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Angola, 28 December 2010: UNICEF supports efforts to keep young Angolans off the streets

Somalia, 28 December 2010: Community mobilizers help to fight childhood malnutrition

South Africa, 10 June 2010: As FIFA World Cup 2010 festivities begin in South Africa, Angélique Kidjo visits Soweto

Uganda, 14 December 2010: Uganda modernizes birth registration process

Uganda, 14 December 2010: UNICEF supports Uganda's commitment to fight violence against women and children

Zimbabwe, 8 December 2010: Rights advocate Graça Machel pledges support for Zimbabwean children at risk

Zambia, 3 December 2010: 'Unite for Climate' youth ambassadors raise environmental awareness

New York, 3 December 2010: Young people call for post-primary education opportunities

Uganda, 3 December 2010: UNICEF supports efforts to help mothers keep children HIV-free

Angola, 3 December 2010: Child-friendly schools improve the learning environment for Angolan youth

Zimbabwe, 2 December 2010: Country commemorates Global Day of Prayer

Kenya, 2 December 2010: Religious leaders aim health messages at 27 million Kenyans

Angola, 25 November 2010: UNICEF supports wider distribution of mosquito nets in Cunene Province

Eritrea, 24 November 2010: Complementary education programme puts children back to school

Namibia, 23 November 2010: Fostering alternatives for orphaned or neglected children

Uganda, 22 November 2010: Uganda conference addresses cutting-edge issues of technology for development

Uganda, 17 November 2010: Ugandans call for action at UNICEF-sponsored 'Future Search' conference in Karamoja

Angola, 17 November 2010: UNICEF supports revitalization of health services in post-conflict Angola

Ethiopia, 12 November 2010: National campaign provides life-saving vaccinations

Japan, 9 November 2010: Ethiopian short film wins UNICEF Prize at international contest

Madagascar, 8 November 2010: UNICEF supports Mother and Child Health Week amidst crisis

Ethiopia, 3 November 2010: African Development Forum builds consensus on climate change and sustainable growth

Angola, 9 November 2010: Country battles polio outbreak with massive immunization drive

Namibia, 5 November 2010: African parliamentarians vow to do more for children

USA, 8 November 2010: International Children's Day of Broadcasting Awards celebrate child rights

Angola, 21 October 2010: UNICEF-supported programmes spread HIV awareness through sports

Burundi, 26 October 2010: Mobilizing local communities to eradicate severe acute malnutrition

Malawi, 28 October 2010: Protection for the most vulnerable households through cash transfers

Angola, 21 October 2010: UNICEF-supported programmes spread HIV awareness through sports

Eritrea, 30 June 2010: Measles protection for life

Rwanda, 26 October 2010: Rays of hope emerge after a deadly earthquake

Malawi, 26 October 2010: Changing sanitation habits through a “Walk of Shame”

Somalia, 9 June 2010: In remote communities, Child Health Days bring life-saving services to women and children

Kenya, 26 May 2010: Lifeskills-based education: giving confidence to young women in Somalia

Angola, 22 October 2010: Safe water saves lives

Uganda, 14 October 2010: Counsellor for child soldiers, featured in documentary film 'Children of War', discusses her work

Angola, 5 October 2010: Angolan organization targets most vulnerable in agriculture, HIV and other key areas

Eastern and Southern Africa, 12 October 2010: Global Handwashing Day to be celebrated across the region

Malawi, 4 October 2010: Early childhood education centres make strides

Somalia, 29 September 2010: Despite challenges, partners of UNICEF strive to reach women and children in Mogadishu

Zimbabwe, 30 September 2010: Youth voices welcomed in constitutional review

New York, 22 September 2010: Young people play a role in achieving Millennium Development Goal on HIV/AIDS

Rwanda, 27 September 2010: Pneumonia vaccine fights top killer of children

Ethiopia, 16 September 2010: In the parched regions, a water and sanitation programme reaches out

Kenya, 21 September 2010: Women take the lead in water provision and management

Zambia, 16 September 2010: Expanding services and using 'Mother-Baby Pack' to reduce HIV among children

Zimbabwe, 14 September 2010: UNICEF and partners bring textbooks to students across the country

Malawi, 7 September 2010: Cash transfer programme helps the poorest families survive

Madagascar, 2 September 2010: On International Youth Day, film screening gives young people a forum

Zimbabwe, 15 June 2010: Young Zimbabwean featured in 'Music by Prudence' champions disability rights

Uganda, 23 July 2010: African Youth Forum delegates set to deliver their call to action to AU Summit leaders

Somalia, 13 May 2010: Visiting Somalia, UNICEF Regional Director notes progress made on safe water

Kenya, 12 April 2010: Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa makes field visit to Kenya

Zambia, 27 August 2010: Media initiative brings youth to the front-line of climate crisis

Lesotho, 19 July 2010: 'Mother-Baby Pack' model helps prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission

Somalia, 29 July 2010: A Public-Private Partnership provides safe water to thousands

Angola, 2 August 2010: UNICEF-supported programmes help families living with HIV

Tanzania, 5 August 2010: South African filmmaker wins UNICEF Child Rights Award at Zanzibar festival

Ethiopia, 24 August 2010: With UNICEF and European Union support, young women lead the fight against FGM

Zimbabwe, 30 July 2010: Calling for accelerated action, UN and Zimbabwe Government launch nutrition survey results

Angola, 10 August 2010: With free birth registration, Angola promotes a child's right to legal identity

Uganda, 12 March 2010: ‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies

South Africa, 8 June 2010: Young people photograph their communities

Rwanda, 23 June 2010: Student films premier during FIFA World Cup 2010

Mozambique, 15 June 2010: Support centres protect children from violence and abuse

South Africa, 18 June 2010: Protecting South Africa's children during the FIFA World Cup 2010 and beyond



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