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Zambia, 20 June 2018: Good hygiene despite challenges of being in a camp

Zambia, 25 April 2018: Meet three Congolese families living in Zambia’s largest refugee transit centre

Zambia, 26 March 2018: All aboard for a new life

Zambia, 12 January 2018: Oral cholera vaccination campaign launched

Zambia, 31 May 2017: Reaching my potential

Zambia, 17 January 2017: Eight-seven adolescent girls enrolled in internship program as part of UNICEF’s Girls 2030 Initiative

Zambia, 10 January 2017: LuWSI: A unique and necessary approach to protecting Lusaka’s water

Zambia, 9 January 2017: The power of inclusive sport

Zambia, 29 June 2015: Barefeet Theatre vows to always incorporate hygiene and sanitation messaging

Zambia, 20 May 2014: Youth: using U-Report to take charge of their futures

Zambia, 15 August 2012: The power of youth - celebrating International Youth Day

Zambia, 15 August 2012: 'RapidSMS' and mobile apps create waves of change in the fight against HIV and AIDS

Zambia, 25 July 2012: UNICEF and partner awarded for Programme Mwana, programme using SMS messages to deliver HIV test results

Zambia, 3 July 2012: Zambian youth chosen to be torchbearer in the 2012 London Olympic Games

Zambia, 21 June 2012: A Zambian youth helps shape World Youth Congress in Rio

Zambia, 14 June 2012: Climate ambassador sets table for Rio+20

Zambia, 2 August 2011: Cash transfers provide social protection to Zambia's most vulnerable families

Zambia, 3 February 2011: Mother-Baby Pack launched to help prevent HIV transmission

Zambia, 18 May 2011: HIV testing and treatment programme protects children's lives

Zambia, 3 December 2010: 'Unite for Climate' youth ambassadors raise environmental awareness

Zambia, 16 September 2010: Expanding services and using 'Mother-Baby Pack' to reduce HIV among children

Zambia, 27 August 2010: Media initiative brings youth to the front-line of climate crisis

Zambia, 26 July 2011: Vaccination campaign conducted in response to resurgence of measles



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