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Kenya, 17 June 2018: A father’s journey to become a better dad

Kenya, 10 May 2018: Drops of life: Nairobi fights polio in vaccination drive

Kenya, 17 April 2018: On being a woman, wife and mother

Kenya, 1 March 2018: Modern moves from a traditional father

Kenya, 6 February 2018: A New Dawn: poetry against FGM

Kenya, 4 January 2018: Life-saving cash transfer programme enshrined in Kakamega law

Kenya, 3 December 2017: Inclusive education – A reality on the ground?

Kenya, 19 October 2017: Little hands lead the way on Global Handwashing Day

Kenya, 15 May 2017: So close but yet so far – reaching children in urban areas with life-saving vaccines

Kenya, 26 April 2017: Ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable children

Kenya, 24 April 2017: Going the distance in close quarters

Kenya, 31 March 2017: Severe drought threatens to leave 4 million food insecure

Kenya, 12 March 2017: Reaching malnourished children with life-saving nutrition supplies

Kenya, 9 February 2017: A mother leads the movement to stop FGM in her community

Kenya, 5 February 2017: What if it happened to me?

Kenya, 18 January 2017: Why polio campaigns must reach every last child

Kenya, 10 January 2017: Why toilets matter

Kenya, 19 December 2016: A community health worker empowers his community to fight disease

Kenya, 14 December 2016: Children use photography to highlight good nutrition

Kenya, November 2016: Tiny stories

Kenya, 19 November 2016: Why World Toilet Day should matter

Kenya, 11 October 2016: Message from the UNICEF Kenya Representative on the 2016 International Day of the Girl Child

Kenya, 28 September 2016: Working together to spur early childhood development

Kenya, 14 September 2016: Single registry to strengthen social protection launched

Kenya, 14 August 2016: Going the last mile for pastoralist children at the Kenya-Somalia border

Kenya, 5 August 2016: UNICEF partners with Nairobi University for a successful Nairobi Innovation Week 2016

Kenya, 3 August 2016: Promoting and protecting exclusive breastfeeding is key to lowering newborn mortality

Kenya, 14 June 2016: First Lady launches the 2016 Global Nutrition Report in Nairobi

Kenya, 11 April 2016: Four boys rebuilding lives against all odds

Kenya, 11 April 2016: Children and young people act against child marriage in Kakuma refugee camp

Kenya, 20 February 2016: Call for adolescent-friendly services at a national forum for adolescents living with HIV

Kenya, 10 November 2015: Polio and Immunization Ambassador is UN Person of the Year 2015

Kenya, 15 September 2015: A convert to peace building

Kenya, 15 May 2015: Saving children from severe malnutrition in semi-arid lands

Kenya, 20 March 2015: Promoting exclusive breastfeeding to save babies’ lives

Kenya, March 2015: A child’s call to address malnutrition

Kenya, 2 March 2015: HIV does not define who I am

Kenya, 28 November 2014: Safeguarding HIV exposed infants through exclusive breastfeeding

Kenya, 20 November 2014: Is Kenya a better place for children, 25 years on?

Kenya, 28 November 2014: Celebrating the years with Elijah: An adolescent’s journey with HIV

Kenya, 28 November 2014: Integrating HIV into maternal and child health services

Kenya, 4 November 2014: Strategic partnership to make the supply chain work for children and women

Kenya, 16 June 2014: Making Children Count on the Day of the African Child

Kenya, 12 May 2014: Doing business differently

Kenya, 4 May 2014: Women and girls in underserved high-risk counties immunized against tetanus

Kenya, 2 June 2014: Protecting against a silent killer

Kenya, 1 April 2014: Setting the pace for the survival of children and women – First Lady runs to save lives

Kenya, 26 February 2014: Kenya intensifies efforts to fight polio

Kenya, 24 December 2013: Schoolchildren in Kenya take the fight against polio into their communities

Kenya, 20 November 2013: In Kenya, a child helpline proves a lifeline for a young victim of rape, and her family

Kenya, 5 September 2013: Efforts to contain polio outbreak intensify around Kenyan refugee camp

Kenya, 30 December 2012: The classroom offers a 13-year-old Somali refugee sanctuary from the rigours of life in Dadaab camp

