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Zimbabwe, 8 May 2018: Community outreach programme gives vulnerable children a second chance at education

Zimbabwe, 25 April 2018: Mudzi kids take-on anti-HIV fight to help peers

Zimbabwe, 7 March 2018: Harmonized social cash transfers transform lives in Mudzi and Rushinga districts

Zimbabwe, 31 October 2017

Zimbabwe, 27 October 2017: Families battling hunger and malnutrition

Zimbabwe, 28 September 2017: Community-based nutrition programme saves lives

Zimbabwe, 6 June 2017: Piped water scheme transforms lives in Buhera District

Zimbabwe, 3 April 2017: Tsholotsho struggles with disease burden after unprecedented flooding

Zimbabwe, 1 March 2017: Reaching out to Apostolic sect in Buhera District

Zimbabwe, 10 November 2016: Improved cookstoves cut down on illness, not trees

Zimbabwe, 14 April 2016: Poorest feel El Niño pain as drought withers harvests, kills livestock

Zimbabwe, 14 April 2016: Drought drives some Apostolic faith members to seek medical help for children

Zimbabwe, 14 April 2016: UNICEF and the Government screens children for malnutrition

Zimbabwe, March 2016: The impact of drought and hunger in rural areas

Zimbabwe, March 2016: Aliah Silibiza’s story: No WASH facilities equals no inclusion

Zimbabwe, August 2015: Changing the face of social mobilization through SMS

Zimbabwe, 5 February 2016: EU contributes 42.9 million euros to improve reproductive, maternal, newborn and adolescent health

Zimbabwe, January 2016: The constitutional court ruling on ending child marriages

Zimbabwe, December 2015: Government, UNICEF and the World Bank launch ground-breaking Poverty Atlas

Zimbabwe, December 2015: Satellite school feeding program keeps children in school in Karoi

Zimbabwe, 1 December 2015: Worlds AIDS Day: Call to continue bold steps towards AIDS free generation

Zimbabwe, October 2015: Empowering the girl: Lets act today, for a better tomorrow

Zimbabwe, 1 October 2015: Former child bride tells her story of how she married a stranger

Zimbabwe, September 2015: Exploring the impact of the harmonized cash transfers

Zimbabwe, 18 August 2015: World Breastfeeding Week

Zimbabwe, 10 June 2015: Experts and youth share experiences on the youth situation

Zimbabwe, 1 June 2015: Youth participation in the SDGs: Getting beyond the rhetoric

Zimbabwe, April 2015: Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare meets beneficiaries of cash transfers

Zimbabwe, April 2015: Benefitting from the Harmonized Social Transfer Programme – The story of Mbuya Mwanza

Zimbabwe, 27 March 2015: Public-private partnership contributes to safe water to thousands in Chiredzi

Zimbabwe, 27 March 2015: Rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation services changes lives

Zimbabwe, 27 March 2015: School improvement grants helping children with disabilities access education

Zimbabwe, 17 March 2015: Government and UNICEF launch report on disability

Zimbabwe, 11 March 2015: Partnerships needed to end child marriages

Zimbabwe, 16 February 2015: Research awards honour young scientists

Zimbabwe, December 2014: The burden of thirst: Rural water challenges increase inequality among women

Zimbabwe, December 2014: Breaking the silence: The story of Tapuwa

Zimbabwe, December 2014: Girls making connections and challenging the boundaries of science education

Zimbabwe, 21 November 2014: UNICEF, Government and partners commemorate CRC@25 with a call for action

Zimbabwe, November 2014: Listen up! Hearing clearly with help from the sun

Zimbabwe, November 2014: Launch of new HIV testing and counseling guidelines for children and adolescents

Zimbabwe, 6 October 2014: Village health workers providing critical healthcare in rural Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 15 September 2014: Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine introduced

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2014: Social sector on recovery path

Zimbabwe, 22 August 2014: World Breastfeeding Week launched in Harare

Zimbabwe, August 2014: Rebounding health system reduces rural maternal mortality

Zimbabwe, 20 June 2014: UNICEF boosting children’s nutrition to prevent stunted growth

Zimbabwe, May 2014: Small cash transfers pay big dividends for rural poor

Zimbabwe, May 2014: Youth talk boldly about HIV/AIDS

Zimbabwe, April 2014: Community-based nutrition program helps reduce child malnutrition

Zimbabwe, April 2014: Exclusive breastfeeding protects newborns from HIV/AIDS

Zimbabwe, April 2014: Nutrition gardens changing lives

Zimbabwe, April 2014: Science kits for secondary schools in remotest Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, March 2014: Tippy Taps setting a trend in rural schools by promoting innovation through simplicity

Zimbabwe, March 2014: UNICEF moves a step closer in improving access to clean and safe water for women and children in small towns

