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Zambia, 6 July 2015: UNICEF and Africa Directions launch a new global initiative on Theatre for Development

Somalia, December 2015: UNICEF calls for more action following accidental killing of two children by leftover explosive device

South Sudan, 15 December 2015: Children move from classrooms under the trees to new schools in UNICEF, USAID, Global Partnership for Education collaboration

Ethiopia, 15 December 2015: US$1.4 billion urgently required to meet food and non-food needs for 10.2 million people

Burundi, 15 December 2015: Urgent action needed to prevent a humanitarian crisis

Malawi, 15 December 2015: UNICEF fears hunger, embarks on mass screening for malnutrition across country

Tanzania, 18 December 2015: UNICEF congratulates Tanzania on being polio free

15 December 2015: UNHCR and UNICEF highlight unrelenting children’s crisis

Tanzania, 8 December 2015: UNICEF, Government and Push Mobile Use Technology to Contain Cholera

Zimbabwe, 1 December 2015: Worlds AIDS Day: Call to continue bold steps towards AIDS free generation

South Sudan, 27 November 2015: UNICEF Advocate Ishmael Beah witnesses impact of conflict on children

27 November 2015: Adolescent deaths from AIDS tripled since 2000 – UNICEF

26 November 2015: Child brides in Africa could more than double to 310 million by 2050 – UNICEF

24 November 2015: Children will bear the brunt of climate change: UNICEF

Tanzania, 24 November 2015: TIGO teams up with UNICEF, champions innovations for children

Uganda, 20 November 2015: First Lady inaugurates national task force on the adolescent girl

20 November 2015: Universal Children’s Day: Why fair matters

Somalia, 16 November 2015: Protecting children with a new vaccine against deadly disease

Nairobi, 18 November 2015: Children’s futures being compromised as violence escalates in Burundi, says UNICEF

19 November 2015: UNICEF: Without toilets, childhood is even riskier due to malnutrition

Dar es Salaam/New York, 19 November 2015: UNICEF: Without toilets, childhood is even riskier due to malnutrition

17 November 2015: New figures show epidemic of violence against children across Africa

12 November 2015 – Maternal deaths fell 44% since 1990 – UN

South Sudan, 12 November 2015: UNICEF and LGen Dallaire call for urgent action to protect children from becoming soldiers

New York/Geneva, 10 November 2015: Children’s lives at stake as El Niño strengthens

South Sudan, 29 October 2015: UNICEF and WFP launch mass nutrition screening as hunger threatens lives of children

Kenya, 26 October 2015: EU helps boost UNICEF’s humanitarian work

Nairobi, 21 October 2015: Polio outbreak in Somalia officially over

South Sudan, 22 October 2015: UN calls for immediate access to conflict-affected areas to prevent catastrophe

Dar es Salaam/Hamburg/Geneva/New York, 21 October 2015: Pioneering child rights legislation from Zanzibar wins distinguished international award

South Sudan, 15 October 2015: Global Handwashing Day: Raise Clean Hands and Push Cholera out

New York, 15 October 2015: Lack of access to hygiene could endanger new Development Agenda – UNICEF

Tanzania, 15 October 2015: UNICEF hands over ambulances in Mbeya, keeping the promise to reduce maternal, newborn and child deaths

South Sudan, 12 October 2015: The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030

Uganda, 12 October 2015: International Day of the Girl Child: Government and partners launch the ‘National Campaign on Adolescent Girls’

Zimbabwe, 8 October 2015: Government launches Health Development Fund to improve access to quality health for women, children and adolescents

Namibia, 29 September 2015: Parliamentarians commit to be champions for children

Namibia, 25 September 2015: Fighting malnutrition: One of the most cost-effective investments a country can make

Kenya, 5 October 2015: Remote, but not forgotten: UNICEF & Educate A Child launch education campaign

New York, 2 October 2015: Joint statement on Somalia’s ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

South Sudan, 8 September 2015: First-ever comprehensive national curriculum launched

Uganda, 21 September 2015: International Day of Peace: Government and UNICEF promote teaching and learning for peace

Nairobi/Brussels, 17 September 2015: UNICEF and the EU work to end Somali child recruitment

London, 17 September 2015: WHO/UNICEF report: Malaria MDG target achieved amid sharp drop in cases and mortality, but 3 billion people remain at risk