Kenya, 30 December 2012: Aid in the form of cash payments helps young Kenyans break the cycle of poverty

Kenya, 24 December 2012: A well offers hope for the future in rural Kenya

Kenya, 4 December 2012: For villages in Turkana, a new initiative that brings clean water to the community is life-changing

Kenya, 6 November 2012: Reaching the hard-to-reach with disease-preventing vaccines

Kenya, 15 October 2012: Minors find essential care in a refugee camp supported by UNICEF

Kenya, 16 June 2012: Maternal shelters are part of a broad package of care designed to reduce child mortality

Kenya, 15 March 2012: Children living in Nairobi's informal settlements lack access to basic services and opportunities

Kenya, 22 December 2011: School offers meals, shelter, education and hope

Kenya, 15 December 2011: Access to education builds resilience amid drought in the Kenyan north-western region

5 December 2011: International Volunteer day

Kenya, 18 October 2011: Saving lives in the Horn of Africa, one child at a time

Horn of Africa, 5 October 2011: Rethinking the humanitarian response to drought, conflict and famine

Kenya, 3 October 2011: ‘Water is our life’ – Pastoralists adapt to village life in drought-stricken north-eastern Kenya

Kenya, 30 September 2011: Ali’s story: In drought-ravaged Kenya, education is the key to a brighter future

Kenya, 19 September 2011: In Kenyan camps, vaccine protects Somali refugee children from killer pneumonia

Kenya, 16 September 2011: At a camp for Somali refugees in Dadaab, a three-year-old boy recovers from malnutrition

Kenya, 14 September 2011: With water scarce, Kenya comes up with innovative solutions

Kenya, 14 September 2011: Goodwill Ambassador Youssou N'Dour meets Somali refugee children in Dadaab

Kenya, 19, September 2011: In Kenyan camps, vaccine protects Somali refugee children from killer pneumonia.

Horn of Africa, 2 September 2011: Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow issues urgent appeal after visiting Somali refugees

Kenya, 31 August 2011: In a Kenyan district hard-hit by drought, children survive on one meal a day

Horn of Africa, 31 August 2011: At African Union pledge event, Ghanaian boy calls for urgent action on Horn of Africa crisis

Kenya, 25 August 2011: Families struggle to cope with loss amidst drought

Kenya, 22 August 2011: Refugee camps hygiene promotion aims to prevent disease by changing behaviour

Kenya, 22 August 2011: New pipeline brings hope to drought-affected communities

Kenya, 16 August 2011: One mother’s hopes and fears in drought-stricken Kenya

Kenya, 16 August 2011: UNICEF provides life-saving emergency nutrition intervention to drought-affected communities

Kenya, 12 August 2011: Mobile schools aim to ensure education

Kenya, 5 August 2011: Field diary: At a refugee camp in Kenya, a father's devotion helps his young son survive

Kenya, 5 August 2011: Immunization reduces threat of disease outbreaks around refugee camps

Horn of Africa, 5 August 2011: A greater humanitarian response is needed as crisis deepens

Horn of Africa, 29 July 2011: UNICEF and partners race against time as crisis worsens

Horn of Africa, 26 July 2011: UNICEF delivers crucial supplies as the situation deteriorates

Kenya, 26 July 2011: Field diary: the road to Dadaab

Kenya, 18 July 2011: Amidst regional drought, malnutrition imperils thousands of refugee children in Dadaab

Kenya, 13 July 2011: Amidst the region's worst drought in decades, Somali refugees crowd camps in Kenya

Kenya, 13 July 2011: UNICEF responds to Horn of Africa food crisis that has left 2 million children malnourished

Horn of Africa, 6 July 2011: 10 million in need of urgent aid amidst drought, conflict and high food prices

Kenya & Ethiopia, 6 June 2011: UNICEF and European Union respond as climate change alters lives in Kenya and Ethiopia

Kenya, 16 February 2011: Pneumococcal vaccine formally introduced to the country's routine immunization programme for children

Kenya, 2 December 2010: Religious leaders aim health messages at 27 million Kenyans

Kenya, 26 May 2010: Lifeskills-based education: giving confidence to young women in Somalia

Kenya, 21 September 2010: Women take the lead in water provision and management

Kenya, 12 April 2010: Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa makes field visit to Kenya



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