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Kenya, 24 December 2013: Schoolchildren in Kenya take the fight against polio into their communities

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Changing lives through the provision of clean water in rural Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Barclays Bank donates to the Child Friendly National Budgeting Initiative in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Apostolic umbrella body launches three year strategic plan on maternal and child health, early marriages and access to education

Zimbabwe, December 2013: UNICEF to distribute science kits to all secondary schools in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Zimbabwe children tell their stories through one minute videos

Somalia, 18 December 2013: In Somaliland, volunteer vaccinators help contain the threat of polio

South Africa, 17 December 2013: Supporting pregnant women’s journey to motherhood

Rwanda, 12 December 2013: Innovative ways to combat Malnutrition continues in Rwanda

Angola, 11 December 2013: Eight citizens in a day - A story on birth registration in Angola

Somalia, 11 October 2013: UNICEF helps Somali girls in Mogadishu, London and Oslo to make a connection

Mozambique, 10 December 2013: UNICEF Mozambique and Magnum Photos proudly present… The Rights Responsibility – their rights, our responsibility

Botswana, 5 December 2013: Wise Up programme uses theatre to raise awareness among youth in Botswana about HIV/AIDS

New York, 4 December 2013: Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry: Put the spotlight on children and amplify the voices of youth

Zimbabwe, November 2013: Children present priority issues for the 2014 National Budget

Zimbabwe, November 2013: UNICEF to distribute science kits to all secondary schools in Zimbabwe

Malawi, 27 November 2013: Preventing HIV in schools

Somalia, 29 November 2013: Upgrades in care save the lives of mothers and newborns in Somalia

Mozambique, 7 November 2013: Community health workers help save children’s lives in remote areas

Malawi, 27 November 2013: Malawi’s Option B+ programme is helping to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Botswana, 25 November 2013: Lay counsellors support Botswana’s health workers - and the country’s fight against HIV/AIDS

Zimbabwe, 13 November 2013: Zimbabwe makes lifelong anti-retroviral treatment available to all HIV positive pregnant women

Somalia, 13 November 2013: Important Religious Ruling against all forms of female circumcision signed in Puntland, North Eastern Somalia

South Africa, 21 November 2013: In South Africa, centre works with vulnerable adolescents to prevent HIV/AIDS infection

Kenya, 20 November 2013: In Kenya, a child helpline proves a lifeline for a young victim of rape, and her family

Somalia, 18 November 2013: Programme provides a full courseload for pastoralist girls in Somalia

Ethiopia, November 2013: Africa needs to invest on its children’s future: Angélique Kidjo

Somalia, November 2013: Historic Somali Joint Health and Nutrition Programme signed

Zimbabwe, November 2013: The Government of Zimbabwe and UNICEF launch campaign against child sexual abuse

Zimbabwe, 5 November 2013: UNICEF and the Swedish Embassy in Zimbabwe meet to review progress

Zimbabwe, 5 November 2013: Bicycles for Village Health Workers in rural Zimbabwe: modest, economical, life saving

Tanzania, 5 November 2013: Iodizing Salt to Fight Hidden Hunger in Zanzibar

Ethiopia, 1 November 2013: In Ethiopian villages, improving water and nutrition lays groundwork for a better future

Somalia, 27 October 2013: World Sight Day marked in Mogadishu with performances and poetry by blind school students

Uganda, 22 October 2013: Young Ugandan Leila Nassanga is a university student, a youth leader - and a U-Reporter

Zimbabwe, 22 October 2013: Zimbabwe commemorates Global Handwashing Day and National Sanitation Week

Zimbabwe, 19 October 2013: Zimbabwe launches an education strategy on life skills, sexuality and HIV and AIDS

Uganda, 16 October 2013: In Uganda, seeking to improve birth registration across Africa

Somalia, 14 October 2013: UNICEF support helps reduce the time Amina spends in search of water

Ethiopia, 3 October 2013: Nationwide Polio Vaccination Campaign to reach 13 million children

South Africa, 12 October 2013: Young Reporters in South Africa giving a helping hand to spreading a lifesaving message

Zimbabwe, 11 October 2013: Opinion: A simple solution with far-reaching benefits – the power is in our hands

Zimbabwe, 11 October 2013: Life of a rural girl in Zimbabwe

Uganda, 11 October 2013: UNICEF-supported “Go-Back-to-School” efforts help girl dropouts return to school

South Africa, 9 October 2013: Sinking her teeth into a male-dominated career field

London, 9 October 2013: Malawi youth champion plays starring role in Queens Baton Relay ceremony

Burundi, 8 October 2013: Small LED device piloted to empower women and power rural communities in Burundi

New York, 7 October 2013: On International Day of the Girl Child, a spotlight on innovation

Zimbabwe, 7 October 2013: Essay Competition: International Day of the Girl Child

Somalia, 3 October 2013: Go-2-School campaign aims to put one million children in the classroom

South Africa, 2 October 2013: In South Africa, helping children to help end violence

Mozambique, 3 October 2013: UNICEF launches water programme in Ribaue

Malawi, 2 October 2013: Prevention as first step in ending violence against children