Zimbabwe, 7 September 2015: The UK provides USD 37 million to improve education

New York/Geneva/Washington, 9 September 2015: Child mortality rates plunge by more than half since 1990 but global MDG target missed by wide margin

New York, 9 September 2015: Nearly 50 million lives saved since 2000; millions more can be saved by 2030: UNICEF report

South Sudan, 9 September 2015: UNICEF and WFP intensify efforts to defeat malnutrition

South Sudan, 25 August 2015: Bringing education to the children of Pibor

Somalia, 11 August 2015: UN Humanitarian Coordinator commemorates one-year anniversary of last polio case

Kenya, 22 July 2015: UNICEF partners with World Vision to promote school health

Nairobi/Brussels, 6 August 2015: EU supports UNICEF’s lifesaving work in Somalia by €2.5 million

New York, 24 July 2015: Violence involving children in conflicts has taken a darker turn -- UNICEF

New York/Addis Ababa, 15 July 2015: Translate commitments to invest in children into action, UNICEF urges leaders at Financing for Development Conference

New York/Geneva, 30 June 2015: UNICEF, WHO: Lack of sanitation for 2.4 billion people undermining health improvements

South Sudan, 23 June 2015: Children at risk from cholera outbreak

Zimbabwe, 20 June 2015: President opens the 23rd Session of the Child Parliament with a call to ending child marriages

New York, 23 June 2015: Millions of world’s poorest children left behind despite global progress, new UNICEF report says

New York, 19 June 2015: UNICEF Executive Board concludes with a presentation of field visits to Madagascar and Malaysia

Nairobi, 19 June 2015: Statement attributable to UNICEF Regional Director for Eastern & Southern Africa, Leila Gharagozloo-Pakkala, on school attack in Burundi

New York, 17 June 2015: Unspeakable violence against children in South Sudan – UNICEF chief

Rwanda, 16 June 2015: On the Day of the African Child, accelerated effort in Early Childhood Development

New York/Addis Ababa, 16 June 2015: Young people are important actors in ending child marriage in Africa

Uganda, 16 June 2015: Government launches national strategy to end child marriage and teenage pregnancy

New York, 16 June 2015: Young African activists share powerful stories on child marriage in first ever @UNICEF Twitter takeover

New York/Geneva, 5 June 2015: New formulation of HIV treatment to save more children’s lives -- UNICEF and UNAIDS

New York, 2 June 2015: Gucci-UNICEF partnership turns 10: Over 7.5 million children reap rewards

Somalia, 26 May 2015: Government launches first population data since 1975

Malawi, May 2015: Universal Periodic Review (UPR): Recommendations for children

Burundi, 27 May 2015: UNICEF renews call for protection and safety of children amidst violence

South Sudan, 27 May 2015: Children face worsening nutrition crisis as fighting intensifies

Rwanda, 23 May 2015: The Ministry of Health, UNICEF and partners to vaccinate 10,000 Burundian refugee children against potentially deadly polio and measles

21 May 2015: Cholera outbreak triggers UNICEF relief operation at Burundi-Tanzania border

South Sudan, 18 May 2015: Children killed, abducted and raped in attacks

Burundi, 15 May 2015: Tens of thousands of children flee violence

Tanzania, 11 May 2015: New birth registration system expanded to Mwanza

Uganda, 7 May 2015: Students create innovative water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to local problems in Acholi sub-region

Mozambique, April 2015: Singer Neyma, UNICEF Ambassador, sensitizes pregnant women to prevent malaria

Kenya, 28 April 2015: Event calls for a ‘Vote for Education’ for the next generation

South Sudan, 5 May 2015: Put child rights first, UNICEF says

Burundi, 30 April 2015: UNICEF calls for protection of children amid protests in the capital

25 April 2015: Facts about malaria and children

Juba/Nairobi/New York, 24 April 2015: 282 boys and 1 girl freed in final release of children from Cobra Faction in South Sudan

New York/Addis Ababa, 21 April 2015: Access to education for 1 million children improved through 10-year UNICEF and ING partnership

23 April 2015: Malaria kills 1,200 children a day: UNICEF

Nairobi, 21 April 2015: UNICEF pays tribute to colleagues killed and injured in Somalia attack

