. Natural and resident of the community of Maço, Administrative Post of Megaza, more than 60 km from Morrumbala Village in Zambézia province, had never heard about birth registration before. “I did not know that people should be registered,” she says.

It was during the community sensitization activities carried out by the Community Health Committee in Chifungo where Lúdia was explained the need and importance of birth registration and she realized to be urgent to register all her four children when the mobile brigade reaches her village.

© Save the Children/2018
Ludia Ramia registered her four children.

The real age of the first three Ludia's children (Thamandane, Sefva, and Paulo with 8, 6, and 3 years old respectively), were estimated because their mother doesn’t know the right age. The last Ludia’s little 8 months daughter Nesse, had lack because her mother still have the hospital yellow card with all information.

Now, Ludia Ramia has birth registrations of her children and is aware that there may be several benefits, such as access to education, health services among several documents and therefore advises other parents and guardians to do the same.

“We are very happy for this work that the Government is doing together with the Government of Canada, Save the Children and UNICEF. The times have changed and a person without a birth registration can do nothing. With this awareness work, many people became aware of the importance of birth registration and how children can be registered,” says Francisco Otera, community leader of Mace.

The Canadian Government is supporting, over a five year period, the programme of the Mozambican Government in the area of Civil Registration and Life Statistics.



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