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Uganda, 2 July 2018: No class too big with the right teaching skill set

South Africa, 19 April 2018: “Let’s Play” – UNICEF, SuperSport and WWE celebrate the power of sport to help foster violence-free schools

Rwanda, 3 April 2018: How inclusive education works for children with disabilities

Uganda, 21 April 2018: Re-vitalizing Rita’s deam to teach

Mozambique, 26 March 2018: I can go to school now

South Africa, 13 March 2018: Reading the passport to success

Uganda, 5 March 2018: Through the National Child Helpline, a young girl is rescued from marriage

South Africa, 26 February 2018: Care and support for teaching and learning: UNICEF and MIET working to leave no child behind

Rwanda, 23 February 2018: Inclusive education gives Innocent bright aspirations for his son’s future

Kenya, 1 March 2018: Modern moves from a traditional father

South Sudan, 21 February 2018: Keeping girls in school by helping them manage their periods

Somalia, 9 February 2018: Giving local governments more power helps improve education in Somaliland

Ethiopia, 1 December 2017: What it takes to truly educate a girl

Malawi, 20 December 2017: Removing barriers to girls’ education

Kenya, 3 December 2017: Inclusive education – A reality on the ground?

Madagascar, 21 September 2017: Catch-up classes offer a second chance for education

South Sudan, 31 October 2017: Second chances with secondary education

Namibia, 29 September 2017: Making handwashing with soap a habit at school

Lesotho, 27 September 2017: Agents of change: Children bring improved sanitation from classrooms to communities

South Sudan, 3 October 2017: New school, new future

Rwanda, 27 September 2017: Inspired by Itetero, Damascene enrols in primary school, undeterred by his visual impairment

South Africa, 8 September 2017: Early grade reading study is helping to end the cycle of poverty

Zambia, 31 May 2017: Reaching my potential

Uganda, 30 May 2017: UNICEF child friendly spaces sensitize girls on FGM, child marriage in Karamoja

Uganda, 30 May 2017: UNICEF Adolescent Empowerment Programme provides hope to adolescent girls from South Sudan

Somalia, 30 May 2017: A chance at a better future

Somalia, 25 May 2017: Hundreds of youth graduate with new skills from a Japan-supported peace building programme

Tanzania, 28 May 2017: WASH in schools: female hygiene management

Somalia, 23 May 2017: A pastoralist life is no obstacle to education – thanks to UNICEF and USAID

Malawi, 22 May 2017: Local hero: a rural teacher works hard to keep children in school

Somalia, 20 May 2017: Children displaced by drought benefit from a JPLG-supported school in Berbera

Malawi, 2 May 2017: Meet Sydney: a rural teacher juggling two classes in one day

Somalia, 1 May 2017: Keeping children in school amidst a severe drought

Namibia, 25 April 2017: A new mother brings early childhood development to her community

Somalia, 13 April 2017: Drought forces many children to stop going to school to support the family

Somalia, 3 April 2017: It takes a village to educate a child

Uganda, 11 April 2017: Karamajong men defy culture to support development of their children

Rwanda, 8 March 2017: UNICEF Ireland and Aer Lingus visit inaugurate the first Early Childhood Development Centre in Ngororero District

South Africa, 21 February 2017: Having a vision to overcome

Ethiopia, 7 March 2017: Saving adolescents from the scourge of parasites

South Africa, 24 February 2017: UNICEF partners with Ster-Kinekor to combat bullying

Somalia, 22 February 2017: Teenage mum at school for the first time with her baby in her arms

Rwanda, 7 February 2017: Thanks to quality pre-primary learning, children aspire to contribute to the development of their country

Somalia, 12 February 2017: Never look back: former child soldiers crafting new lives

Rwanda, 7 February 2017: New competency-based curriculum brings out creative teaching in educators

Ethiopia, 20 January 2017: Laying the foundation of future generations

Somalia, 18 January 2017: Female teachers in Somaliland aim for the top after graduating from management course

Somalia, 13 January 2017: Former labourer Abdirahman plans to be an engineer thanks to ‘Educate a Child’

Zambia, 17 January 2017: Eight-seven adolescent girls enrolled in internship program as part of UNICEF’s Girls 2030 Initiative

