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Malawi, 20 December 2017: Removing barriers to girls’ education

South Sudan, 15 December 2017: Childhood under attack

Somalia, 13 December 2017: A village escapes cholera outbreak after building their own toilets

Burundi, 7 December 2017: Surviving HIV: Preventing mother-to-child transmission

Mozambique, 6 December 2017: A story of malnutrition in a remote community in Macossa

Kenya, 3 December 2017: Inclusive education – A reality on the ground?

Ethiopia, 1 December 2017: What it takes to truly educate a girl

Uganda, 1 December 2017: 4-year-old South Sudanese child saved from severe acute malnutrition

Rwanda, 30 November 2017: Gearing up for success: Plan for adolescent sexual health

Lesotho, 28 November 2017: The search for the most vulnerable families

South Sudan, 9 November 2017: Making childbirth safer

Tanzania, 7 November 2017: Cash Plus: Opening the window of opportunity for adolescents

Zimbabwe, 31 October 2017

South Sudan, 31 October 2017: Second chances with secondary education

Zimbabwe, 27 October 2017: Families battling hunger and malnutrition

Kenya, 19 October 2017: Little hands lead the way on Global Handwashing Day

Uganda, 18 October 2017: UNICEF increases access to sufficient water for South Sudanese refugees and host communities

Rwanda, 12 October 2017: Silent advocacy: how statistics empower

Mozambique, 10 October 2017: Empowering girls through SMS

Ethiopia, 9 October 2017: Girls bravely speak up against sexually abusive teacher, as #MeToo campaign kicks off worldwide

Somalia, 9 October 2017: Nutrition centre supported by the UK saves the lives of children hit by the continuing drought

Ethiopia, 6 October 2017: Girls’ club rescues girls from child marriage

South Sudan, 3 October 2017: New school, new future

Namibia, 29 September 2017: Making handwashing with soap a habit at school

Zimbabwe, 28 September 2017: Community-based nutrition programme saves lives

Lesotho, 27 September 2017: Agents of change: Children bring improved sanitation from classrooms to communities

Rwanda, 27 September 2017: Inspired by Itetero, Damascene enrols in primary school, undeterred by his visual impairment

Somalia, 27 September 2017: Families see water piped to their homes for the first time in Somaliland town

Madagascar, 21 September 2017: Catch-up classes offer a second chance for education

Uganda, 13 September 2017: Racing the clock to save mothers and protect newborns

South Africa, 8 September 2017: Early grade reading study is helping to end the cycle of poverty

Zimbabwe, 6 June 2017: Piped water scheme transforms lives in Buhera District

Zambia, 31 May 2017: Reaching my potential

Mozambique, 31 May 2017: Self-made mHealth trouble-shooter

Uganda, 30 May 2017: UNICEF child friendly spaces sensitize girls on FGM, child marriage in Karamoja

Uganda, 30 May 2017: UNICEF Adolescent Empowerment Programme provides hope to adolescent girls from South Sudan

Somalia, 30 May 2017: US$5 million funding from Japan helps UNICEF reach 5,000 women affected by GBV in 2016

Somalia, 30 May 2017: A chance at a better future

Tanzania, 28 May 2017: WASH in schools: female hygiene management

Somalia, 25 May 2017: Hundreds of youth graduate with new skills from a Japan-supported peace building programme

Somalia, 23 May 2017: A pastoralist life is no obstacle to education – thanks to UNICEF and USAID

Malawi, 22 May 2017: Local hero: a rural teacher works hard to keep children in school

Somalia, 20 May 2017: Children displaced by drought benefit from a JPLG-supported school in Berbera

Mozambique, 19 May 2017: IOM, UNICEF, Mozambique host first ever forum to fight trafficking of people with albinism in Southern Africa

Somalia, 16 May 2017: Hundreds of thousands of children immunized against measles in outbreak hotspots

Mozambique, 16 May 2017: My child marriage story

Kenya, 15 May 2017: So close but yet so far – reaching children in urban areas with life-saving vaccines

Ethiopia, 14 May 2017: Strong mothers go the extra mile to keep their children safe

