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Kenya, 10 May 2018: Drops of life: Nairobi fights polio in vaccination drive

South Sudan, 31 January 2018: How solar power fridges are helping save lives in world's least electrified country

Zambia, 12 January 2018: Oral cholera vaccination campaign launched

Somalia, 16 May 2017: Hundreds of thousands of children immunized against measles in outbreak hotspots

Kenya, 15 May 2017: So close but yet so far – reaching children in urban areas with life-saving vaccines

Kenya, 24 April 2017: Going the distance in close quarters

Angola, 24 January 2017: How a community leader fights measles

Kenya, 18 January 2017: Why polio campaigns must reach every last child

Somalia, 25 November 2016: UNICEF to vaccinate over 50,000 children in Kismayo following measles outbreak

Somalia, 24 November 2016: Measles outbreak challenges an already overwhelmed hospital in Kismayo

Angola, 31 October 2016: Keeping yellow fever cases at zero

Kenya, 14 August 2016: Going the last mile for pastoralist children at the Kenya-Somalia border

Namibia, 21 September 2016: Preventing measles and rubella in remote communities

Ethiopia, 27 April 2016: In the midst of drought, stopping measles in its tracks

Ethiopia, February 2016: Saving a child too thin to be vaccinated

Somalia, April 2016: Students lend their support to polio eradication

Ethiopia, 2 March 2016: Children need communities

Somalia, 15 November 2015: Measles campaign launched

Kenya, 10 November 2015: Polio and Immunization Ambassador is UN Person of the Year 2015

Somalia, January 2016: Joint measles and birth registration campaign provides 100,000 children with birth certificates

Uganda, December 2015: Government and partners launch measles campaign

Somalia, November 2015: School children spread the word about life saving vaccinations

Uganda, 16 November 2015: Life saving health interventions keep refugee children free from disease

Ethiopia, 21 October 2015: Joining hands to ensure polio transmission remains at zero

Tanzania, 10 July 2015: Protecting refugees from cholera

Rwanda, 22 June 2015: Vaccination Week supported by UNICEF at Mahama Refugee Camp

Ethiopia, 12 June 2015: Polio transmission deemed interrupted

Somalia, 23 January 2015: Communication for Development work on polio in Puntland

Somalia, 17 December 2014: FAO, WHO & UNICEF join forces to fight against polio, measles and livestock diseases

Namibia, 11 November 2014: Baby Sam scores a first during the Maternal and Child Health days launch

Somalia, 18 November 2014: Social mobilizers are key to the fight against polio

Kenya, 4 November 2014: Strategic partnership to make the supply chain work for children and women

Somalia, 10 October 2014: New cold chain in Puntland to improve immunization services for children

Zimbabwe, 15 September 2014: Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine introduced

Somalia, 15 September 2014: UNICEF uses emergency airlifts to save the lives of children in areas unreachable by road

Somalia, 16 July 2014: Toddler in northern Somalia is paralysed by polio – one of four new cases this year

Somalia, 1 July 2014: Child Health Days reinforce routine immunization

Kenya, 4 May 2014: Women and girls in underserved high-risk counties immunized against tetanus

Ethiopia, 12 May 2014: Nationwide Polio Vaccination Campaign Reaches 13 Million Children

Somalia, August 2014: UN agencies overcome hurdles to visit remote Puntland to investigate polio outbreak

Kenya, 2 June 2014: Protecting against a silent killer

Uganda, May 2014: ECHO saving children from measles, providing clean water

Uganda, April 2014: Father Knows Best: Promoting Immunization in Kyegegwa District

South Africa, 22 April 2014: Vaccines save lives – is your child’s up to date?

Copenhagen, 12 March 2014: Lowest-ever prices for polio vaccines

Kenya, 26 February 2014: Kenya intensifies efforts to fight polio

Kenya, 24 December 2013: Schoolchildren in Kenya take the fight against polio into their communities

Somalia, 18 December 2013: In Somaliland, volunteer vaccinators help contain the threat of polio

Ethiopia, 3 October 2013: Nationwide Polio Vaccination Campaign to reach 13 million children

Kenya, 5 September 2013: Efforts to contain polio outbreak intensify around Kenyan refugee camp

Somalia, 14 August 2013: In Somalia, a major campaign to stop the spread of polio

Somalia, 18 July 2013: Polio outbreak in Somalia threatens to spread

Somalia, 9 July 2013: Increasing numbers of children paralysed by polio in Somalia

Uganda, 10 May 2013: A new pneumonia vaccine is launched to save thousands of children

Somalia, 30 April 2013: Groundbreaking new vaccine will save lives in Somalia

Rwanda, 25 April 2013: Rwanda is first sub-Saharan African country to introduce dual measles and rubella vaccine

Mozambique, 22 April 2013: Mozambique rolls out new pneumococcal vaccine

Somalia, 13 December 2012: UNICEF leads Child Health Days to stem the tide of preventable childhood diseases

Tanzania, 11 December 2012: As leaders gather to discuss vaccines at the GAVI Forum, the United Republic of Tanzania introduces new vaccines for pneumonia and diarrhoea

Kenya, 6 November 2012: Reaching the hard-to-reach with disease-preventing vaccines

Angola, 9 August 2012: Angola turns the tide against polio

Zimbabwe, 30 July 2012: Critical new vaccine against pneumonia launched

Rwanda, 12 June 2012: With pneumonia and diarrhoea vaccines, country makes gains in child survival

South Sudan, 7 June 2012: Increasing demand for vaccination services

Namibia, Angola, 27 April 2012: Cross-border immunization programme protects Namibians and Angolans

Angola, 13 March 2012: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attends Angola’s first polio eradication campaign of the year

Ethiopia, 29 December 2011: Bringing child pneumonia deaths down to zero

Kenya, 19 September 2011: In Kenyan camps, vaccine protects Somali refugee children from killer pneumonia

Kenya, 19, September 2011: In Kenyan camps, vaccine protects Somali refugee children from killer pneumonia.

Ethiopia, 29 August 2011: UNICEF-supported mass vaccination campaign in Ethiopian refugee camp continues

Kenya, 5 August 2011: Immunization reduces threat of disease outbreaks around refugee camps

Madagascar, 13 June 2011: UNICEF and GAVI work to protect health gains for young children

Zimbabwe, 21 April 2011: Government of Japan gives new life to Zimbabwe immunization programme

Madagascar, 20 April 2011: UNICEF launches new campaign to stop the spread of pneumonic plague

Angola, 31 March 2011: Angola moves ahead in its efforts to kick polio out of the country

Angola, 21 March 2011: A new door-to-door strategy to eliminate polio

Kenya, 16 February 2011: Pneumococcal vaccine formally introduced to the country's routine immunization programme for children

Ethiopia, 12 November 2010: National campaign provides life-saving vaccinations

Angola, 9 November 2010: Country battles polio outbreak with massive immunization drive

Eritrea, 30 June 2010: Measles protection for life

Somalia, 9 June 2010: In remote communities, Child Health Days bring life-saving services to women and children

Rwanda, 27 September 2010: Pneumonia vaccine fights top killer of children

Zambia, 26 July 2011: Vaccination campaign conducted in response to resurgence of measles



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