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Child survivial

Namibia, 1 March 2018: Kangaroo mother care

South Sudan, 8 March 2018: A ‘silent killer’, maternal and neonatal tetanus, is causing deaths of mothers and newborns

Somalia, 28 February 2018: Mobile relief for children with severe acute malnutrition

Uganda, 28 February 2018: UNICEF partner providing timely care and support for babies during their first days

Somalia, 20 February 2018: Conflict, drought and displacement lead to thousands of newborn deaths every year

Zimbabwe, 6 June 2017: Piped water scheme transforms lives in Buhera District

Mozambique, 31 May 2017: Self-made mHealth trouble-shooter

Kenya, 15 May 2017: So close but yet so far – reaching children in urban areas with life-saving vaccines

Ethiopia, 20 April 2017: Adapting response efforts to stop the spread of acute watery diarrhoea

South Sudan, 13 March 2017: Nyankena’s story: Fighting malnutrition and hoping for a peaceful future

Somalia, 23 April 2017: Drought leaves a father too weak to take his malnourished child to get treatment

Somalia, 17 April 2017: UNICEF battles against the clock to provide life saving treatment to those suffering from cholera and acute watery diarrhoea

Malawi, 12 April 2017: Fighting malnutrition in Mwanza

Somalia, 10 April 2017: Mobile health workers work flat out to treat those displaced by drought

Kenya, 31 March 2017: Severe drought threatens to leave 4 million food insecure

28 March 2017: Famine crisis – time is running out

Mozambique, 30 March 2017: Saving lives of children with malnutrition

Somalia, 28 March 2017: The drought stricken town on the river – where water is the problem and the solution

Malawi, 15 March 2017: Improving care for mothers and babies

Somalia, 22 March 2017: A father’s agonizing vigil at a cholera treatment centre

Somalia, 13 March 2017: Diarrhoea is preventable and easily treated but many families leave it too late

Uganda, 13 March 2017: UNICEF’s emergency water, sanitation and hygiene interventions curb diseases

Somalia, 9 March 2017: “We are here to stay” – Dadaab returnees built new lives with hope and help

Zimbabwe, 1 March 2017: Reaching out to Apostolic sect in Buhera District

Malawi, 23 February 2017: German Ambassador visits UNICEF nutrition and WASH projects

Ethiopia, 15 February 2017: Mobile health and nutrition teams providing crucial services for pastoralist mothers as they cope with drought

Somalia, 7 December 2016: The baby in a plastic bag

South Africa, November 2016: World Prematurity Day: Saving young lives in South Africa through technology

Somalia, 24 November 2016: Measles outbreak challenges an already overwhelmed hospital in Kismayo

Rwanda, 2 November 2016: With its new oxygen plant, Ruhengeri Hospital is saving more than just money

10 November 2016: Walking the line between antimicrobial access and excess

Uganda, 27 October 2016: A mother smiles again after her baby is cured of acute malnutrition

Burundi, 30 September 2016: Community leaders unite against malnutrition

Kenya, 14 August 2016: Going the last mile for pastoralist children at the Kenya-Somalia border

Namibia, 21 September 2016: Preventing measles and rubella in remote communities

Rwanda, 30 August 2016: Itetero helps disseminate important messages on health through radio to reach communities

Uganda, 5 August 2016: Strengthening civic voice to accelerate the improvement of service delivery

Ethiopia, 16 August 2016: Breastfeeding gives children the best start in life: key for sustainable development

Somalia, August 2016: Outpatient Therapeutic Programme services improves the nutrition status of the vulnerable children in the IDPs

Angola, 21 June 2016: Mosquito nets keep malaria out

Malawi, 14 April 2016: Quality newborn care a must for child survival

Zimbabwe, 14 April 2016: Poorest feel El Niño pain as drought withers harvests, kills livestock

Zimbabwe, 14 April 2016: Drought drives some Apostolic faith members to seek medical help for children

Ethiopia, 2 March 2016: Children need communities

South Sudan, 23 November 2015: Bringing hope to mothers

Eritrea, 13 July 2015: Supporting a community and saving lives

Ethiopia, 19 February 2016: A UNICEF rural water and sanitation programme ensures a healthy life

Somalia, 11 February 2016: Free mother and child health services launched with UNICEF’s support in Jubaland

Zimbabwe, 5 February 2016: EU contributes 42.9 million euros to improve reproductive, maternal, newborn and adolescent health

Lesotho, 20 January 2016: Reaching communities with basic services

Ethiopia, 10 December 2015: Heads of UN agencies call on world as frightening drought looms

South Sudan, 1 December 2015: Behind the camera: Malnutrition

Rwanda, 2 November 2015: UNICEF joins celebrations to mark the Maternal and Child Health Week, together with Global Handwashing Day

Ethiopia, 20 October 2015: A young boy holds the promise of a healthy nation

Uganda, 19 June 2015: Village health teams reducing under five mortality in the north east

