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Angola, 21 March 2017: Water, Miquelina and her family

Angola, 24 January 2017: How a community leader fights measles

Angola, 17 January 2017: Travelling to the country’s remotest communities to register new births

Angola, 18 November 2016: Living without a toilet: more common than you think

Angola, 31 October 2016: Keeping yellow fever cases at zero

Angola, 4 October 2016: Art and the world’s largest lesson

Angola, 26 July 2016: Toilets transform communities

Angola, 21 June 2016: Mosquito nets keep malaria out

Angola, 4 May 2016: Explaining the importance of birth registration

Angola, 16 October 2014: UNICEF supports sanitation in schools to improve learning quality

Angola, 11 December 2013: Eight citizens in a day - A story on birth registration in Angola

Angola, 17 June 2013: In Angola, changing feeding practices key to preventing malnutrition

Angola, 10 April 2013: Massive scale-up targets malnutrition in Angola

Angola, 1 April 2013: In Angola, sharing the recipe for happiness to end preventable child deaths

Angola, 24 October 2012: Responding to the nutrition crisis from the international to the community level

Angola, 9 August 2012: Angola turns the tide against polio

Angola, 19 July 2012: Country strengthens services to prevent paediatric HIV infections

Angola, 19 June 2012: Saving children from malnutrition in drought-affected Angola

Angola, 10 May 2012: A second chance for children in conflict with the law

Namibia, Angola, 27 April 2012: Cross-border immunization programme protects Namibians and Angolans

Angola, 25 April 2012: Slow but steady results in Angola’s fight against malaria

Angola, 13 March 2012: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attends Angola’s first polio eradication campaign of the year

Angola, 28 October 2011: Taking the fight against malaria to the community

Angola, 31 March 2011: Angola moves ahead in its efforts to kick polio out of the country

Angola, 21 March 2011: A new door-to-door strategy to eliminate polio

Angola, 28 December 2010: UNICEF supports efforts to keep young Angolans off the streets

Angola, 3 December 2010: Child-friendly schools improve the learning environment for Angolan youth

Angola, 25 November 2010: UNICEF supports wider distribution of mosquito nets in Cunene Province

Angola, 17 November 2010: UNICEF supports revitalization of health services in post-conflict Angola

Angola, 9 November 2010: Country battles polio outbreak with massive immunization drive

Angola, 21 October 2010: UNICEF-supported programmes spread HIV awareness through sports

Angola, 21 October 2010: UNICEF-supported programmes spread HIV awareness through sports

Angola, 22 October 2010: Safe water saves lives

Angola, 5 October 2010: Angolan organization targets most vulnerable in agriculture, HIV and other key areas

Angola, 2 August 2010: UNICEF-supported programmes help families living with HIV

Angola, 10 August 2010: With free birth registration, Angola promotes a child's right to legal identity



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