Kenya, 30 September 2013: Kenya study looks at the growing community of young Internet users

Uganda, September 2013: Motorised water brings joy to Moruita sub-county

Malawi, 13 September 2013: Kangaroo mother care - Saving babies born too soon

New York, 25 September 2013: At Education Cannot Wait event, global leaders stress need to fund education - especially in emergencies

Zimbabwe, 24 September 2013: Village health workers break barriers in accessing healthcare in rural Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 24 September 2013: Junior Parliamentarians receive phones to boost communication with their constituencies

Uganda, 21 September 2013: Beauty from Ashes: Finding Peace After Violence

New York, 19 September 2013: Millennium Development Goals a major focus, at United Nations General Assembly

Uganda, 16 September 2013: Mix of old and new helps cut child deaths in Uganda

Ethiopia, 13 September 2013: In Ethiopia, a far-reaching health worker programme has helped reduce child mortality across the country

Uganda, 11 September 2013: Solar Suitcases make midwives feel comfortable conducting deliveries at night

Somalia, 9 September 2013: Children attending school for the first time talk about their hopes for the future

South Africa, 6 September 2013: Keeping mothers and children alive and healthy: tracking South Africa’s progress

New York, 6 September 2013: UNICEF Executive Board adopts strategic plan and integrated budget for 2014–2017

Somalia, September 2013: Girls flock to free primary school set up by women teachers

New York, 5 September 2013: Executive Board to adopt UNICEF strategic plan and integrated budget for 2014–2017

Zimbabwe, 5 September 2013: The small PIMA device brings life-saving treatment to people living positively in Mwenezi District

New York, 4 September 2013: UNICEF Executive Board places focus on children living with disabilities

Kenya, 5 September 2013: Efforts to contain polio outbreak intensify around Kenyan refugee camp

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2013: Educating Zimbabwe’s most disadvantaged children through community participation

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2013: Education promises a better future for marginalized girls in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2013: Access to clean water remains a challenge for rural women and girls

Malawi, 2 September 2013: A new lease of life through football

Malawi, August 2013: Mzambazi males shine by defying odds

New York, 30 August 2013: Second regular session of UNICEF Executive Board to open on 3 September

South Africa, 29 August 2013: NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving visits schools in South Africa with UNICEF

Zimbabwe, 29 July 2013: Opening the world to disabled people

Zimbabwe, April 2013: HIV positive adolescents want to be accepted as they are

South Sudan, 15 August 2013: A girl’s account of her experience with the Lord’s Resistance Army

New York, 17 August 2013: “It makes us feel so proud” on World Humanitarian Day aid workers talk about why they serve.

New York, 16 August 2013: "If something is wrong around you, if something is not working in your community, act"

Uganda, 15 August 2013: Snuffed dreams: Tale of an orphaned Buhweju girl

Somalia, 14 August 2013: In Somalia, a major campaign to stop the spread of polio

Uganda, 12 August 2013: Judith Ineku - The Young Real Estate Guru

New York, 12 August 2013: Podcast #80: On International Youth Day, young activists share their views on the role of education in building peace

Ethiopia, 9 August 2013: Celebrating nutrition achievements in Wolaita

South Sudan, 7 August 2013: Finding Perspective in South Sudan - Dr. Yasmin’s Journey

Namibia, 7 August 2013: Namibian villagers grapple with the worst drought in three decades

South Africa, August 2013: South African artist Zolani Mahalo hitting the right note with her breastfeeding goals

New York, 6 August 2013: The young people at the vanguard of global change

Uganda, 5 August 2013: Rapid route to reuniting Congolese refugee children in Uganda with their families

Ethiopia, 18 July 2013: Street Child Turned Entrepreneur Inspires UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson During Visit to Ethiopia

Mozambique, 22 July 2013: UNICEF Ambassadors speak out for children in Mozambique

New York, 22 July 2013: New UNICEF report on female genital mutilation/cutting: Turning opposition into action

Somalia, 18 July 2013: Polio outbreak in Somalia threatens to spread

Madagascar, 18 July 2013: In Madagascar, 'back to school' means including those left out

New York, 17 July 2013: Nelson Mandela: Any society which does not care for its children is no nation at all

Uganda, 16 July 2013: UNICEF to deploy innovative RapidFTR system to reunite Congolese families in Uganda

Uganda, 28 June 2013: Youth Digital Content Portal Wins Innovation Award

Rwanda, 12 July 2013: New Early Childhood Development and Family Centre ensures the best start in life for children of Kayonza

New York, 15 July 2013: UNICEF celebrates a year of important firsts in 2012

New York, 12 July 2013: They thought a bullet would silence us, but they failed, Malala Yousafzai tells United Nations Youth Assembly

Zimbabwe, 12 July 2013: Transition fund breathes new life into Zimbabwe's health system

South Sudan, 12 July 2013: Maternal Mortality, a big challenge for the world’s newest nation

South Sudan, July 2013: On the eve of South Sudan’s second birthday, “Innovation” is the buzz word among young people