Somalia, 12 May 2017: A home away from home

South Sudan, 10 May 2017: Speaking out against gender-based violence

Malawi, 2 May 2017: Meet Sydney: a rural teacher juggling two classes in one day

Somalia, 1 May 2017: Keeping children in school amidst a severe drought

Uganda, 27 April 2017: Host communities and refugees coexist peacefully despite strained resources

Kenya, 26 April 2017: Ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable children

Namibia, 25 April 2017: A new mother brings early childhood development to her community

Uganda, 25 April 2017: UNICEF introduces nutrition outreaches to reach all South Sudanese refugee children

Kenya, 24 April 2017: Going the distance in close quarters

Somalia, 23 April 2017: Drought leaves a father too weak to take his malnourished child to get treatment

Somalia, 23 April 2017: In the midst of a drought – rain is not necessarily a solution

Malawi, 21 April 2017: Hunger crisis forces teenage girls to sell sex

Ethiopia, 20 April 2017: Adapting response efforts to stop the spread of acute watery diarrhoea

Uganda, 18 April 2017: UNICEF adopts grandmother approach to end FGM/C and early child marriage

Somalia, 17 April 2017: UNICEF battles against the clock to provide life saving treatment to those suffering from cholera and acute watery diarrhoea

Somalia, 13 April 2017: Drought forces many children to stop going to school to support the family

Malawi, 12 April 2017: Fighting malnutrition in Mwanza

Uganda, 11 April 2017: Karamajong men defy culture to support development of their children

Somalia, 10 April 2017: Mobile health workers work flat out to treat those displaced by drought

Somalia, 7 April 2017: Families on the move in Somaliland ravaged by drought

Ethiopia, 6 April 2017: German funds for the Horn of Africa drought response to increase from 100 million Euro to 300 million Euro

Somalia, 3 April 2017: Major suspected cholera/AWD outbreak

Zimbabwe, 3 April 2017: Tsholotsho struggles with disease burden after unprecedented flooding

Somalia, 3 April 2017: It takes a village to educate a child

Madagascar, March 2017: Mobile nutrition teams key to reaching the unreached

Kenya, 31 March 2017: Severe drought threatens to leave 4 million food insecure

Mozambique, 30 March 2017: Saving lives of children with malnutrition

28 March 2017: Famine crisis – time is running out

Somalia, 28 March 2017: The drought stricken town on the river – where water is the problem and the solution

27 March 2017: 5 things to know about children and famine

Uganda, 27 March 2017: Hygiene promoters boost sanitation and hygiene in South Sudanese refugee settlements

South Sudan, 24 March 2017: Tom Hiddleston on the famine

South Sudan, 22 March 2017: Families struggle for clean water In Juba

Somalia, 22 March 2017: A struggle for water in drought-stricken Somaliland

Malawi, 22 March 2017: Why water is becoming the country’s most precious resource

Somalia, 22 March 2017: A father’s agonizing vigil at a cholera treatment centre

Angola, 21 March 2017: Water, Miquelina and her family

South Sudan, 21 March 2017: Averting famine and saving lives

Malawi, 15 March 2017: Improving care for mothers and babies

Somalia, 15 March 2017: Providing youth with options

South Sudan, 15 March 2017: Famine just the latest danger to South Sudanese children

South Africa, 13 March 2017: The Bureau of the UNICEF Executive Board visits

Somalia, 13 March 2017: Diarrhoea is preventable and easily treated but many families leave it too late

South Sudan, 13 March 2017: Nyankena’s story: Fighting malnutrition and hoping for a peaceful future

Uganda, 13 March 2017: UNICEF’s emergency water, sanitation and hygiene interventions curb diseases

Kenya, 12 March 2017: Reaching malnourished children with life-saving nutrition supplies

Somalia, 9 March 2017: “We are here to stay” – Dadaab returnees built new lives with hope and help

Rwanda, 8 March 2017: UNICEF Ireland and Aer Lingus visit inaugurate the first Early Childhood Development Centre in Ngororero District