Zimbabwe, March 2014: Chipo’s story: benefitting from exclusive breastfeeding

Zimbabwe, February 2014: Children will bear brunt of climate change impact, new study says

Zimbabwe, February 2014: World Radio Day 2014: UNICEF amplifying youth voices in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, February 2014: UNICEF Director for Innovations urges young innovators to use technology to change the world

Zimbabwe, February 2014: Communication for Development

Zimbabwe, February 2014: Science Kits

Zimbabwe, February 2014: Knowledge Management

Zimbabwe, February 2014: UNICEF Zimbabwe 2013 in Review

Zimbabwe, February 2014: The Government of Zimbabwe and UNICEF Launch Data Collection for The 2014 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS)

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Child President End of Year Statement

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Young people with a difference assist vulnerable households in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Vulnerable children speak out on the Child Protection Fund

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Adolescents living with HIV: A generation to protect and support

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Changing lives through the provision of clean water in rural Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Barclays Bank donates to the Child Friendly National Budgeting Initiative in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Apostolic umbrella body launches three year strategic plan on maternal and child health, early marriages and access to education

Zimbabwe, December 2013: UNICEF to distribute science kits to all secondary schools in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Zimbabwe children tell their stories through one minute videos

Zimbabwe, November 2013: Children present priority issues for the 2014 National Budget

Zimbabwe, November 2013: UNICEF to distribute science kits to all secondary schools in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 13 November 2013: Zimbabwe makes lifelong anti-retroviral treatment available to all HIV positive pregnant women

Zimbabwe, November 2013: The Government of Zimbabwe and UNICEF launch campaign against child sexual abuse

Zimbabwe, 5 November 2013: UNICEF and the Swedish Embassy in Zimbabwe meet to review progress

Zimbabwe, 5 November 2013: Bicycles for Village Health Workers in rural Zimbabwe: modest, economical, life saving

Zimbabwe, 22 October 2013: Zimbabwe commemorates Global Handwashing Day and National Sanitation Week

Zimbabwe, 19 October 2013: Zimbabwe launches an education strategy on life skills, sexuality and HIV and AIDS

Zimbabwe, 11 October 2013: Opinion: A simple solution with far-reaching benefits – the power is in our hands

Zimbabwe, 11 October 2013: Life of a rural girl in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 7 October 2013: Essay Competition: International Day of the Girl Child

Zimbabwe, 24 September 2013: Village health workers break barriers in accessing healthcare in rural Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 24 September 2013: Junior Parliamentarians receive phones to boost communication with their constituencies

Zimbabwe, 5 September 2013: The small PIMA device brings life-saving treatment to people living positively in Mwenezi District

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2013: Educating Zimbabwe’s most disadvantaged children through community participation

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2013: Education promises a better future for marginalized girls in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2013: Access to clean water remains a challenge for rural women and girls

Zimbabwe, 29 July 2013: Opening the world to disabled people

Zimbabwe, April 2013: HIV positive adolescents want to be accepted as they are

Zimbabwe, 12 July 2013: Transition fund breathes new life into Zimbabwe's health system

Zimbabwe, 11 March 2013: UNICEF Executive Director visits school and clinic benefitting from essential supplies in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 31 December 2012: The disability that prevents Munashe from using his hands proves no barrier to his education

Zimbabwe, 30 August 2012: Improved water, sanitation and hygiene for rural households

Zimbabwe, 6 August 2012: Country's education system on the road to recovery

Zimbabwe, 30 July 2012: Critical new vaccine against pneumonia launched

Zimbabwe, 13 July 2012: The Education Transition Fund is rewriting Zimbabwe’s education system

Zimbabwe, 28 May 2012: Disparities must be addressed to achieve women’s and children’s rights in the fight against HIV/AIDS, says UNICEF

Zimbabwe, 13 December 2011: UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador Prudence Mabhena

Zimbabwe, 29 July 2011: 'Young People We Care' volunteers assist vulnerable households

Zimbabwe, 5 July 2011: Braille textbooks provide more chidren with equal access to learning

Zimbabwe, 21 April 2011: Government of Japan gives new life to Zimbabwe immunization programme

Zimbabwe, 8 December 2010: Rights advocate Graça Machel pledges support for Zimbabwean children at risk

Zimbabwe, 2 December 2010: Country commemorates Global Day of Prayer

Zimbabwe, 30 September 2010: Youth voices welcomed in constitutional review

Zimbabwe, 14 September 2010: UNICEF and partners bring textbooks to students across the country

Zimbabwe, 15 June 2010: Young Zimbabwean featured in 'Music by Prudence' champions disability rights

Zimbabwe, 30 July 2010: Calling for accelerated action, UN and Zimbabwe Government launch nutrition survey results



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