Somalia, 19 December 2016: First time pupil Malyun determined to ensure others can follow

Kenya, 14 December 2016: Children use photography to highlight good nutrition

Somalia, 28 November 2016: Determined 14-year-old Zainab defied her parents on early marriage

Somalia, 1 November 2016: Pastoralist communities believe education will build their children's future

Somalia, 1 November 2016: Meeting the children in southern Somalia who have never seen a school – or a football

Uganda, 27 October 2016: UNICEF Uganda, UNHCR providing education to over 26,000 South Sudanese refugee primary children

Uganda, 18 October 2016: On the International Day of the Girl Child, rural adolescent girls highlight their plight

Somalia, 13 October 2016: Bringing basic education to those who’ve never had a school

Kenya, 28 September 2016: Working together to spur early childhood development

Rwanda, September 2016: “In teaching there is freedom” – Inspiring the next generation of educators

South Africa, 11 October 2016: Techno Girl opens doors in science and technology

10 October 2016: Girls count!

Malawi, 10 October 2016: Living Schools Project

Ethiopia, 5 October 2016: A day in the life of a teacher

Angola, 4 October 2016: Art and the world’s largest lesson

Burundi, 6 September 2016: Jean-Pierre’s reintegration

Rwanda, 13 September 2016: Water, sanitation and hygiene an integral component of early childhood development

Namibia, 12 September 2016: ‘Little Bugs’ brings early childhood development to the desert

South Sudan, 7 September 2016: For children, it’s all about the future

Rwanda, 30 August 2016: School-based mentors instill reading culture

Rwanda, August 2016: Kwiga Birashimisha: Learning is fun

Rwanda, 11 August 2016: Promoting continuity of education beginning from pre-primary education

Rwanda, 11 August 2016: School-based mentors support teachers to implement successfully the new competence-based curriculum

Malawi, 23 August 2016: A second chance for girls struggling in class

Rwanda, July 2016: Itetero gives voices to young children to express themselves and enjoy

Uganda, 8 August 2016: Plight of an adolescent girl from rural Kasese

Somalia, 8 August 2016: Running water at school means more time for lessons

Somalia, 13 July 2016: Pupils work to ensure that all children go to school

Malawi, July 2016: Saved from the ugly jaws of child marriage

Somalia, 21 June 2016: UNICEF and Government of Italy ensure education for all

South Africa, 7 June 2016: Play is not a four letter word

Somalia, 9 June 2016: African educationalists agree education is key to tackling conflict

Ethiopia, 25 May 2016: Children need peace for education, and education for peace

Somalia, 26 May 2016: Female teachers go back to school to learn leadership skills

Ethiopia, 16 May 2016: Water trucking brings relief to remote communities and helps revive local education

South Sudan, 4 May 2016: School is a magical place

Namibia, 25 April 2016: Little Bugs ECD Centre – providing a ray of hope for families in Sossusvlei

Kenya, 11 April 2016: Children and young people act against child marriage in Kakuma refugee camp

Uganda, 20 April 2016: We start in class: the journey to peace

Somalia, 20 April 2016: Remembering my mom: Woki Munyui, UNICEF Education specialist

Somalia, 15 April 2016: Never too old to learn – a grandmother’s story

South Africa, 23 March 2016: A brighter future beckons through Isibindi

Ethiopia, 22 March 2016: In drought-stricken regions, children search for water and a lifeline for their hopes

Somalia, February 2016: Drought leave students without schools in Puntland

Somalia, March 2016: Cleaners in Somaliland schools are finally paid thanks to JPLG

Somalia, March 2016: Support from JPLG ensures a fire-gutted school reopens in record time

Zimbabwe, March 2016: Aliah Silibiza’s story: No WASH facilities equals no inclusion

Somalia, March 2016: A second return

Somalia, February 2016: Fresh start after life as a child solder

South Sudan, 4 March 2016: Literacy schools light up cattle camp communities

South Sudan, 2 March 2016: Rebuilding children’s lives after a sudden outburst of violence

South Africa, 1 November 2015: UNICEF South Africa hosts screening of “He named me Malala”

Rwanda, 9 February 2016: Effective learning through a play-based learning approach

