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Child protection

Burundi, 14 June 2018: Abuse, impunity and sexual violence

South Sudan, 18 May 2018: “I didn't know if he was alive”: Former child soldier reunited with family

Malawi, 18 April 2018: Local chief leads effort to end child marriage in community

Zambia, 26 March 2018: All aboard for a new life

Uganda, 8 March 2018: Hundreds of unaccompanied and separated Congolese refugee children enter the country

Uganda, 5 March 2018: Through the National Child Helpline, a young girl is rescued from marriage

3 March 2018: 5 ways you can help end violence against girls

Kenya, 6 February 2018: A New Dawn: poetry against FGM

Somalia, 26 January 2018: Profiles of children and women affected by the forced eviction from camps

South Sudan, 13 January 2018: Registering a birth, providing an identity

Zimbabwe, 31 October 2017

Mozambique, 19 May 2017: IOM, UNICEF, Mozambique host first ever forum to fight trafficking of people with albinism in Southern Africa

Mozambique, 16 May 2017: My child marriage story

Somalia, 12 May 2017: A home away from home

South Sudan, 10 May 2017: Speaking out against gender-based violence

Kenya, 26 April 2017: Ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable children

South Africa, 13 March 2017: The Bureau of the UNICEF Executive Board visits

Uganda, 6 March 2017: Community leaders, religious leaders spearhead the campaign against female genital mutilation

Somalia, 12 February 2017: Never look back: former child soldiers crafting new lives

Kenya, 9 February 2017: A mother leads the movement to stop FGM in her community

Ethiopia, 6 February 2017: UNICEF commits to speed up its efforts to end the violent practice of FGM/C

Kenya, 5 February 2017: What if it happened to me?

Uganda, 17 October 2016: UNICEF child friendly spaces make South Sudanese refugee children forget their sorrows

Burundi, 29 September 2016: Still haunted by nightmares

Uganda, 23 September 2016: UNICEF supports installation of audio-visual technology at Ugandan Courts for witness protection

Burundi, 6 September 2016: Jean-Pierre’s reintegration

Ethiopia, 29 June 2016: After a harrowing journey, a bittersweet homecoming for migrant children

Burundi, 28 July 2016: Safe havens: Re-education centres protect formerly detained children

Ethiopia, 25 May 2016: Abducted as a child, returned an adult after 18 years

South Sudan, 21 July 2016: Supporting children distressed by fighting

Tanzania, 12 July 2016: Child protection systems safeguard children against violence

South Sudan, 6 July 2016: Escaping violence: Lives uprooted, families torn apart

Burundi, 29 June 2016: A seven-year ordeal: A street child’s experience

Ethiopia, 25 May 2016: Return, recovery and reunification of the abducted children in Gambella

Ethiopia, 16 June 2016: Children do not start wars…we know that

6 June 2016: The online/offline mirror

Angola, 4 May 2016: Explaining the importance of birth registration

Tanzania, 27 May 2016: Ernest and his siblings find love and protection in a foster family in Nyarugusu refugee camp

Botswana, April 2016: Mobile birth registration initiative a dresses challenges in the Okavango area

Kenya, 11 April 2016: Four boys rebuilding lives against all odds

Ethiopia, 18 April 2016: Reuniting children with their families after migration horrors

South Sudan, 18 April 2016: A bumpy start to a joyful family reunion

Somalia, 23 March 2016: A teenager who suffered through FGM/C works with her community to end the practice

Uganda, October 2015: UNICEF helps reconstruct lost hope and future for child mothers and children born in captivity

Eritrea, 18 June 2015: Making the practise of FGM/C a thing of the past

Eritrea, 18 February 2016: Group homes: Building family

Somalia, 11 February 2016: Never look back – former Somali child soldiers craft new lives

South Sudan, 11 February 2016: Giving up guns to tend goats gives children hope

South Sudan, 21 December 2015: UNICEF helps tearful reunion of separated children

Ethiopia, 28 December 2015: Elders advise against child marriage in favour of education in Amhara

Mozambique, 10 December 2015: Meeting child brides

Mozambique, 10 December 2015: Child marriage: “In the end it wasn’t my choice”

Ethiopia, 9 December 2015: Health workers create awareness on the consequences of child marriage in Amhara

South Africa, 18 November 2015: Isibindi: Caring for the most vulnerable

Ethiopia, 3 December 2015: Determined men and women form a community to end child marriage

Uganda, October 2015: From loneliness and jiggers to joy

Zimbabwe, 1 October 2015: Former child bride tells her story of how she married a stranger

Ethiopia, 2 October 2015: Girls’ Empowerment Race in Samara to end Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)

Ethiopia, 11 September 2015: Men to protect women from any form of violence says Aster Aweke

Ethiopia, 31 October 2014: ECHO’s support realises a safe space for South Sudan refugee children to be children

