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Child participation

Mozambique, 26 March 2018: I can go to school now

Rwanda, February 2017: “Life is all about setting goals” – Josiah’s story

Malawi, 23 January 2017: Photography through the eyes of children in conflict with the law

Zambia, 9 January 2017: The power of inclusive sport

Rwanda, 8 December 2016: More than 600 children celebrate 11th National Children’s Summit

Angola, 4 October 2016: Art and the world’s largest lesson

Botswana, April 2016: Dikgosi facilitate children’s involvement on formulation on national vision

Zimbabwe, August 2015: Changing the face of social mobilization through SMS

Kenya, March 2015: A child’s call to address malnutrition

Somalia, 16 February 2015: Children snap thousands of extraordinary photos of their lives with UNICEF support

Uganda, 11 June 2014: Forum of Hope gives children space to speak for peace in Great Lakes region

Tanzania, 4 March 2013: Children’s Voices Reaching Audiences all over Tanzania

South Africa, February 2014: Children’s voices making "air" waves on community radio

Zimbabwe, February 2014: Children will bear brunt of climate change impact, new study says

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Child President End of Year Statement

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Vulnerable children speak out on the Child Protection Fund

Kenya, 24 December 2013: Schoolchildren in Kenya take the fight against polio into their communities

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Barclays Bank donates to the Child Friendly National Budgeting Initiative in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Zimbabwe children tell their stories through one minute videos

Somalia, 29 November 2012: Somali teenager attends the Pan African Forum on Children to highlight the problems of children in her country

Ethiopia, 29 November 2012: Children speak out on key issues at the third Pan African Forum on Children, held in Addis Ababa



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