Mozambique, 23 February 2016: Water source improves school performance of children in Zambézia

Namibia, 9 February 2016: Using sport as springboard for social development

Somalia, 19 February 2016: Once in a lifetime training opportunity for female teachers

Eritrea, 18 February 2016: Donkey for school: Making education possible

Rwanda, 9 February 2016: Improving the quality of teaching through the school-based mentoring programme

South Africa, 4 February 2016: Lego: Adding colour to playtime

South Sudan, 16 February 2016: After an education disrupted, relief as children resume exams

Somalia, 11 February 2016: Never look back – former Somali child soldiers craft new lives

Somalia, January 2016: Educate-a-Child boosts enrolment in Berbera

January 2016: The PBEA Post – Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy: Regional update

Ethiopia, 26 January 2016: “I could help my family be free from poverty if I was educated. Not if I am married.”

South Africa, January 2016: Lego helping join young hands together

Swaziland, 31 December 2015: Changing day care

Zimbabwe, December 2015: Satellite school feeding program keeps children in school in Karoi

Ethiopia, 28 December 2015: Elders advise against child marriage in favour of education in Amhara

Mozambique, 10 December 2015: Meeting child brides

Mozambique, 10 December 2015: Child marriage: “In the end it wasn’t my choice”

Burundi, 11 November 2015: Energy equity for vulnerable children

South Sudan, 1 October 2015: Education brings the promise of a bright future for children in Bentiu

Malawi, 13 October 2015: Celebrating International Day of the Girl

Somalia, 1 October 2015: Children take part in the World’s Largest Lesson on UN Goals

Somalia, 8 September 2015: Somaliland pledges to increase literacy by 2030

Mozambique, 28 August 2015: Sports helps improve adolescent girl school performance

Tanzania, 12 August 2015: For Burundian refugee children, a safe place for learning

Burundi, 28 April 2015: Inclusive learning builds a path to achievement

Somalia, 14 April 2015: Learning for Peace

Uganda, 1 April 2015: Child Friendly Spaces support healing of South Sudan refugee children

Zimbabwe, 27 March 2015: School improvement grants helping children with disabilities access education

Somalia, March 2015: Providing safe and reliable water in schools and health centres

Malawi, 6 March 2015: Spotlight on girls: protection and education are key

Madagascar, 3 March 2015: Life is too expensive for families living in extreme poverty

February 2015: The PBEA Post – Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy: Regional update

Ethiopia, 23 February 2015: Girls’ education: an unusual music video but a familiar tale

South Sudan, 20 February 2015: A school reopens, but risks remain

Somalia, 16 February 2015: Children snap thousands of extraordinary photos of their lives with UNICEF support

Zimbabwe, 16 February 2015: Research awards honour young scientists

Malawi, January 2015: Wading in waters waist high to get to class

Malawi, 10 February 2015: Video: After floods, displaced pupils continue learning

Uganda, 22 January 2015: Computer whiz shares how he fosters community

Malawi, 21 January 2015: School closed, camp for flood victims opened

Somalia, 6 January 2015: Shab’aan’s story

Malawi, December 2014: Investing in the future at Taiza Community-Based Child Care Centre

South Sudan, 15 December 2014: Breaking down barriers to girls' education

Zimbabwe, December 2014: Breaking the silence: The story of Tapuwa

Zimbabwe, December 2014: Girls making connections and challenging the boundaries of science education

Somalia, 2 December 2014: Government’s Go 2 School campaign brings children to class for the first time

Somalia, 28 November 2014: A teenager pursues her dreams with the help of her school

Uganda, November 2014: Refugee community schools provide children with an opportunity to learn

Malawi, 12 November 2014: Raising the number of female teachers in rural areas

Uganda, November 2014: Invest in Early Childhood Development

Somalia, 10 November 2014: Somaliland schools see the benefits of increased local government involvement

Somalia, November 2014: A teacher so keen to be trained, she takes her baby to the classroom

Ethiopia, 20 October 2014: Girl’s empowerment: the key to development

South Africa, 16 October 2014: Australian netball players share skills with rising stars

Rwanda, 15 October 2014: Learning through Play: Enhancing the skills of pre-primary school teachers