Ethiopia, 25 June 2015: Efforts boosted to end child marriage and FGM/C by 2025 at the National Girl Summit

Ethiopia, 11 June 2015: Blissless matrimony

Ethiopia, 26 March 2015: Donors appreciative of the joint UNFPA/UNICEF programme to stop FGM/C in Afar Region

Zimbabwe, 11 March 2015: Partnerships needed to end child marriages

Malawi, 6 March 2015: Spotlight on girls: protection and education are key

Uganda, 25 February 2015: Government and partners develop National Action Plan to end child sacrifice

Uganda, 24 February 2015: Health workers join campaign against Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)

Ethiopia, 17 February 2015: Crown Princess of Denmark visited programmes supporting girls and women in Afar Region

Uganda, 16 February 2015: Sensitisation key to eliminating female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C)

Somalia, 5 February 2015: Former circumcision practitioner, Asha, talks about how she was persuaded to give up her work

South Sudan, 27 January 2015: Child soldiers: Long way back to freedom

Somalia, 7 January 2015: UNICEF helps Somaliland street children reunite with their families

Somalia, 3 December 2014: Villagers in northern Somalia battle against female circumcision

Uganda, November 2014: Using RapidFTR, young Ayom is reunited with family after war

New York, 12 September 2014: UNICEF Executive Board turns its focus to child protection

Ethiopia, 4 September 2014: Danish diplomats observe progress in child protection

Somalia, 20 August 2014: UN Special Representative for Children in Armed Conflict visits Somalia

Ethiopia, 17 July 2014: Abduction survivor Gelane Degefa is clear where her priorities lay

Swaziland, 28 May 2014: Child victims of abuse find a shoulder to cry on

South Sudan, 5 May 2014: With conflict raging, recruitment of children into armed groups is on the rise

South Sudan, 2 May 2014: Lost and alone: One girl's nightmare amid the violence

South Africa, April 2014: Guiding vulnerable children towards a brighter future

Somalia, 2 April 2014: A young fighter for Al Shabaab turns his life around

South Sudan, 24 March 2014: Amid the chaos of conflict in South Sudan, reuniting separated children with their families

Somalia, 14 March 2014: Regional authority introduces an official policy to end FGM/C

Somalia, 13 March 2014: Teenage girl held captive by Al Shabaab starts a new life

Uganda, March 2014: Parents in Tepeth community join fight against Female Genital Mutilation

Somalia, 7 March 2014: After four years in the Somali army, a former child combatant starts a new life

South Africa, February 2014: Children’s voices making "air" waves on community radio

Tanzania, 27 January 2014: Teaming up with Tanzania’s Police Force to Fight Gender-Based Violence and Child Abuse in Tanzania

South Sudan, 14 February 2014: Reuniting children lost amid the violence in South Sudan

South Africa, 6 February 2014: Study in South Africa looks at reality and myths of cyberbullying

Tanzania, 27 January 2014: In the United Republic of Tanzania, a new solution for birth registration

Zimbabwe, January 2014: Vulnerable children speak out on the Child Protection Fund

Juba, South Sudan, 27 December 2013: Christmas babies a bright point amid suffering in South Sudan

Angola, 11 December 2013: Eight citizens in a day - A story on birth registration in Angola

Somalia, 13 November 2013: Important Religious Ruling against all forms of female circumcision signed in Puntland, North Eastern Somalia

Kenya, 20 November 2013: In Kenya, a child helpline proves a lifeline for a young victim of rape, and her family

Zimbabwe, November 2013: The Government of Zimbabwe and UNICEF launch campaign against child sexual abuse

Burundi, 8 October 2013: Small LED device piloted to empower women and power rural communities in Burundi

South Africa, 2 October 2013: In South Africa, helping children to help end violence

South Sudan, 15 August 2013: A girl’s account of her experience with the Lord’s Resistance Army

Uganda, 5 August 2013: Rapid route to reuniting Congolese refugee children in Uganda with their families

Uganda, 16 July 2013: UNICEF to deploy innovative RapidFTR system to reunite Congolese families in Uganda

Somalia, 20 June 2013: UNICEF support offers hope for children with disabilities in Somaliland

New York, 11 June 2013: World Day Against Child Labour shines spotlight on plight of domestic workers

Malawi, June 2013: Equity in Action - Global UNICEF partner Special Olympics report on visit to Malawi

Swaziland, 30 May 2013: Swazi children want more opportunities

Uganda, 30 May 2013: Two Ugandan children are - children, with support from their community

South Africa, 29 May 2013: Young leader inspires others towards enablement, despite her own disability

New York, 30 May 2013: Flagship report urges seeing the child - before the disability

Mozambique, 8 May 2013: Birth registration a vital necessity

Madagascar, 8 April 2013: Katy Perry sees strides in children's education, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene in Madagascar

