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Lesotho, 28 November 2017: The search for the most vulnerable families

Lesotho, 27 September 2017: Agents of change: Children bring improved sanitation from classrooms to communities

Lesotho, 20 January 2016: Reaching communities with basic services

Lesotho, 29 November 2012: Food crisis aggravates the already massive social challenges the country faces

Lesotho, 18 July 2012: Colour-coded Mother-Baby Packs save lives

Lesotho, 4 June 2012: Reaching all pregnant women with health services to eliminate paediatric HIV infections

Lesotho, 18 January 2012: With EU and UNICEF support, Lesotho puts in place a social protection programme for the most vulnerable

Lesotho, 31 August 2011: Peer leaders take the initiative on HIV prevention among young people

Lesotho, 31 August 2011: Exclusive breastfeeding ensures a healthy life for Lesotho’s children

Lesotho, 17 June 2011: Prime Minister launches UNICEF-supported free and compulsory education campaign

Lesotho, 22 March 2011: Innovative programme aims to halt the spread of HIV

Lesotho, 19 July 2010: 'Mother-Baby Pack' model helps prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission



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