Angola, 16 October 2014: UNICEF supports sanitation in schools to improve learning quality

South Africa, 12 September 2014: Ukufunda Virtual School puts the power of basic education back into the hands of every learner, teacher and parent

Uganda, 12 September 2014: Youth kiss bye to poverty thanks to Building Young Futures

Somalia, 8 September 2014: First year of Go 2 School Campaign sees thousands of children in class for the first time

Ethiopia, 25 June 2014: Education in adversity: South Sudanese refugee children insist on their right to attend school

Uganda, 15 July 2014: “I call it a Wonder Machine” – MobiStation attracts youth in Kampala

Uganda, 15 July 2014: MobiStation – An innovation supporting education in and out of schools

Ethiopia, 17 July 2014: Divergent Journeys – Child Marriage and Education

South Sudan, 24 June 2014: Educating children in crisis

Tanzania, 20 Feb 2014: A school-based club empowers boys and girls to speak out!

Uganda, 9 June 2014: Building young futures: providing new hope for vulnerable young people

South Sudan, 29 May 2014: Education is crucial for children affected by emergencies

Tanzania, 13 May 2014: Girls, let's be leaders!

South Africa, April 2014: Guiding vulnerable children towards a brighter future

Rwanda, February 2014: School based mentors support English instruction in schools

Zimbabwe, April 2014: Science kits for secondary schools in remotest Zimbabwe

South Africa, March 2014: Sport leading the way to a brighter future and a closer community

Zimbabwe, February 2014: Science Kits

Somalia, 17 January 2014: UNICEF and partners use technology, flexible curriculum for pastoralist education

Zimbabwe, December 2013: UNICEF to distribute science kits to all secondary schools in Zimbabwe

Somalia, 11 October 2013: UNICEF helps Somali girls in Mogadishu, London and Oslo to make a connection

Zimbabwe, November 2013: UNICEF to distribute science kits to all secondary schools in Zimbabwe

Somalia, 18 November 2013: Programme provides a full courseload for pastoralist girls in Somalia

Somalia, 27 October 2013: World Sight Day marked in Mogadishu with performances and poetry by blind school students

Uganda, 22 October 2013: Young Ugandan Leila Nassanga is a university student, a youth leader - and a U-Reporter

Zimbabwe, 19 October 2013: Zimbabwe launches an education strategy on life skills, sexuality and HIV and AIDS

Zimbabwe, 11 October 2013: Opinion: A simple solution with far-reaching benefits – the power is in our hands

Zimbabwe, 11 October 2013: Life of a rural girl in Zimbabwe

Uganda, 11 October 2013: UNICEF-supported “Go-Back-to-School” efforts help girl dropouts return to school

South Africa, 9 October 2013: Sinking her teeth into a male-dominated career field

London, 9 October 2013: Malawi youth champion plays starring role in Queens Baton Relay ceremony

New York, 7 October 2013: On International Day of the Girl Child, a spotlight on innovation

Zimbabwe, 7 October 2013: Essay Competition: International Day of the Girl Child

Somalia, 3 October 2013: Go-2-School campaign aims to put one million children in the classroom

New York, 25 September 2013: At Education Cannot Wait event, global leaders stress need to fund education - especially in emergencies

New York, 19 September 2013: Podcast #81: The role of business in delivering on the global promise of education

Somalia, 9 September 2013: Children attending school for the first time talk about their hopes for the future

Somalia, September 2013: Girls flock to free primary school set up by women teachers

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2013: Educating Zimbabwe’s most disadvantaged children through community participation

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2013: Education promises a better future for marginalized girls in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 3 September 2013: Access to clean water remains a challenge for rural women and girls

Malawi, 2 September 2013: A new lease of life through football

South Africa, 29 August 2013: NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving visits schools in South Africa with UNICEF

Uganda, 15 August 2013: Snuffed dreams: Tale of an orphaned Buhweju girl

New York, 12 August 2013: Podcast #80: On International Youth Day, young activists share their views on the role of education in building peace

Madagascar, 18 July 2013: In Madagascar, 'back to school' means including those left out