Namibia, 14 May 2015: Reaching rural communities with good health practices

Burundi, 16 April 2015: A one-stop shop for children living on the street

Uganda, 25 March 2015: UNICEF Innovations critical to avert Typhoid outbreak

Burundi, 19 February 2015: Working to end energy poverty

Zimbabwe, 6 October 2014: Village health workers providing critical healthcare in rural Zimbabwe

Malawi, 16 September 2014: Reduction of neonatal mortality

Malawi, 16 September 2014: Reduction of child mortality

Somalia, 15 September 2014: UNICEF uses emergency airlifts to save the lives of children in areas unreachable by road

South Sudan, 22 August 2014: Portrait of a humanitarian hero

South Sudan, 1 August 2014: Response to looming threats of disease and malnutrition is a race against time and the elements

Zimbabwe, May 2014: Small cash transfers pay big dividends for rural poor

Kenya, 1 April 2014: Setting the pace for the survival of children and women – First Lady runs to save lives

Somalia, 19 March 2014: Combatting malnutrition in Somaliland

Zimbabwe, March 2014: Chipo’s story: benefitting from exclusive breastfeeding

Mozambique, February 2014: Preparation is key to improving lives at community radios

Somalia, 29 November 2013: Upgrades in care save the lives of mothers and newborns in Somalia

Mozambique, 7 November 2013: Community health workers help save children’s lives in remote areas

Somalia, November 2013: Historic Somali Joint Health and Nutrition Programme signed

Zimbabwe, 5 November 2013: Bicycles for Village Health Workers in rural Zimbabwe: modest, economical, life saving

Malawi, 13 September 2013: Kangaroo mother care - Saving babies born too soon

Zimbabwe, 24 September 2013: Village health workers break barriers in accessing healthcare in rural Zimbabwe

Uganda, 16 September 2013: Mix of old and new helps cut child deaths in Uganda

Ethiopia, 13 September 2013: In Ethiopia, a far-reaching health worker programme has helped reduce child mortality across the country

South Africa, August 2013: South African artist Zolani Mahalo hitting the right note with her breastfeeding goals

Zimbabwe, 12 July 2013: Transition fund breathes new life into Zimbabwe's health system

South Sudan, 9 July 2013: Born into so much hope, South Sudan's first baby “Independence Moses” shows nation has a long way to improve child survival

New York, 15 May 2013: UNICEF launches groundbreaking cholera toolkit

Mozambique, 6 May 2013: National Health Week time again!

Angola, 10 April 2013: Massive scale-up targets malnutrition in Angola

Angola, 1 April 2013: In Angola, sharing the recipe for happiness to end preventable child deaths

Zimbabwe, 11 March 2013: UNICEF Executive Director visits school and clinic benefitting from essential supplies in Zimbabwe

Uganda, 4 March 2013: Family Health Days bring Ugandans the routine medical care they need

Somalia, 13 December 2012: UNICEF leads Child Health Days to stem the tide of preventable childhood diseases

Namibia, 23 October 2012: Community workers take healthcare to the hardest-to-reach villages

Malawi, 20 September 2012: Outreach programme brings healthcare closer to communities

New York, 13 September 2012: UNICEF report points to rapid progress made in reducing child deaths worldwide

Ethiopia, 5 July 2012: Health services are protecting drought-affected children from malnutrition

Madagascar, 26 June 2012: Social mobilization campaigns help reduce child mortality

Kenya, 16 June 2012: Maternal shelters are part of a broad package of care designed to reduce child mortality

Ethiopia, 16 June 2012: The expansion of rural health services is key to reducing child mortality

Malawi, 12 June 2012: Health Surveillance Assistants provide a life-saving link between communities and the health care system

Rwanda, 12 June 2012: With pneumonia and diarrhoea vaccines, country makes gains in child survival

Ethiopia, 29 March 2012: Mobile health teams bring medical care to pastoralists in remote regions

Ethiopia, 29 December 2011: Bringing child pneumonia deaths down to zero

Kenya, 19 September 2011: In Kenyan camps, vaccine protects Somali refugee children from killer pneumonia

Kenya, 19, September 2011: In Kenyan camps, vaccine protects Somali refugee children from killer pneumonia.

Somalia, 25 August 2011: UNICEF mounts urgent response to contain the spread of cholera

Uganda, 5 August 2011: Spreading the word about infant and young child nutrition

Somalia, 13 January 2011: UNICEF and Japan support improved education and health for vulnerable Somali children

Zimbabwe, 2 December 2010: Country commemorates Global Day of Prayer

Kenya, 2 December 2010: Religious leaders aim health messages at 27 million Kenyans

Angola, 17 November 2010: UNICEF supports revitalization of health services in post-conflict Angola

Madagascar, 8 November 2010: UNICEF supports Mother and Child Health Week amidst crisis

Somalia, 9 June 2010: In remote communities, Child Health Days bring life-saving services to women and children

Rwanda, 27 September 2010: Pneumonia vaccine fights top killer of children



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