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Malawi, 27 June 2018: Providing humanitarian support through the social cash transfer programme

Zimbabwe, 7 March 2018: Harmonized social cash transfers transform lives in Mudzi and Rushinga districts

South Sudan, 13 January 2018: Registering a birth, providing an identity

Kenya, 4 January 2018: Life-saving cash transfer programme enshrined in Kakamega law

Lesotho, 28 November 2017: The search for the most vulnerable families

Tanzania, 7 November 2017: Cash Plus: Opening the window of opportunity for adolescents

Kenya, 26 April 2017: Ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable children

Malawi, 6 March 2017: Social cash transfer opens opportunities

Rwanda, 25 January 2017: Dreams come true as dedicated social workers find loving families for orphans

13 December 2016: Evidence to action: Cash transfers and impact evaluation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Somalia, 1 November 2016: Devastated mother provided support by Japan-funded care centre

Kenya, 14 September 2016: Single registry to strengthen social protection launched

Malawi, 19 September 2016: Zainab’s safety net

Ethiopia, 25 August 2016: Conventional vital events registration launched

18 August 2016: The Eclectic: Social policy news from Eastern and Southern Africa (Issue #5)

Ethiopia, 10 June 2016: No one left behind: Linking families to essential social services

13 May 2016: Cash transfers: What’s gender got to do with it?

Mozambique, 2 May 2016: Southern african neighbours share lessons to inform a cash grant for young children

Botswana, April 2016: Dikgosi facilitate children’s involvement on formulation on national vision

Botswana, April 2016: Mobile birth registration initiative a dresses challenges in the Okavango area

24 February 2016: Cash transfers and fertility: new evidence from Africa

Mozambique, 22 February 2016: Visiting families supported by the social support programs

Zimbabwe, January 2016: The constitutional court ruling on ending child marriages

Ethiopia, 28 December 2015: Elders advise against child marriage in favour of education in Amhara

Malawi, December 2015: Cash transfers change lives of HIV+ female headed households in Mangochi

Zimbabwe, September 2015: Exploring the impact of the harmonized cash transfers

Zimbabwe, April 2015: Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare meets beneficiaries of cash transfers

Zimbabwe, April 2015: Benefitting from the Harmonized Social Transfer Programme – The story of Mbuya Mwanza

Uganda, February 2015: U-report wins prestigious Global Award

Malawi, 22 October 2014: UNICEF Regional Director meets beneficiaries of social cash transfer programme

Mozambique, October 2014: For policy, suffer the little children

Zimbabwe, May 2014: Small cash transfers pay big dividends for rural poor

Zimbabwe, February 2014: Children will bear brunt of climate change impact, new study says

Rwanda, 12 July 2013: New Early Childhood Development and Family Centre ensures the best start in life for children of Kayonza

New York, 11 June 2013: World Day Against Child Labour shines spotlight on plight of domestic workers

Kenya, 30 December 2012: Aid in the form of cash payments helps young Kenyans break the cycle of poverty

Ethiopia, 11 December 2012: Placing institutions and adoption practices under scrutiny - and reuniting children with their families

Lesotho, 29 November 2012: Food crisis aggravates the already massive social challenges the country faces

Rwanda, 31 July 2012: Ambitious move to close down children’s institutions and improve childcare system

Tanzania, 28 June 2012: Religious leaders address child poverty at the Global Network of Religions for Children Forum

South Africa, 4 June 2012: Child Support Grants prove critical to reducing child poverty

Lesotho, 18 January 2012: With EU and UNICEF support, Lesotho puts in place a social protection programme for the most vulnerable

Kenya, 15 March 2012: Children living in Nairobi's informal settlements lack access to basic services and opportunities

Zambia, 2 August 2011: Cash transfers provide social protection to Zambia's most vulnerable families

Namibia, 5 November 2010: African parliamentarians vow to do more for children

Malawi, 28 October 2010: Protection for the most vulnerable households through cash transfers

Angola, 5 October 2010: Angolan organization targets most vulnerable in agriculture, HIV and other key areas

Malawi, 7 September 2010: Cash transfer programme helps the poorest families survive



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