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3 March 2018: 5 ways you can help end violence against girls

3 December 2016: For every child, rights: A celebration

1 December 2016: World AIDS Day: Urgent action needed for adolescents

17 November 2016: Toilet hero

10 November 2016: Walking the line between antimicrobial access and excess

New York, 19 September 2016: Executive Board reflects on results achieved in 2016, with an eye towards Agenda 2030

New York, 16 September 2016: Executive Board session opens with Executive Director’s call for a focus on results

28 July 2016: UNICEF welcomes Human Rights Watch report, Abuses against Children Detained as National Security Threats

15 June 2016: What works and what can be done better: UNICEF Executive Board reflects on lessons learned from the first two years of its Strategic Plan

6 June 2016: The online/offline mirror

13 May 2016: Cash transfers: What’s gender got to do with it?

Ethiopia, 17 February 2016: Ministers of water, sanitation and hygiene gather for world meeting

10 March 2015: Disaster Risk Reduction: what’s at stake for children at Sendai?

February 2015: Ending child marriage: The time to act is NOW

Ethiopia, 25 November 2014: How can we redefine the world’s view to make the case for protecting girls?

New York, 12 September 2014: UNICEF Executive Board turns its focus to child protection

3 June 2014: UNICEF Executive Board puts spotlight on Africa’s children

Copenhagen, 12 March 2014: Lowest-ever prices for polio vaccines

New York, 4 December 2013: Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry: Put the spotlight on children and amplify the voices of youth

New York, 7 October 2013: On International Day of the Girl Child, a spotlight on innovation

New York, 25 September 2013: At Education Cannot Wait event, global leaders stress need to fund education - especially in emergencies

New York, 19 September 2013: Millennium Development Goals a major focus, at United Nations General Assembly

New York, 19 September 2013: Podcast #81: The role of business in delivering on the global promise of education

New York, 6 September 2013: UNICEF Executive Board adopts strategic plan and integrated budget for 2014–2017

New York, 5 September 2013: Executive Board to adopt UNICEF strategic plan and integrated budget for 2014–2017

New York, 30 August 2013: Second regular session of UNICEF Executive Board to open on 3 September

New York, 12 August 2013: Podcast #80: On International Youth Day, young activists share their views on the role of education in building peace

New York, 6 August 2013: The young people at the vanguard of global change

New York, 22 July 2013: New UNICEF report on female genital mutilation/cutting: Turning opposition into action

New York, 17 July 2013: Nelson Mandela: Any society which does not care for its children is no nation at all

New York, 15 July 2013: UNICEF celebrates a year of important firsts in 2012

New York, 12 July 2013: They thought a bullet would silence us, but they failed, Malala Yousafzai tells United Nations Youth Assembly

New York, 5 July 2013: Nelson Mandela: Any society which does not care for its children is no nation at all

New York, 1 July 2013: Podcast 78: Africa's young innovators at the center of sustainable development

New York, 24 June 2013: UNICEF Executive Board concludes its 2013 annual session

New York, 21 June 2013: A new chapter of the Schools for Africa initiative offers new possibilties for the continent's children

New York, 20 June 2013: Executive Board considers oversight and evaluation of UNICEF’s policies and programmes

New York, 19 June 2013: UNICEF Executive Board reviews draft Strategic Plan, 2014–2017

New York, 19 June 2013: UNHCR says forced global displacement at an 18-year high

New York, 18 June 2013: UNICEF Executive Board opens its annual session

New York, 11 June 2013: World Day Against Child Labour shines spotlight on plight of domestic workers

New York, 7 June 2013: In London, an historic opportunity to tackle global undernutrition

New York, 5 June 2013: Voices of Youth website revamp increases opportunities for engagement

New York, 30 May 2013: Flagship report urges seeing the child - before the disability

New York, 3 May 2013: How can innovation improve access to quality learning?

New York, 15 May 2013: UNICEF launches groundbreaking cholera toolkit

U.S.A., 29 November 2012: Starting with children is key to achieving an AIDS-free generation

New York, 13 September 2012: UNICEF report points to rapid progress made in reducing child deaths worldwide

Italy, 26 June 2012: Research watch: Post 2015: What Next?

Horn of Africa, 22 August 2011: On World Humanitarian Day, the UN celebrates the extraordinary efforts of aid workers

Geneva, 24 May 2011: Young people launch 'Children’s Charter' for staying safe in disasters

New York, 3 December 2010: Young people call for post-primary education opportunities

USA, 8 November 2010: International Children's Day of Broadcasting Awards celebrate child rights

New York, 22 September 2010: Young people play a role in achieving Millennium Development Goal on HIV/AIDS



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