Ethiopia, 7 March 2017: Saving adolescents from the scourge of parasites

Uganda, 6 March 2017: Community leaders, religious leaders spearhead the campaign against female genital mutilation

Malawi, 6 March 2017: Social cash transfer opens opportunities

Mozambique, 3 March 2017: From undocumented to filled with rights

Zimbabwe, 1 March 2017: Reaching out to Apostolic sect in Buhera District

Rwanda, February 2017: “Life is all about setting goals” – Josiah’s story

Somalia, 27 February 2017: Qaali Hayebi travels 400 kilometres to save her family

South Africa, 24 February 2017: UNICEF partners with Ster-Kinekor to combat bullying

Malawi, 23 February 2017: German Ambassador visits UNICEF nutrition and WASH projects

Somalia, 23 February 2017: UNICEF and WFP Representatives see joint assistance for Somalis suffering effects of drought

Somalia, 22 February 2017: Teenage mum at school for the first time with her baby in her arms

South Africa, 21 February 2017: Having a vision to overcome

Malawi, 21 February 2017: Caught in a trap: Fishing communities feel the strain of hunger crisis

South Africa, 21 February 2017: Championing change in the Northern Cape

Malawi, 21 February 2017: Hunger driving parents to marry off young girls

Somalia, 17 February 2017: Little Munasar suffers as his family moves to escape the drought

Ethiopia, 15 February 2017: Mobile health and nutrition teams providing crucial services for pastoralist mothers as they cope with drought

Somalia, 12 February 2017: Never look back: former child soldiers crafting new lives

Kenya, 9 February 2017: A mother leads the movement to stop FGM in her community

Rwanda, 7 February 2017: Thanks to quality pre-primary learning, children aspire to contribute to the development of their country

Rwanda, 7 February 2017: New competency-based curriculum brings out creative teaching in educators

Ethiopia, 6 February 2017: UNICEF commits to speed up its efforts to end the violent practice of FGM/C

Somalia, 6 February 2017: Women facing daily threat of violence in makeshift camps for the displaced

Kenya, 5 February 2017: What if it happened to me?

Somalia, 30 January 2017: Sharp increase in number of people suffering from acute watery diarrhoea

Mozambique, 30 January 2017: Drought through the eyes of a child

Mozambique, 30 January 2017: Mobile health brigades provide healthcare to children in drought

Malawi, 30 January 2017: A health surveillance assistant’s intervention saves the life of baby Daniel

Rwanda, 25 January 2017: Dreams come true as dedicated social workers find loving families for orphans

Angola, 24 January 2017: How a community leader fights measles

Somalia, 24 January 2017: Drought forces parents to choose which children to feed as they flee their village

Malawi, 23 January 2017: Photography through the eyes of children in conflict with the law

Malawi, 23 January 2017: Konja recovers from malnutrition to a bouncy girl

Ethiopia, 23 January 2017: Surviving hard times through therapeutic foods

Ethiopia, 20 January 2017: Laying the foundation of future generations

Ethiopia, 19 January 2017: Rehabilitation of borehole saves thousands of lives and livestock during drought

Somalia, 19 January 2017: Villages work together to end open defecation

Somalia, 18 January 2017: Female teachers in Somaliland aim for the top after graduating from management course

Kenya, 18 January 2017: Why polio campaigns must reach every last child

Angola, 17 January 2017: Travelling to the country’s remotest communities to register new births

Zambia, 17 January 2017: Eight-seven adolescent girls enrolled in internship program as part of UNICEF’s Girls 2030 Initiative

Somalia, 13 January 2017: Former labourer Abdirahman plans to be an engineer thanks to ‘Educate a Child’

Ethiopia, 13 January 2017: KfW provides vehicles to support mobile health and nutrition teams in Somali region

Burundi, 12 January 2017: Advocating for children’s rights

Kenya, 10 January 2017: Why toilets matter

Zambia, 10 January 2017: LuWSI: A unique and necessary approach to protecting Lusaka’s water

Malawi, 9 January 2017: Saving children in the midst of acute food shortage

Zambia, 9 January 2017: The power of inclusive sport



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