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Mozambique, 10 April 2018: Providing the right to name every child

Mozambique, 26 March 2018: I can go to school now

Mozambique, 15 March 2018: The importance of birth registration for a mother in Zambezia

Mozambique, 6 December 2017: A story of malnutrition in a remote community in Macossa

Mozambique, 10 October 2017: Empowering girls through SMS

Mozambique, 31 May 2017: Self-made mHealth trouble-shooter

Mozambique, 19 May 2017: IOM, UNICEF, Mozambique host first ever forum to fight trafficking of people with albinism in Southern Africa

Mozambique, 16 May 2017: My child marriage story

Mozambique, 30 March 2017: Saving lives of children with malnutrition

Mozambique, 3 March 2017: From undocumented to filled with rights

Mozambique, 30 January 2017: Drought through the eyes of a child

Mozambique, 30 January 2017: Mobile health brigades provide healthcare to children in drought

Mozambique, 29 November 2016: A look behind the scenes of the SMS BIZ/U-Report

Mozambique, 28 October 2016: UN Secretary-General Special Envoy on El Niño and Climate Ambassador visits

Mozambique, 2 May 2016: Southern african neighbours share lessons to inform a cash grant for young children

Mozambique, 30 March 2016: Adolescents support the national HIV response

Mozambique, 24 March 2016: A mother’s loving care

Mozambique, 23 February 2016: Water source improves school performance of children in Zambézia

Mozambique, 22 February 2016: Visiting families supported by the social support programs

Mozambique, 10 December 2015: Meeting child brides

Mozambique, 10 December 2015: Child marriage: “In the end it wasn’t my choice”

Mozambique, 15 October 2015: Puppet theatre encourages students to wash their hands

Mozambique, 28 August 2015: Sports helps improve adolescent girl school performance

Mozambique, 6 April 2015: Life after the floods

Mozambique, 28 January 2015: Malaria major concern in displacement centres after flooding

Mozambique, 19 June 2014: Major birth and civil registration project to reach thousands in Nampula

Mozambique, October 2014: For policy, suffer the little children

Mozambique, 26 May 2014: Interview with Rahimatha Habiba about the child-to-child radio programme in Namialo

Mozambique, February 2014: Preparation is key to improving lives at community radios

Mozambique, 10 December 2013: UNICEF Mozambique and Magnum Photos proudly present… The Rights Responsibility – their rights, our responsibility

Mozambique, 7 November 2013: Community health workers help save children’s lives in remote areas

Mozambique, 3 October 2013: UNICEF launches water programme in Ribaue

Mozambique, 22 July 2013: UNICEF Ambassadors speak out for children in Mozambique

Mozambique, 24 June 2013: A healthy generation grows in Mozambique

Mozambique, 8 May 2013: Birth registration a vital necessity

Mozambique, 6 May 2013: National Health Week time again!

Mozambique, 11 April 2013: One step at a time - UNICEF and UNHCR join forces to help stateless in Mozambique

Mozambique, 22 April 2013: Mozambique rolls out new pneumococcal vaccine

Mozambique, 25 March 2013: It is lunchtime, at Chiaquelane transit centre in Mozambique

Mozambique, 8 November 2012: UNICEF Mozambique celebrates the first International Day of the Girl Child by highlighting the importance of stopping child marriage

Mozambique, 27 January 2012: Two major storms strike Mozambique in quick succession, causing widespread damage

Mozambique, 21 July 2011: Communities lead the way to safe sanitation

Mozambique, 13 June 2011: Efforts to educate about HIV testing help pregnant mothers and children

Mozambique, 15 June 2010: Support centres protect children from violence and abuse



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