South Sudan, 1 April 2013: Trauma facility established by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Tetsuko Kuroyanagi in South Sudan is lifeline for young victims

Rwanda, 20 March 2013: In Rwanda, helping Congolese refugee children be children again

Uganda, 19 March 2013: New mobile application helps speed up family reunification for Congolese child refugees in Uganda

Ethiopia, 11 December 2012: Placing institutions and adoption practices under scrutiny - and reuniting children with their families

Somalia, 29 November 2012: Somali teenager attends the Pan African Forum on Children to highlight the problems of children in her country

Somalia, 22 November 2012: UNICEF supports efforts to push back against a tide of violence against women and girls

Belgium, 15 November 2012: The Nobel Peace Prize money will benefit children affected by war and conflicts

Mozambique, 8 November 2012: UNICEF Mozambique celebrates the first International Day of the Girl Child by highlighting the importance of stopping child marriage

South Sudan, 1 November 2012: A role model for girls against child marriage in Lakes State

Ethiopia, 30 October 2012: A community takes measures to protect girls from harmful practices including child marriage

Kenya, 15 October 2012: Minors find essential care in a refugee camp supported by UNICEF

Malawi, 15 October 2012: Compulsory universal birth registration protects children from abuses and opens access to social services

Rwanda, 31 July 2012: Ambitious move to close down children’s institutions and improve childcare system

Somalia, 26 July 2012: Fuel-efficient stoves prevent sexual violence and generate income for vulnerable families

South Africa, 19 July 2012: UNICEF Ambassador Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United player Ben Amos call for end to abuse of vulnerable children

South Sudan, 20 June 2012: Children urge greater protection for children living with disabilities

Namibia, 10 July 2012: Launch of agenda with special emphasis on children living with disabilities

Tanzania, 28 June 2012: Singer and UNICEF Regional Ambassador Oliver Mtukudzi visits Tanzania to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and violence against children

Day of the African Child, 16 June 2012: Denis, an inspiration to children with disabilities in Uganda

Day of the African Child, 16 June 2012: Living with disability in South Sudan

Angola, 10 May 2012: A second chance for children in conflict with the law

South Africa, 8 May 2012: 'Believe in Zero' campaign aims to end violence against children

South Sudan, 17 April 2012: Land mine victim determined to achieve his dream despite losing a leg

Botswana, 5 April 2012: Parliament discusses the “unfinished” child rights and development agenda for children

Malawi, 29 March 2012: Malawi launches issuance of birth registration reports

Lesotho, 18 January 2012: With EU and UNICEF support, Lesotho puts in place a social protection programme for the most vulnerable

Kenya, 15 March 2012: Children living in Nairobi's informal settlements lack access to basic services and opportunities

South Sudan, 15 March 2012: UN and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) sign historic agreement to stop child recruitment and release all children from the national army

Burundi, 13 March 2012: Guaranteeing children's rights to protection and play

5 January 2012: Field diary: UNICEF prepares to help victims of conflict in South Sudan

Tanzania, 22 December 2011: Religious leaders fight violence against children on the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children

Tanzania, 22 December 2011: Report evaluates the state of Tanzania’s adolescents

South Sudan, 1 December 2011: UNICEF and partners use radio to call for an end to violence against children

South Africa, 25 October 2011: Survey on social networking and safety for children and youth

Tanzania, 12 August 2011: Survey shows need for action on violence against children

South Sudan, 15 July 2011: 'Independence' baby signals the birth of a new nation

Tanzania, 17 June 2011: Strengthening child protection systems to reduce violence against children

Rwanda, 3 June 2011: Sylvain's story: A former child soldiers on the road to a new life

Somalia, 11 April 2011: Child Protection Advocates provide a safety net for vulnerable children

Rwanda, 15 February 2011: One stop centre provides a refuge for victims of domestic violence

Angola, 28 December 2010: UNICEF supports efforts to keep young Angolans off the streets

Uganda, 14 December 2010: Uganda modernizes birth registration process

Uganda, 14 December 2010: UNICEF supports Uganda's commitment to fight violence against women and children

Namibia, 23 November 2010: Fostering alternatives for orphaned or neglected children

Japan, 9 November 2010: Ethiopian short film wins UNICEF Prize at international contest

Uganda, 14 October 2010: Counsellor for child soldiers, featured in documentary film 'Children of War', discusses her work

Somalia, 29 September 2010: Despite challenges, partners of UNICEF strive to reach women and children in Mogadishu

Ethiopia, 24 August 2010: With UNICEF and European Union support, young women lead the fight against FGM

Angola, 10 August 2010: With free birth registration, Angola promotes a child's right to legal identity

Mozambique, 15 June 2010: Support centres protect children from violence and abuse

South Africa, 18 June 2010: Protecting South Africa's children during the FIFA World Cup 2010 and beyond



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