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South Africa

South Africa, 10 July 2018: UNICEF staff members join 100 Men March against gender violence

South Africa, 21 May 2018: “We have heard your call and would like to join hands” – UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore

South Africa, 19 April 2018: “Let’s Play” – UNICEF, SuperSport and WWE celebrate the power of sport to help foster violence-free schools

South Africa, 13 March 2018: Reading the passport to success

South Africa, 26 February 2018: Care and support for teaching and learning: UNICEF and MIET working to leave no child behind

South Africa, 8 September 2017: Early grade reading study is helping to end the cycle of poverty

South Africa, 13 March 2017: The Bureau of the UNICEF Executive Board visits

South Africa, 21 February 2017: Having a vision to overcome

South Africa, 24 February 2017: UNICEF partners with Ster-Kinekor to combat bullying

South Africa, 21 February 2017: Championing change in the Northern Cape

South Africa, 1 December 2016: A visit to the Northern Cape: 5 questions to Herve de Lys

South Africa, 8 December 2016: Tiny Story author Michelle Nkamankeng receives ‘Girl Child of Promise Award’

South Africa, November 2016: World Prematurity Day: Saving young lives in South Africa through technology

South Africa, 14 November 2016: Tiny Stories: “What I want for every child”

South Africa, 11 October 2016: Techno Girl opens doors in science and technology

South Africa, 6 October 2016: Tippy Tap: Improving the lives of children in rural areas

South Africa, 22 September 2016: Pursuing her dreams with confidence

South Africa, August 2016: Speaking out on positive change: An interview with Destiny Faye

South Africa, 7 June 2016: Play is not a four letter word

South Africa, 23 March 2016: A brighter future beckons through Isibindi

South Africa, 17 March 2016: Isibindi: Guiding tomorrows leaders

South Africa, March 2016: The best gift

South Africa, 4 March 2016: Isibindi: Making brighter futures possible

South Africa, 24 February 2016: Isibindi: Making a real difference

South Africa, 1 November 2015: UNICEF South Africa hosts screening of “He named me Malala”

South Africa, 18 February 2016: Safe Parks: Making a positive difference

South Africa, 4 February 2016: Lego: Adding colour to playtime

South Africa, 9 February 2016: Mining, civil society and UNICEF agree to partner to further children’s rights within the mining sector

South Africa, January 2016: Lego helping join young hands together

South Africa, 18 November 2015: Isibindi: Caring for the most vulnerable

South Africa, 10 November 2015: Youth: An opportunity to interrupt the intergenerational transmission of poverty

South Africa, 16 October 2015: Children pledge to change poor hygiene habits at Global Handwashing Day event in Soweto

South Africa, 18 December 2014: Santam’s 2015 Child Art Calendar promotes children’s rights

South Africa, 16 October 2014: Australian netball players share skills with rising stars

South Africa, 12 September 2014: Ukufunda Virtual School puts the power of basic education back into the hands of every learner, teacher and parent

South Africa, June 2014: The gift of fatherhood

South Africa, 12 May 2014: Children becoming the change they want to see in the world

South Africa, April 2014: Guiding vulnerable children towards a brighter future

South Africa, 22 April 2014: Vaccines save lives – is your child’s up to date?

South Africa, March 2014: Sport leading the way to a brighter future and a closer community

South Africa, 21 March 2014: Santam and UNICEF spotlight Children's Rights through Art

South Africa, February 2014: Children’s voices making "air" waves on community radio

South Africa, 6 February 2014: Study in South Africa looks at reality and myths of cyberbullying

South Africa, 17 December 2013: Supporting pregnant women’s journey to motherhood

South Africa, 21 November 2013: In South Africa, centre works with vulnerable adolescents to prevent HIV/AIDS infection

South Africa, 12 October 2013: Young Reporters in South Africa giving a helping hand to spreading a lifesaving message

South Africa, 9 October 2013: Sinking her teeth into a male-dominated career field

South Africa, 2 October 2013: In South Africa, helping children to help end violence

South Africa, 6 September 2013: Keeping mothers and children alive and healthy: tracking South Africa’s progress

South Africa, 29 August 2013: NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving visits schools in South Africa with UNICEF

South Africa, August 2013: South African artist Zolani Mahalo hitting the right note with her breastfeeding goals

New York, 17 July 2013: Nelson Mandela: Any society which does not care for its children is no nation at all

South Africa, 26 June 2013: IKEA Norway visits South Africa to learn about Safe and Caring Child-Friendly Schools

South Africa, 17 June 2013: Young reporters honoured on National Youth Day at South Africa’s first ever Youth Radio Awards

South Africa, 29 May 2013: Young leader inspires others towards enablement, despite her own disability

South Africa, 18 April 2013: The gift of life proving to be the greatest threat to newborns

South Africa, 19 July 2012: UNICEF Ambassador Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United player Ben Amos call for end to abuse of vulnerable children

South Africa, 4 June 2012: Child Support Grants prove critical to reducing child poverty

South Africa, 8 May 2012: 'Believe in Zero' campaign aims to end violence against children

South Africa, 3 April 2012: In a major policy shift, mothers in South Africa are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed instead of using formula

South Africa, 10 January 2012: Going beyond the ABCs

South Africa, 22 November 2011: Climate change exacerbates child vulnerability

South Africa, 9 November 2011: ‘Techno Girl’ programme tackles skills shortage

South Africa, 25 October 2011: Survey on social networking and safety for children and youth

South Africa, 30 September 2011: UNICEF-supported Sports for Development programme scores a goal with South African students

South Africa, 15 July 2011: A neonatal care initiative builds health and saves lives

South Africa, 13 June 2011: Child-friendly schools inspire a brighter future for young people

South Africa, 2 June 2011: UNICEF and partners launch report on preventing HIV among young people

South Africa, 10 June 2010: As FIFA World Cup 2010 festivities begin in South Africa, Angélique Kidjo visits Soweto

South Africa, 8 June 2010: Young people photograph their communities

South Africa, 18 June 2010: Protecting South Africa's children during the FIFA World Cup 2010 and beyond



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