20 April 2015: Statement by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, on attack in Garowe, Somalia

Nairobi, 20 April 2015: UNICEF statement on attack in Somalia

Washington D.C., 16 April 2015: New fund aims to unlock $1 billion for children’s nutrition

Uganda, 13 April 2015: ECHO provides additional 1 million Euros for UNICEF’s South Sudanese refugee emergency response

Rwanda, 2 April 2015: The Government of Japan provides US$1.3 million to UNICEF for improving the lives of refugee children

Tanzania, 10 April 2015: Survey shows remarkable improvement in child nutrition

Malawi, 1 April 2015: UNICEF launches national advocacy campaign with Airtel and Netball Association of Malawi

31 March 2015: New competition aims to find creative solutions to education challenges in conflict zones

Mozambique, 26 March 2015: International Development Agency funds the promotion of rural small town water and sanitation

Malawi, 24 March 2015: New study reveals violence against children widespread

Juba/Nairobi/New York, 21 March 2015: Nine year old girl soldier freed in large release of child soldiers in South Sudan

20 March 2015: Nearly 750 million people still without adequate drinking water – UNICEF

Namibia, 6 March 2015: Passing of child care and protection bill, is a major milestone for the country, UNICEF says

Rwanda, 14 January 2015: New early childhood development & family centre inaugurated in Ngoma district

South Sudan, 28 February 2015: Children seized from school not released yet

Malawi, 27 February 2015: Cholera outbreak raises concerns of a large-scale spread: UNICEF

Tanzania, 24 February 2015: UN, Government and Push Mobile join hands to boost readiness on Ebola

Zimbabwe, 19 February 2015: Economic forum seeks answers amid a tightening budget and sluggish economic growth

Kenya, 16 February 2015: Government of Kenya, European Union and UNICEF launch multi-million Euro programme to help prevent child and maternal malnutrition at a National Nutrition Symposium

Kenya, 30 January 2015: First-ever social protection conference concludes with a joint call to action

South Sudan, 21 February 2015: UNICEF condemns new child abductions by armed group

Somalia, 19 February 2015: Polio free for six months but UN says vaccination campaigns must continue as risks remain

South Sudan, 19 February 2015: Amid conflict, 400,000 children will go back to school

Uganda, 19 February 2015: Zero Tolerance Day: Health workers critical in fighting female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C)

Nairobi/Dakar, 17 February 2015: UNICEF and Airtel form Pan-Africa partnership to empower children and youth

Nairobi, 17 February 2015: Leaders from around the world are All In to end the AIDS epidemic among adolescents

Regional, 16 February 2015: Third Conference of African Ministers on CRVS ends with a call for a Decade on Civil Registration 2015-2024

New York, 12 February 2015: More brutal and intense conflicts leave children increasingly at risk of recruitment

South Sudan, 10 February 2015: More children released from armed group

8 February 2015: EU-UNICEF programme accelerates civil registration reform in Africa

Malawi, 9 February 2015: One months after the rains, new numbers reveal increased displaced population

New York, 6 February 2015: A call to action for health workers around the world to mobilize against Female Genital Mutilation

South Sudan, 4 February 2015: On edge of nutrition catastrophe if hostilities don’t end now

Tanzania, 3 February 2015: German First Lady meets survivors of violence at Temeke Police Gender Children's Desk

Somalia, 29 January 2015: Over 730,000 people across the country face acute food insecurity despite improvements in some areas

Namibia, 19 January 2015: Making investments in early childhood development: It is time to act

Malawi, 26 January 2015: UNICEF emergency supplies distributed to flood affected communities

Geneva, 29 January 2015: UNICEF launches US$3.1 billion appeal to reach more children in emergencies

South Sudan, 27 January 2015: Thousands of children to be gradually released from armed group

Malawi, 21 January 2015: UNICEF relief supplies for flood victims land at KIA Lilongwe

Somalia, 20 January 2015: “Advancing and protection children’s rights advances and protects Somalia’s future” says President

19 January 2015: Adolescents twice as likely to be out of school as children of primary school age, say UNESCO and UNICEF

Malawi, 19 January 2015: UNICEF steps up relief efforts for flood victims as rains continue

Ethiopia, 15 January 2015: German Development Bank grants 5 million Euros to UNICEF for the South Sudanese refugee response

Ethiopia, 12 January 2015: UNICEF renewed its ambassadorship with Hannah Godefa



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