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Malawi, 27 June 2018: Providing humanitarian support through the social cash transfer programme

Malawi, 18 April 2018: Local chief leads effort to end child marriage in community

Malawi, 24 January 2018: Solar power keeps the water flowing

Malawi, 20 December 2017: Removing barriers to girls’ education

Malawi, 22 May 2017: Local hero: a rural teacher works hard to keep children in school

Malawi, 2 May 2017: Meet Sydney: a rural teacher juggling two classes in one day

Malawi, 22 March 2017: Why water is becoming the country’s most precious resource

Malawi, 21 April 2017: Hunger crisis forces teenage girls to sell sex

Malawi, 12 April 2017: Fighting malnutrition in Mwanza

Malawi, 15 March 2017: Improving care for mothers and babies

Malawi, 6 March 2017: Social cash transfer opens opportunities

Malawi, 23 February 2017: German Ambassador visits UNICEF nutrition and WASH projects

Malawi, 21 February 2017: Caught in a trap: Fishing communities feel the strain of hunger crisis

Malawi, 21 February 2017: Hunger driving parents to marry off young girls

Malawi, 30 January 2017: A health surveillance assistant’s intervention saves the life of baby Daniel

Malawi, 23 January 2017: Photography through the eyes of children in conflict with the law

Malawi, 23 January 2017: Konja recovers from malnutrition to a bouncy girl

Malawi, 9 January 2017: Saving children in the midst of acute food shortage

Malawi, November 2016: Making traditional leadership work for sanitation

Malawi, 7 November 2016: Delivering clean water through innovative community water supply solutions

Malawi, 10 October 2016: Living Schools Project

Malawi, 19 September 2016: Zainab’s safety net

Malawi, 23 August 2016: A second chance for girls struggling in class

Malawi, 19 July 2016: Innovation for life

Malawi, July 2016: Saved from the ugly jaws of child marriage

Malawi, 18 March 2016: Flying high to save children from HIV

Malawi, 14 April 2016: Quality newborn care a must for child survival

Malawi, August 2015: Chief Kachindamoto annulled 330 teenage marriages

Malawi, December 2015: Cash transfers change lives of HIV+ female headed households in Mangochi

Malawi, 13 October 2015: Celebrating International Day of the Girl

Malawi, 14 June 2015: Engaging youth at Malawi’s Children’s Future Festival

Malawi, 18 May 2015: UNICEF and partners launch an innovation hub in Blantyre

Malawi, 1 May 2015: “What does water mean to you?”

Malawi, May 2015: UNICEF response to child malnutrition and recurrent flooding [Field diary]

Malawi, May 2015: Emergency mode [Field diary]

Malawi, 20 April 2015: Back home at last, sad and frightened

Malawi, 6 March 2015: The quiet flood victims: orphans and vulnerable children

Malawi, 6 April 2015: PSI: Projecting life-saving skills for the flood-displaced on a movie screen

Malawi, 20 March 2015: What does water mean to you? Communities in share their water stories

Malawi, 6 March 2015: Spotlight on girls: protection and education are key

Malawi, 18 February 2015: Malawi Queens visit flood survivors in Nsanje

Malawi, 10 February 2015: EU visits flood-affected communities

Malawi, January 2015: Wading in waters waist high to get to class

Malawi, 10 February 2015: Video: After floods, displaced pupils continue learning

Malawi, 5 February 2015: Advocating for clean water for flood survivors

Malawi, 2 February 2015: After the rains, picking up the pieces

Malawi, 2 February 2015: After the deluge: Malawians getting on with things

Malawi, 30 January 2015: Our response to the floods

Malawi, 29 January 2015: Ramping up health and nutrition support for flooding’s youngest victims

Malawi, 23 January 2015: In the misery of the floods, finding a way forward

Malawi, 21 January 2015: School closed, camp for flood victims opened

Malawi, December 2014: Investing in the future at Taiza Community-Based Child Care Centre

Malawi, 1 December 2014: World Aids Day: AIDS-free generation starts with children

Malawi, 20 November 2014: Saving children from malnutrition

Malawi, 12 November 2014: Raising the number of female teachers in rural areas

Malawi, 12 November 2014: Traditional Authority Mwase: Malawi's largest Open Defecation Free Area

Malawi, 22 October 2014: UNICEF Regional Director meets beneficiaries of social cash transfer programme

Malawi, 15 October 2014: UNICEF Regional Director visits first Open Defecation Free area

Malawi, 16 September 2014: Reduction of neonatal mortality

Malawi, 16 September 2014: Reduction of child mortality

Malawi, 19 February 2014: African leaders forum on disability: “Disability is not inability”

Malawi, 27 November 2013: Preventing HIV in schools

Malawi, 27 November 2013: Malawi’s Option B+ programme is helping to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV

London, 9 October 2013: Malawi youth champion plays starring role in Queens Baton Relay ceremony

Malawi, 2 October 2013: Prevention as first step in ending violence against children

Malawi, 13 September 2013: Kangaroo mother care - Saving babies born too soon

Malawi, 2 September 2013: A new lease of life through football

Malawi, August 2013: Mzambazi males shine by defying odds

Malawi, June 2013: Equity in Action - Global UNICEF partner Special Olympics report on visit to Malawi

Malawi, 2 June 2013: Members of UNICEF’s Executive Board look at the impact of the organization's work in Malawi

Malawi, 20 May 2013: The next generation of Malawi's children stay HIV free with Option B+

Malawi, 15 October 2012: Compulsory universal birth registration protects children from abuses and opens access to social services

Malawi, 20 September 2012: Outreach programme brings healthcare closer to communities

Malawi, 12 June 2012: Health Surveillance Assistants provide a life-saving link between communities and the health care system

Malawi, 29 March 2012: Malawi launches issuance of birth registration reports

Malawi, 26 March 2012: UNICEF committed to working with local suppliers

Malawi, 21 March 2011: Children swap floors for desks at Malawi school with MSNBC-US Fund for UNICEF support

Malawi, 28 October 2010: Protection for the most vulnerable households through cash transfers

Malawi, 26 October 2010: Changing sanitation habits through a “Walk of Shame”

Malawi, 4 October 2010: Early childhood education centres make strides

Malawi, 7 September 2010: Cash transfer programme helps the poorest families survive

Malawi, 1 October 2008: Education offers hope to a young man in the working world of Malawi



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