Rwanda, 12 July 2013: New Early Childhood Development and Family Centre ensures the best start in life for children of Kayonza

New York, 12 July 2013: They thought a bullet would silence us, but they failed, Malala Yousafzai tells United Nations Youth Assembly

South Africa, 26 June 2013: IKEA Norway visits South Africa to learn about Safe and Caring Child-Friendly Schools

New York, 21 June 2013: A new chapter of the Schools for Africa initiative offers new possibilties for the continent's children

Uganda, 14 June 2013: Girls resist genital mutilation to embrace education

Somalia, 18 June 2013: First High Level Conference on Education in several years opens in Mogadishu

New York, 3 May 2013: How can innovation improve access to quality learning?

Madagascar, 8 April 2013: Katy Perry sees strides in children's education, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene in Madagascar

Zimbabwe, 11 March 2013: UNICEF Executive Director visits school and clinic benefitting from essential supplies in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, 31 December 2012: The disability that prevents Munashe from using his hands proves no barrier to his education

Kenya, 30 December 2012: The classroom offers a 13-year-old Somali refugee sanctuary from the rigours of life in Dadaab camp

Rwanda, 11 December 2012: Through its early childhood development programme, UNICEF helps build a strong foundation for refugee children at Kigeme camp

Somalia, 4 October 2012: Scholarships help Somali girls cross barriers to education

Zimbabwe, 6 August 2012: Country's education system on the road to recovery

Tanzania, 13 July 2012: Locally sourced teaching aids are engaging students and improving education

Zimbabwe, 13 July 2012: The Education Transition Fund is rewriting Zimbabwe’s education system

Rwanda, 17 January 2012: Improving schools for children with disabilities

South Africa, 10 January 2012: Going beyond the ABCs

Kenya, 22 December 2011: School offers meals, shelter, education and hope

Kenya, 15 December 2011: Access to education builds resilience amid drought in the Kenyan north-western region

South Africa, 9 November 2011: ‘Techno Girl’ programme tackles skills shortage

South Sudan, 27 October 2011: A primary school becomes a model for increasing girls’ enrolment

South Africa, 30 September 2011: UNICEF-supported Sports for Development programme scores a goal with South African students

Kenya, 30 September 2011: Ali’s story: In drought-ravaged Kenya, education is the key to a brighter future

Horn of Africa, 14 September 2011: Podcast: Ongoing drought in the Horn of Africa threatens the new school year

Ethiopia, 5 September 2011: Children help younger friends and neighbours prepare for primary school

Somalia, 31 August: 2011: School is a safe haven for children displaced by famine and conflict

Somalia, 22 August 2011: Schooling continues for IDPs and incoming children amidst drought crisis

Kenya, 12 August 2011: Mobile schools aim to ensure education

South Sudan, 8 July 2011: As South Sudan looks to nationhood, education is pivotal

Zimbabwe, 5 July 2011: Braille textbooks provide more chidren with equal access to learning

Lesotho, 17 June 2011: Prime Minister launches UNICEF-supported free and compulsory education campaign

South Africa, 13 June 2011: Child-friendly schools inspire a brighter future for young people

Ethiopia, 1 April 2011: UNICEF Executive Director sees equity strategy accelerating education

Somalia, 31 March 2011: Gender equality classes help teenage girls stay in school

Malawi, 21 March 2011: Children swap floors for desks at Malawi school with MSNBC-US Fund for UNICEF support

Somalia, 13 January 2011: UNICEF and Japan support improved education and health for vulnerable Somali children

New York, 3 December 2010: Young people call for post-primary education opportunities

Angola, 3 December 2010: Child-friendly schools improve the learning environment for Angolan youth

Eritrea, 24 November 2010: Complementary education programme puts children back to school

Kenya, 26 May 2010: Lifeskills-based education: giving confidence to young women in Somalia

Malawi, 4 October 2010: Early childhood education centres make strides

Zimbabwe, 14 September 2010: UNICEF and partners bring textbooks to students across the country

Zimbabwe, 15 June 2010: Young Zimbabwean featured in 'Music by Prudence' champions disability rights

Malawi, 1 October 2008: Education offers hope to a young man in the working world of Malawi

Uganda, 12 March 2010: ‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies



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