South Sudan, 9 July 2013: Born into so much hope, South Sudan's first baby “Independence Moses” shows nation has a long way to improve child survival

South Africa, 10 July 2013: UNICEF concerned over harmful initiation practices

Somalia, 9 July 2013: Increasing numbers of children paralysed by polio in Somalia

New York, 5 July 2013: Nelson Mandela: Any society which does not care for its children is no nation at all

New York, 1 July 2013: Podcast 78: Africa's young innovators at the center of sustainable development

Rwanda, 14 June 2013: Young people voice their views on Rwanda’s development

Somalia, June 2013: Religious leader’s battle to end female circumcision in Somalia

South Africa, 26 June 2013: IKEA Norway visits South Africa to learn about Safe and Caring Child-Friendly Schools

New York, 24 June 2013: UNICEF Executive Board concludes its 2013 annual session

Mozambique, 24 June 2013: A healthy generation grows in Mozambique

New York, 21 June 2013: A new chapter of the Schools for Africa initiative offers new possibilties for the continent's children

Uganda, 14 June 2013: Girls resist genital mutilation to embrace education

Somalia, 20 June 2013: UNICEF support offers hope for children with disabilities in Somaliland

New York, 20 June 2013: Executive Board considers oversight and evaluation of UNICEF’s policies and programmes

New York, 19 June 2013: UNICEF Executive Board reviews draft Strategic Plan, 2014–2017

New York, 19 June 2013: UNHCR says forced global displacement at an 18-year high

Somalia, 18 June 2013: First High Level Conference on Education in several years opens in Mogadishu

Burundi, 17 June 2013: A strike against chronic malnutrition in Burundi

Angola, 17 June 2013: In Angola, changing feeding practices key to preventing malnutrition

New York, 18 June 2013: UNICEF Executive Board opens its annual session

South Africa, 17 June 2013: Young reporters honoured on National Youth Day at South Africa’s first ever Youth Radio Awards

Madagascar, 11 June 2013: American singer and songwriter Katy Perry witnesses UNICEF’s efforts to fight chronic malnutrition in Madagascar

New York, 11 June 2013: World Day Against Child Labour shines spotlight on plight of domestic workers

Malawi, June 2013: Equity in Action - Global UNICEF partner Special Olympics report on visit to Malawi

New York, 7 June 2013: In London, an historic opportunity to tackle global undernutrition

Malawi, 2 June 2013: Members of UNICEF’s Executive Board look at the impact of the organization's work in Malawi

New York, 5 June 2013: Voices of Youth website revamp increases opportunities for engagement

Swaziland, 30 May 2013: Swazi children want more opportunities

Uganda, 30 May 2013: Two Ugandan children are - children, with support from their community

South Africa, 29 May 2013: Young leader inspires others towards enablement, despite her own disability

New York, 30 May 2013: Flagship report urges seeing the child - before the disability

New York, 3 May 2013: How can innovation improve access to quality learning?

Mozambique, 8 May 2013: Birth registration a vital necessity

Malawi, 20 May 2013: The next generation of Malawi's children stay HIV free with Option B+

Uganda, 17 May 2013: Tackling malnutrition with homegrown solutions

New York, 15 May 2013: UNICEF launches groundbreaking cholera toolkit

Uganda, 10 May 2013: A new pneumonia vaccine is launched to save thousands of children

Mozambique, 6 May 2013: National Health Week time again!

Somalia, 5 March 2013: Solar power brings water to rural communities in Somalia

Mozambique, 11 April 2013: One step at a time - UNICEF and UNHCR join forces to help stateless in Mozambique

South Africa, 18 April 2013: The gift of life proving to be the greatest threat to newborns

Somalia, 30 April 2013: Groundbreaking new vaccine will save lives in Somalia

Rwanda, 25 April 2013: Rwanda is first sub-Saharan African country to introduce dual measles and rubella vaccine

Mozambique, 22 April 2013: Mozambique rolls out new pneumococcal vaccine

Angola, 10 April 2013: Massive scale-up targets malnutrition in Angola

Madagascar, 8 April 2013: Katy Perry sees strides in children's education, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene in Madagascar

South Sudan, 1 April 2013: Trauma facility established by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Tetsuko Kuroyanagi in South Sudan is lifeline for young victims

Angola, 1 April 2013: In Angola, sharing the recipe for happiness to end preventable child deaths

Mozambique, 25 March 2013: It is lunchtime, at Chiaquelane transit centre in Mozambique

Swaziland, 22 March 2013: In Swaziland, a national push for an HIV-free generation

Rwanda, 20 March 2013: In Rwanda, helping Congolese refugee children be children again

Uganda, 19 March 2013: New mobile application helps speed up family reunification for Congolese child refugees in Uganda

Zimbabwe, 11 March 2013: UNICEF Executive Director visits school and clinic benefitting from essential supplies in Zimbabwe

Botswana, 5 March 2013: UNICEF Executive Director and President of UNICEF Executive Board visit youth programmes that strike at HIV/AIDS in Botswana - and beyond

Uganda, 4 March 2013: Family Health Days bring Ugandans the routine medical care they need



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