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Burundi, 14 June 2018: Abuse, impunity and sexual violence

Burundi, 19 March 2018: Clean water saves lives

Burundi, 7 December 2017: Surviving HIV: Preventing mother-to-child transmission

Burundi, 12 January 2017: Advocating for children’s rights

Burundi, 22 November 2016: Youth are key actors for peace

Burundi, 30 September 2016: Community leaders unite against malnutrition

Burundi, 29 September 2016: Still haunted by nightmares

Burundi, 6 September 2016: Jean-Pierre’s reintegration

Burundi, 15 July 2016: The chief of cooks prepares a meal – and dreams of a future

Burundi, 28 July 2016: Safe havens: Re-education centres protect formerly detained children

Burundi, 29 June 2016: A seven-year ordeal: A street child’s experience

Burundi, 23 March 2016: Optimism despite continued violence

Burundi, 13 May 2016: Youth lead by example

Burundi, 1 March 2016: NOW is the time to invest in children

Burundi, 22 February 2016: Mothers take on malnutrition

Burundi, 17 December 2015: Stolen childhoods: Growing up amid violence

Burundi, 17 November 2015: Starting again from scratch

Burundi, 11 November 2015: Energy equity for vulnerable children

Burundi, 20 August 2015: Repeated migrations and increasing vulnerability

Burundi, 27 July 2015: Finding safe shelter

Tanzania, 10 July 2015: Protecting refugees from cholera

Burundi, 14 July 2015: Refugee movements exacerbate food insecurity

Burundi, 5 June 2015: Children cross to safety, and back again

Burundi, 2 June 2015: Protecting the most vulnerable children in times of trouble

Tanzania, 28 May 2015: A rush to help Burundi’s refugee children

Burundi, 28 April 2015: Inclusive learning builds a path to achievement

Burundi, 16 April 2015: A one-stop shop for children living on the street

Burundi, 27 February 2015: New beginnings for conflict-affected communities

Burundi, 19 February 2015: Working to end energy poverty

Burundi, 8 October 2013: Small LED device piloted to empower women and power rural communities in Burundi

Burundi, 17 June 2013: A strike against chronic malnutrition in Burundi

Burundi, 13 March 2012: Guaranteeing children's rights to protection and play

5 December 2011: International Volunteer day

Burundi, 6 December 2011: Preventing the mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Burundi, 19 September 2011: Open-air theatre and audience participation raise malaria awareness

Burundi, 19 September 2011: Open-air theatre and audience participation raise malaria awareness

Burundi, 26 October 2010: Mobilizing local communities to eradicate severe acute malnutrition



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